Crystalline Falcata

Crystalline Falcata #1173
The Crystalline Falcata is an ancient weapon whose blade was forged using a technique that has long been lost to time. Historic texts describe the Falcata's crystalline structure as enabling it to cut through steel and stone, and perhaps even the fabric of reality itself.
Weapon Info
Weapon Type
Damage Range
?? - ??
Accuracy Range
?? - ??

Crystalline Falcata is an unreleased Melee Slashing weapon. While one is yet to be obtained, it was briefly listed as obtainable for purchase on a hidden 5th tier of a Halloween Basket : Petrifying for a price of 35 treats. [1]

Some players speculate the Crystalline Falcata may be required to harm the unreleased NPC M'aol [23] due to the Halloween basket saying the bearer of the Crystalline Falcata gets the ability to harm interdimensional beings. It has also been theorized, but not confirmed, that the weapon may only last for one fight due to the relatively low treat cost.


X3iRecZ.jpg The Crystalline Falcata shown for purchase in a Halloween Basket : Petrifying.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #


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