Big Al's Gun Shop

Well what can I say? I sell guns... Proud of it! It's the only real kind of defence you can count on. You don't need alarms, you don't need a dog. You need a nice big gun. The bigger your gun, the more scared people will be of you. You really do get what you pay for here; 90% of the guns I sell here are actually shipped in from other countries and are pretty damn hard to get hold of, I hope that explains the 'large' price tags on some of them.

Big Al's Gun Shop is located on the East Side of the City

Buying items from this shop is subject to the Daily Items Allowance

For the Big Al's Gun Shop (BAG) stock, see Stock Market.

Big Al's Weapons
Name Type Price
Hammer Melee $75
Baseball Bat Melee $200
Crowbar Melee $400
Glock 17 Secondary $400
Raven MP25 Secondary $550
Leather Gloves Armor $750
Pepper Spray Temporary $800
Leather Boots Armor $900
Ruger 22/45 Secondary $975
Pen Knife Melee $1,000
Leather Pants Armor $1100
Leather Helmet Armor $1250
Kitchen Knife Melee $1,500
Butterfly Knife Melee $1,750
Beretta M-9 Secondary $2,000
Dagger Melee $2,250
Sawed-Off Shotgun Primary $2,400
Leather Vest Armor $2,500
USP Secondary $2,750
Chain Mail Armor $4,000
Benelli M1 Tactical Primary $4,900
Beretta 92FS Secondary $5,250
MP5-Navy Primary $5,600
Scimitar Melee $8,600
P90 Primary $9,800
Fiveseven Secondary $9,950
Riot Gear Armor $10,000
XM8 Rifle Primary $12,500
Chainsaw Melee $15,000
M4A1 Colt Carbine Primary $19,500
Magnum Secondary $23,000
Benelli M4 Super Primary $32,000
Bulletproof Vest Armor $50,000
M16 A2 Rifle Primary $53,000
Full Body Armor Armor $75,000
Steyr AUG Primary $99,500

Certain Weapons, Armor & Temporary items owned by a player may be sold to Big Al's Gun Shop at set prices.

One of the blurbs available when travelling back to Torn from another country reads: Alphonse Metrick, owner of Big Al's Gun Shop, is the only licensed arms dealer in Torn.

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