Awareness will increase the amount of items you can find in the city, however it will not necessarily increase their quality. Every day at midnight (TCT) you will have a chance to spawn one or more items in the city, find these by zooming in on the city map! (you can also see what and where these items are located using DoctorN created by Mauk [1494436]). To trigger this you simply need to be online once a day - activity no longer has an effect.

You can increase your awareness in many ways:

  • Using merits on Awareness.
  • Doing the Psychology education PSY2680 : Attention and Awareness.
  • Joining a Firework Stand(50%) , Candle Shop(50%) or Zoo(70%) company.
  • Using the book Finders Keepers will increase your awareness by 2500% for 31 days.

You can find a wide range of items in the city, although the more valuable the item significantly lower chance you have of finding it. This could range anywhere from a brick to a hazmat suit, with pretty much anything in between. The exceptions to this include:

  • Valuable items from UAE (Gold Plated AK47, Pink Mac, Gold Laptop etc...)
  • Staff/Old holiday collectibles (Birthday Cake 2005, Hamster Plushie, Toy Reactor etc...)
  • Annual competition rewards (Gold Dog Tags, Ms. Torn Crown etc...)

Historical Notes

  • Prior to the release of RESPO you were able to click the city link via the in game sidebar you have a small chance to find an item, these vary from the elusive RPG to the common brick.
  • Using ecstacy or LSD (whilst under the after effects) used to increase awareness.
  • Activity no longer has an effect on the amount and/or quality of items you can find.