The Torn City Times, TC Times, Torn Times, or simply the "Newspaper," is the official Newspaper for Torn. Its articles are updated regularly and you can view these by simply clicking on the Newspaper link on the Sidebar!


On the front page of the Torn City Times, you are presented with one new article, and 6 older ones (if you want to see older ones, you can use the Archive page!) Articles are written out by the Newspaper's Reporters, and published by the Newspaper's Lead Reporter, sugarvalves. Having an article published will credit you with the Journalist honor bar, and 250 points!


If you would like to have an article published, you can send a mail to sugarvalves [1963573]. Simply explain your idea, and he'll give you the go-ahead to write it!

You can also use the Tell Your Story feature to pitch your idea.

Historical Note

Applications to become a Reporter used to be opened periodically. The first wave of Reporters were chosen prior to the release of RESPO by mailing -Clansdancer an Article -- showing that they had the ability to create high-quality material in the Newspaper.

Other Pages


The Archive section of the Newspaper is a list of all of the past articles that have been published in the Newspaper.

Job Listings

Under Job Listings, you can select which Job you wish to work at. You can choose from the various Starter Jobs, or from the wide selection of Companies, and apply to them!


Under properties, you can either buy a property from the Estate Agent, or view the rental or selling markets.


Available in the Freebies section of the Newspaper, are dozens of Torn City wallpaper images free to download.

Classified Ads

Here you can place an advertisement in the newspaper. The fee for listing one is $250,000. But with the Stock Bonus from Messaging Inc. classified ads listings are free.


If you're looking for a spouse, in the Personals section of the Newspaper you can place an advertisement for the price of $10,000.


You can place a bounty on another player at a cost; other players can look at this section for bounties available and can claim them for the reward.

Full Article: Bounties


In this part of the Newspaper, you can read the Comics submitted by other players that have been accepted.

You can submit a comic here yourself by selecting "Submit" at the bottom of the page and follow the rules carefully. If your Comic is accepted, you will be rewarded with an honor bar, and 250 points. You must be level 10 to submit a comic.


The Chronicles encompass much of Torn City's past. It chronicles major events that have taken place and many parts of Torn in general.

Note: The ability to submit a Chronicle has been closed for some time.


Along with the Classified Ads, you can also submit a banner, advertising your services or what you're buying, that will be shown -- at random -- at the bottom of the Newspaper pages.

Placing a graphical advertisement

The cost for placing one is $500,000 per day; you can select to display it for between 7 and 90 days. It will need to be accepted before it can be shown.

If you have a block of 1,000,000 shares in Yazoo, you are entitled to place graphical advertisement banners in the Newspaper for no fee!

Note: With Yazoo, you are still required to have the funds on-hand when submitting your banner as the cost is refunded when it has been accepted or declined.

Historical Notes

  • Prior to the release of RESPO users were able to view horoscopes from the paper.
  • Prior to the release of RESPO there was a local gyms section to the newspaper.
  • Prior to the release of RESPO users were able to submit articles to the newspaper for a reward.
  • There used to be a link to the Hall of Fame. This was removed.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #167 : 10/11/20
  • Released News Ticker.
Patch list #141 : 12/05/20
  • Released Chronicle Archives.
Patch list #124 : 14/01/20
  • Changed newspaper adverts to provide refunds via cashier's checks.
Patch list #98 : 18/06/19
  • Updated comic submission guidelines on the comic submit page.
Patch list #56 : 14/08/18
  • Added 3 submissions per day limit on 'Tell your story' newspaper feature.
Patch list #54 : 31/07/18
  • Added green 'Newspaper' highlight on sidebar to indicate a new article.
Patch list #49 : 26/06/18
  • Changed views counter position on newspaper article page.
  • Changed subtitle margin on newspaper article page.
Patch list #39 : 03/04/18
  • Released rebuilt newspaper.