Weapon Experience

Weapon Experience is a boost given to Damage and Accuracy on a weapon. It is unlocked when a player completes the "CBT3870 Bachelor of Military Arts and Science" Education course.

Gaining Experience

Experience is gained on a weapon for each turn that at least one damaging hit is landed on an opponent with that weapon. Multiple hits on an opponent in a single turn, such as with the Rheinmetall MG 3's Blindfire special will not merit extra experience gained. There are 100 different experience levels, taking approximately 2,000 hits with any weapon to reach the maximum of 100% experience.

Experience levels are not linear- earlier levels will be gained faster than later levels. For example, the 1,000 hits required to reach 75% experience is only about halfway to the approximately 2,000 hits it takes to reach 100% experience.


Weapon experience boosts damage and accuracy proportional to the level of experience on a weapon' i.e. the boost on a weapon with 10% experience will be less than the boost given to a weapon with 20% experience. At 100% experience, a weapon will provide +10% damage and +2 accuracy. [1]

Related Awards

Weapon Experience Related Awards
Image Name Requirements
615034470.png Specialist Achieve 100% EXP on 25 different weapons

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