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Well what can I say? I sell guns... Proud of it! It's the only real kind of defence you can count on. You don't need alarms, you don't need a dog. You need a nice big gun. The bigger your gun, the more scared people will be of you. You really do get what you pay for here; 90% of the guns I sell here are actually shipped in from other countries and are pretty damn hard to get hold of, I hope that explains the 'large' price tags on some of them.

Name Type Price
Hammer Melee $75
Baseball Bat Melee $200
Crowbar Melee $400
Glock 18 Secondary $400
Raven MP25 Secondary $550
Pepper Spray Temporary $800
Ruger 22/45 Secondary $975
Pen Knife Melee $1,000
Kitchen Knife Melee $1,500
Butterfly Knife Melee $1,750
M-9 Secondary $2,000
Dagger Melee $2,250
Sawed-Off Shotgun Primary $2,400
Leather Vest Armor $2,500
USP Secondary $2,750
Chain Mail Armor $4,000
Benelli M1 Tactical Primary $4,900
Beretta 92FS Secondary $5,250
MP5-Navy Primary $5,600
Scimitar Melee $8,600
P90 Primary $9,800
Fiveseven Secondary $9,950
Riot Gear Armor $10,000
XM8 Rifle Primary $12,500
Chainsaw Melee $15,000
M4A1 Colt Carbine Primary $19,500
Magnum Secondary $23,000
Benelli M4 Super Primary $32,000
Bulletproof Vest Armor $50,000
M16 A2 Rifle Primary $53,000
Full Body Armor Armor $75,000
Steyr AUG Primary $99,500

One of the blurbs available when travelling back to Torn from another country reads: Alphonse Metrick, owner of Big Al's Gun Shop, is the only licensed arms dealer in Torn.

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