Knuckle Dusters

Knuckle Dusters #4
They won't know what hit them with these strong, hard, brass knuckle dusters. They won't even see it coming!
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Weapon Info
Weapon Type
Damage Range
11 - 16
Accuracy Range
62 - 67

Knuckle Dusters is a Melee Clubbing weapon that can be purchased in South Africa. It can be sold to (but not purchased at) Big Al's Gun Shop.

The Knuckle Dusters was one of the items available at the launch of Torn on 15 November 2004, having been introduced during the Torn City Beta.

The Knuckle Dusters has a stealth rating of 7.9, the highest of any Clubbing weapon in the game.


The Knuckle Dusters can obtained as a purchase from South Africa. It can also be found through city finds, and purchased from the Mission reward shop for four to five Mission Credits.

Knuckle Dusters can be bought from other players through the Item Market, Bazaars, or Trades, but as Melee weapons do not stack they must be purchased one by one, making it time consuming to buy in bulk.

A high quality Knuckle Dusters with a Weapon Effect can be obtained by opening a Melee Cache.

Historical Notes

Before the introduction of Travel, the Knuckle Dusters was available for purchase at Big Al's Gun Shop.

Prior to the Attacking 2.0 update, the Knuckle Dusters and Dagger were tied for having the highest accuracy ratings out of any Melee weapon. [1]

The Knuckle Dusters was one of the most impacted weapons in the Damage Revamp (2021), having its damage output nerfed by 62.71%

Image History

Knuckle Dusters Image History
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2007 or earlier to July 2012 iHaf99c.jpg
July 2012 [2] to present mTsB0Lv.jpg

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