Plushies are soft toys that are usually found overseas. They are commonly used to form a set to be submitted to the Museum

  • Except for Dong plushies, all the other plushies are available at NPC stores.
  • Sheep, Teddy bear, and Cat plushies are sold at Bits 'n' Bobs Store in the City page. They restock at every 15 minute tick after they get emptied, at an amount of 1000.
  • Rest of the plushies are available at corresponding markets of foreign countries. They are also restocked at 15 min tick depending on the time of their clearance, at an amount of 2500.

There are 18 Plushies

Item Description Buy Price Sell Price
Camel Plushie This rare camel plushie will instantly remind you of Arabian nights within the U.A.E. 14000 11000
Chamois Plushie Small plushie of a Mountain Goat. 400 300
Dong : Effy Despite her prim and proper appearance, Effy is the very definition of a basic bitch. When she's not drinking a whole vat of cooking oil because it smells nice, she can be found chasing sticks down ravines and encroaching on the personal space of complete strangers. 0 0
Dong : Greg Unlike the Taco Bell Chihuahua, Greg doesn't like Mexican food. In fact, he doesn't like Mexicans much either. Greg is extremely racist and suspicious of all foreigners. But he does love snuggles. 0 0
Dong : Holly Holly is a mischievous old hound with a thoroughly evil soul. She often breaks out of her home and will lead small children and other dogs out into the middle of a busy road, at which point she will sit back and watch the carnage unfold. 0 0
Dong : Jeremy Jeremy loves to laugh, but he rarely does, as he is painfully aware of all the suffering going on in the world - something you can see for yourself by looking into his cold, sad eyes. Because of his perpetually morbid outlook, Jeremy is quite fond of chocolate. 0 0
Dong : Thomas Thomas is a daft little rascal who likes nothing more than chasing squirrels and eating out of garbage cans. But don't get him too excited, because Thomas suffers from severe breathing difficulties which will eventually kill him. 0 0
Jaguar Plushie Modelled after the third largest cat in the world, this small spotted plushie could be easily confused for a leopard. 10000 8000
Kitten Plushie A small plush kitten. Rumour has it, if you pet its nose it will purr, but is more often heard saying Rawr! 50 25
Lion Plushie This small plushie is modelled after the African lion. Squeeze his tummy to hear him roar. 400 300
Monkey Plushie Small plush monkey, made in the image of the simians, often seen around the forests of Argentina. 400 300
Nessie Plushie Hidden in the depths of the Loch. Seeing this mythical creature will leave a lasting impression. 200 150
Panda Plushie One of the most recognizable endangered species, Xiong Mao, as they are called in Chinese, instantly bring to mind bamboo forests and quiet contemplation. 400 300
Red Fox Plushie Small dark red fox plushie, will serve as a memento from your trip to Britain, and your participation in a local Fox Hunt. 1000 750
Sheep Plushie Baaaaaa. 25 15
Stingray Plushie A cuddly stingray plushie, one of the Cayman Islands' most famous inhabitants. 400 300
Teddy Bear Plushie Soft plush teddy bear for your special someone to cuddle up with when you're not around. 30 10
Wolverine Plushie The wolverine has been described as the fiercest creature on earth, but this small plush version will only growl if you pull its tail. 30 25

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