Energy is a finite resource that can be used to perform a number of different activities throughout the game. Your current energy status is represented by the green bar in your Information sidebar panel.

Obtaining Energy

Your energy bar will replenish at a rate that completely fills it to "Maximum" every five hours. Depending on your donator status, this means either 5 energy every 10 minutes (up to 150), or 5 energy every 15 minutes (up to 100). Beyond this, there are several additional ways to obtain energy:

  • The Drugs Xanax and LSD provide 250 and 50 energy respectively, provided you don't overdose.
  • A Point refill can be used once a day to fill your energy bar up to its maximum.
  • Energy Cans provide between 5 and 30 energy (base) and increase you booster cooldown by two hours.
  • Mc Smoogle Corp(MSC) provides 100 energy for every stock block you own up to 1000 energy. You can collect this every 7 days.
  • Inactivity refills are free refills that are earned for every week of inactivity from Torn, as an incentive for players to return to the game. The maximum amount of inactive refills one can obtain is 100, down from 250[1] and 1000[2] in the past.
    • A maximum of 100 special energy refills can be used per week.
  • Many Company specials allow players to exchange Job Points for energy. Players are limited to exchanging 100 JP per day on energy-granting specials. This daily limit is reset at 00:00 TCT every day.
    • The 1* Furniture Store special "Coffee Break" gives +3 Energy for 1 job point.
    • The 1* Pub special "Pub Lunch" gives +3 Energy for 1 job point.
    • The 1* Restaurant special "Free Meals" gives +3 Energy for 1 job point.
    • The 7* Candle Shop special "Reinvigorating Therapy" gives +5 Energy for 1 job point.
    • The 10* Game Shop special "Overpowered" gives +5 Energy, +1 nerve, and +50 happiness for 1 job point.
    • The 10* Farm special "Early Riser" gives +7 Energy for 1 job point.
    • The 10* Television Network special Press Pass has a chance of granting 300 energy for 25 job points. Unlike other energy-granting specials, this one is not limited to 100 JP per day. See the Press Pass page for additional details.
  • Each quarterly newsletter sent to the email address registered with your account contains a one-time use link that can be redeemed for 250 energy.
  • Clicking the T of the TORN logo during the Torn Anniversary event provides the user with 50 energy. This action has a cooldown of 15 minutes between uses and 10 total uses.
  • Green Easter Egg gives 500 energy when eaten and adds 6 hours of booster cooldown.
  • When exchanging your treats obtained from Trick or Treat event and when you have Tier III upgrade named "Dark Power", you'll receive +5 energy for every treat exchanged.

The maximum energy one can have at any moment is 1,000.

Using Energy

There are numerous ways in which to spend your energy at various cost-levels:

  • You can train your Battle Stats in the Gym. Depending on the gym, each individual train may use between 5 - 50 energy.
  • You can Attack another player at a cost of 25 energy.
  • You can Revive a player in Hospital at a cost of 25 - 75 energy, dependent on your faction's Fortitude upgrade branch.
  • You can search the Dump at a cost of 5 energy.
  • You can pray in the Church at a cost of 5 energy.
  • You can increase your Happiness by playing on a games console at a cost of 5 energy.

Losing Energy

There are also multiple mechanics that may cause a loss of energy, if you currently have any:

  • Overdosing on certain drugs will cause your energy bar to be completely emptied.
  • Using the drug "Shrooms" will cost up to 25 energy, if you currently have that in your energy bar.
  • Opening a parcel that contains a Horse's Head will empty your energy bar.
  • Being hit by radiation poisoning from a Dirty Bomb will empty your energy bar.

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Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #262 : 25/10/22
  • Added upper cap of 100 special refills so no more can be received above this via inactivity going forwards.
  • Added use limit of 100 special energy refills per week to mitigate unfair advantage during timed events.
Patch list #167 : 10/11/20
  • Changed inactive free refills maximum credit quantity from 250 to 100.
Patch list #146 : 16/06/20
  • Changed energy/nerve/happy/life bars timer logic in the sidebar to use absolute times.
Patch list #139 : 28/04/20
  • Changed Energy Refills via Faction to require all Special Refills to be used first (to dissuade hoarding).
Patch list #1 : 20/06/17
  • Inactive refills credited at once cap reduced from 1,000 (previously unreachable) to 250
  • Inactive refill crediting added to activity log


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