Ban Hammer

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Ban Hammer #1296
The mythical Ban Hammer wielded by staff against unruly citizens has now become manifest. All hail its unrivaled ability to defeat cheaters and perverts through the power of federal jailing. Bow before its might. Fear its judgement. Loathe it. Love it. Kiss it as if it were your mother. For if you step out of line, even just once, the Ban Hammer shall be brought down upon you with the full force of Federal Law.
Opponent becomes chastized, increasing their chances of posting a complaint thread in GD.
Weapon Info
Damage Range
27 - 32
Accuracy Range
58 - 63

Ban Hammer is a Melee Clubbing weapon that was given to members of Torn Staff by Bogie for Christmas 2022.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #