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Torn's Events

This page serves as a catalog with all events hosted by Torn itself and some added details as to how and what. You can find a Calendar with all these events here.


Competitions are special events hosted by Torn, these usually last from the 5th to the 25th in the month they're scheduled in. You can find detailed information on the competitions page.

You can find the competitions page on Torn itself here, should a competition be active

Special Events

Special Events were first introduced on Valentine's Day 2018. Special Events often coincide with Community Events hosted by Staff or one of the NPC's.

Note: The start time of Special Events are announced in a Newspaper article at least a couple of days before starting.

To see the full list of Events, visit Torn's Calendar

Special Events
Date Name Description
January 18th - 25th Awareness Week Temporary increase in Torn's citizens' Awareness.
February 5th - 7th Weekend Road Trip Double racing points & racing skill.
February 13th - 15th Valentine's Day Introduced the love potion drug, only usable on this specific day.
First Friday of March Employee Appreciation Day Three times as much work stats from getting trained in a company, and three times as many job points.
March 16th - 18th St. Patrick's Day Double the effects of alcohol, introduced the Bottle of Green Stout item.
April 19th - 21st 420 Day Three times as much nerve from Cannabis, and triple the OD chance.
May 17th - 19th Museum Day 10% more points from flower sets, plushie sets and all other things exchangeable at the Museum.
June 13th - 15th World Blood Donor Day Medical Cooldown and Life loss reduced by 50%, from blood bags.
July 10th - 12th World Population Day 2x experience from attacking regardless hospitalization/mugging/leaving on the street.
July 28th - 30th World Tiger Day 5x hunting experience.
First Friday of August International Beer Day 5x nerve gain from drinking beer.
September 26th - 28th Tourism Day Travel item capacity doubled for flights leaving on this day.
October 14th - 16th (Year) CaffeineCon (Year) Energy drink effects are doubled.
October 30th - November 1st Trick or Treat When purchasing a Halloween Basket from Sally's sweet shop (limited item) you can use obtain treats by defeating other players. Treats can be exchanged for basket upgrades and prizes.
November 13th - 15th World Diabetes Day 3x happy gain from eating candy.
November 14th - 16th (2020) Torn Anniversary Torn turns 16 years old!
December 7th - 9th "Slash Wednesday" Hospital times reduced by 75%.

Torn's Community Events

These are other events that used to or are still being ran by Torn, or are notable community events.


  • Halloween:

Halloween, which was previously when the Hamster event was organized, is now home to all kinds of Community Events run by Torn's Staff, Leslie, and Duke. This is one of the periods best known to earn the "Champion" honor bar, or any other Collectibles and Awards.

  • Christmas:

Similar to Halloween, Christmas sees several weeks filled with Community Events, which can also be won to earn the "Champion" honor bar, or any of the many other Collectibles and Awards.

  • URT

URT was originally a player made tournament, which caught the attention of Chedburn and Sugarvalves. The event was made into a sanctioned annual event with unique prizes, designed especially for URT. More information is available here.

  • Various Daily Events:

There are several daily events, which also have a few Community Events. However, these are more rare.


  • Hamster:

Massive giveaways used to be hosted on IRC for Halloween and Christmas. As IRC's popularity was declining, it was decided in 2016 to attempt the giveaways in Torn's chat system. The chat was unable to give an experience of a quality similar to IRC, so the event was discontinued.

  • Body's Dollar sale

Up until the early 2010s, Body [70242] used to host a dollar sale every Sunday during her radio show on Torn Radio. Body would announce the sale and then had several helpers to list hundreds of items over the course of an hour to the Item Market for $1 each. At the time, viewing a full category in the Item Market required pressing a link that opened a new page, which slowed buyers down and allowed for more competition.

Huge varieties of items were given away, being both provided by Body hersel as well as donations from the community. While most items were lower in value, some expensive items such as Dual Melee weapons and 2005 Holiday Collectibles were given away on occasion.

The competition was extremely popular within the Torn community, but it dissolved with the end of Torn Radio and IRC. With Body much less active on Torn, there have been no successful attempts to bring this event back.

  • World Population Day

In 2018 it was decided to give triple experience points for players who attacked and left an opponent on World Population Day.In 2019, the bonus was reduced to a double experience, although the attacking requirements were broadened to also include hospitalizations and muggings.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #128 : 11/04/20
  • Changed Valentine's Day Love Juice event to also reduce reviving costs by -15 energy (from 25 energy).
Patch list #125 : 21/01/20
  • Added "Weekend Road Trip" event for February which doubles racing points and racing skill for 48h.
Patch list #83 : 26/02/19
  • Added triple job points bonus for Employee Appreciation Day (First Friday of March).
Patch list #78 : 22/01/19
  • Added 'Awareness Awareness Week' event for 3rd week in January.
Patch list #74 : 18/12/18
  • Added event for 12th December 'Universal Health Care Day' : 75% hospital time reduction.
Patch list #53 : 24/07/18
  • Added "International Tiger Day" event for 29th July.
Patch list #52 : 17/07/18
  • Added World Population Day event (11th July).
Patch list #47 : 12/06/18
  • Added World Blood Donor Day event (14th June).
Patch list #44 : 15/05/18
  • Added 'Museum Day' 10% museum turn-in bonus for the 18th May.