Melee Cache

Melee Cache #1119
This Melee Cache contains a melee weapon, which you can use to harm other human beings in a melee, fracas, scuffle, or kerfuffle at your leisure. You may not use melee weapons to harm animals, because that's mean.
Supply Pack

Melee Cache is a Supply Pack item that was released 7 December 2021. It is one of the Caches that can be obtained as a reward for a faction participating in Ranked Warring. One will appear in a faction's Armory when awarded at the conclusion of a ranked war. The contents of a Cache will automatically be placed in the faction's armory upon being opened from the armory (or placed in a player's inventory if opened from an inventory.)

The Melee Cache cannot be sold to a store and cannot be obtained through city finds.


Opening a Melee Cache will give the player a single melee weapon of Yellow, Orange or Red quality that will have at least one Weapon Bonus. Yellow quality weapons are the most common, with Orange being rarer and Red weapons being the most rare.

Melee Caches can contain the majority of Clubbing, Slashing, or Piercing weapons. Melee Caches cannot give melee Mechanical weapons.

Melee weapons that cannot be obtained from a Melee Cache:

Definitive list of weapons that can be obtained from a Melee Cache

Item Image Classification
Axe large.png Clubbing
Baseball Bat large.png Clubbing
Bo Staff large.png Clubbing
Butterfly Knife large.png Piercing
Claymore Sword large.png Slashing
Cricket Bat large.png Clubbing
Crowbar large.png Clubbing
Dagger large.png Piercing
Flail large.png Clubbing
Guandao large.png Slashing
Hammer large.png Clubbing
Kama large.png Slashing
Katana large.png Slashing
Kodachi large.png Slashing
Kitchen Knife large.png Piercing
Knuckle Dusters large.png Clubbing
Macana large.png Piercing
Metal Nunchakus large.png Clubbing
Naval Cutlass large.png Slashing
Ninja Claws large.png Piercing
Pen Knife large.png Piercing
Sai large.png Piercing
Samurai Sword large.png Slashing
Scimitar large.png Slashing
Spear large.png Piercing
Swiss Army Knife large.png Piercing
Wooden Nunchakus large.png Clubbing
Wushu Double Axes large.png Clubbing
Yasukuni Sword large.png Slashing

Definitive list of Melee, Clubbing, Slashing, and Piercing weapons unobtainable from Melee Caches

Item Image Classification
Blood Spattered Sickle large.png Slashing
Blowgun large.png Piercing
Bolt Gun large.png Mechanical
Bread Knife large.png Slashing
Bug Swatter large.png Slashing
Chain Whip large.png Mechanical
Chainsaw large.png Mechanical
Cleaver large.png Slashing
Crossbow large.png Piercing
Devil's Pitchfork large.png Piercing
Diamond Bladed Knife large.png Piercing
Diamond Icicle large.png Piercing
Dual Axes large.png Clubbing
Dual Hammers large.png Clubbing
Dual Samurai Swords large.png Slashing
Dual Scimitars large.png Slashing
Duke's Hammer large.png Clubbing
Fine Chisel large.png Piercing
Frying Pan large.png Clubbing
Golden Broomstick large.png Clubbing
Handbag large.png Clubbing
Harpoon large.png Piercing
Ice Pick large.png Piercing
Ivory Walking Cane large.png Piercing
Lead Pipe large.png Clubbing
Leather Bullwhip large.png Slashing
Madball large.png Clubbing
Meat Hook large.png Piercing
Millwall Brick large.png Clubbing
Pair of High Heels large.png Piercing
Pair of Ice Skates large.png Piercing
Penelope large.png Clubbing
Petrified Humerus large.png Clubbing
Pillow large.png Clubbing
Plastic Sword large.png Clubbing
Poison Umbrella large.png Piercing
Riding Crop large.png Slashing
Rusty Sword large.png Slashing
Pair of Ice Skates large.png Piercing
Scalpel large.png Piercing
Sledgehammer large.png Clubbing
Slingshot large.png Clubbing
Taser large.png Mechanical
Tranquilizer Gun large.png Piercing
Twin Tiger Hooks large.png Piercing
Wand of Destruction large.png Piercing

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