Hall of Fame

Hall Of Fame

Prior to the release of RESPO the Hall Of Fame was much more restricted, you can view information on the old hall of fame here. Previously a player was only able to see the top 20 in any specific record. However, with the introduction of RESPO the hall of fame became much more competitive with the introduction of more stats and many more of the redundant records removed.

The current Hall Of Fame displays all user rankings and a user is able to view how many ranks they have gained in the current month, week or day in a specific listing, it also displays the users above and below them which you are able to view at your leisure. Some user names remain hidden to others, such as battle stats ranking, however, it does indicate where you stand in the whole game in comparison to the rest of the player base.

You can access the Hall Of Fame via the Sidebar.

HOF Listings

Historic Listings

Below are listings that were available on the Hall Of Fame prior to the release of RESPO, for more information on the old Hall Of Fame click here.

  • Casino
  • Casino Streak
  • Most Wanted (Still there, renamed to Offences)
  • Points (This used to be a hidden stat, setting the type parameter to "points". It is no longer available at all)


If you are interested in other -unofficial- halls of fame you can always have a look at these places:

  • Battlestats hall of fame:

Battle Stats hall of fame by Proxima

  • Top 50 on most personal stats in the entire game, requires an account.

Tornstats' Halls of fame

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #177 : 26/01/21
  • Added client caching to Hall of Fame duration selection.
Patch list #176 : 19/01/21
  • Added ability to see position changes Weekly or Daily via dropdown on the Hall of Fame.