General Information

You can subscribe or purchase Donator Packs using PayPal, Amazon, or Crypto from any web browser accessing Torn, via our official Android App you can donate or subscribe using Googleplay. You can purchase packs individually or in bulk, which we refer to as "Standard" on the donation page or purchase a monthly subscription which is credited to your account each month. The price varies depending on what you choose to purchase, with the standard cost being $5.00 USD for a single Donator Pack. Purchases made with bitcoin receive a 20% discount.

If you purchase standard Donator Packs, single or bulk, they will appear in your items list as usable items. To receive the benefits you must go to your items and click 'use' beside the Donator Pack.

If you are a subscriber, you will not receive a Donator Pack item, your Donator days and points will be added directly to your account.

Standard Donations

You can either donate to purchase a single pack, or you can receive them in larger quantities if you wish to purchase more than one. You can change the number you wish to purchase at the bottom of the page, the options are 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25, with discounts being applied to bulk orders.

The standard price is $5.00 USD. You receive 31 days Donator Status and 50 points with these Donator Packs.


  • 50 Points
  • 150 Energy bar
  • 5 energy every 10 minutes
  • Advanced search
  • Notebook
  • Donator forums
  • There are a number of medals available when holding donator status for accumulative days - They can be found here


You can purchase a subscription in two different ways. You can pay $4.85 USD per month, or you can purchase an annual subscription for $48.50 USD a year.

Monthly subscriptions will get 31 days of Donator Status, 75 points every 31 days from the date you subscribed.

Subscribers also get two 'special items' which are delivered to your account on the first day of each month. These items range from something that is not available in shops or foreign countries, like a Cosmetic Cache, or various Supply Packs. The subscriber rewards also include Books and give you the highest chance of obtaining these unique items. Subscribers are also entered into daily "Subscriber Draws" in which five subscribers are picked at random and awarded 10,000 / 5,000 / 2,500 / 1,000 / 1,000 points.

Annual subscriptions will get you 372 days (31 days per month for 12 months) worth of Donator Status and an additional 900 points delivered to your account when you make the purchase.

If you happen to have left with some donator days through the donator pack, they will be carried over when the subscription is taken. They come into effect immediately when the subscription ends.


Additional features for large donations

  • Upon purchasing 3 x 25 Donator Packs an additional purchase option is unlocked to bulk buy Donator Packs with additional bonus points based on the number of donator packs purchased, please note, this option is only available through Amazon, PayPal or Crypto donations via the web browser version of Torn and is not available on Googleplay.
  • It is rumoured that upon reaching $1,000 USD donated, an account unlocks a Blue Name option, however, the exact amount has never been confirmed.


  • Where do I donate at?

You can find the Donator House in the City, or you can click here.

  • Who do I talk to if I need help?

You can email for all your Donation issues. You can also mail bogie at 148747 with any issues.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel at any time, you won't lose any subscription status already paid for, it simply won't take a recurring payment.

  • Where can I cancel?

If you are subscribed through PayPal then navigate to your PayPal settings - Payments - Manage your automatic payments - Manage funding sources, and you can cancel here. With Amazon, you can simply cancel on the in-game donator house page. With Google, if subscribed via the Android app, open the Google Playstore app, at the top right, tap the profile icon, tap payments and subscriptions - subscriptions, you can cancel here. . If you are still having issues please email

  • Can I donate using Googleplay?

Yes, however this option is only available through our official Android App.

  • I want to make a large purchase, can I get a special discount?

We don't offer any special discounts or unique rates to individuals, this way we can ensure everyone is always getting the best and most fair price available. The best discounts are already available on the Donator page itself. Larger purchases on this page will receive the maximum 21% discount, with a further 20% off available for Crypto purchases.

  • Why won't PayPal accept my prepaid debit card?

Generally, prepaid debit cards purchased within The U.S. are allowed to be used almost anywhere, however, some of them stipulate the card can only be used within The U.S. Torn is located in England, making the purchase out of the country for these cards, and whilst these may work for donator packs, unfortunately, PayPal and Amazon do not usually accept these for subscriptions.

  • What Crypto options do you accept?

The choices for Crypto can vary depending on what our processing partner, Coingate, accept at the time. You can check available options on the purchase page, and select "more currencies" to see a full list available. Some more niche options may only be available for larger purchases.

  • What does "Subscription Pending" mean?"

This normally means your payment did not complete successfully for this month, PayPal will retry that payment in 5 days time. This does mean you may possibly lose the donator status until they retry and complete a successful payment, alternatively, you can cancel and restart it immediately once it expires.

  • My subscription is still not going through, why?

This could be a few reasons, but there are a few troubleshooting points to try first. Firstly ensure your chosen payment method (PayPal/Amazon) has 2FA enabled, this is a requirement for online purchases where Torn is located due to Strong Customer Authentication requirements.

Your bank could also be blocking these payments, since Torn is UK-based, some overseas banks may disallow international payments to the UK, speaking with them may resolve this.

Certain card types may also be blocked by PayPal or Amazon, commonly this can occur with Maestro or virtual cards as well as pre-paid cards, you may need to use another option.

If you are still stuck then please email and it can be figured out there for you, we may simply need more information about your specific issue.

Historical Notes

  • Crime Enhancers were part of the sub rewards, but were removed from the drop table when Cosmetic Caches were released
  • Cesium-137 was part of the sub rewards, but has been removed from the drop table