Crimes 2.0

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Crimes 2.0 is a major expansion in the works for the Crimes 1.0 system. The update was first announced in 2014 and went live on 20 June 2023. Crimes 2.0 will be put out through a staggered release across a period of five months, with a new crime every two or three weeks.

As of January 22, 2024 new players will now be automatically enrolled into the crimes 2.0 system. [1]

Players who created their accounts before this will still have a choice between migrating to 2.0 or continuing to use the old crime system for some time - however once an account is migrated it will never be able to return to the old system. [2]


All crimes require Nerve to perform. Successful crimes provide Crime Experience (CE) and Crime Skill (CS), introduced with Crimes 2.0.

  • CE is a hidden metric that determines your natural nerve bar (NNB) and influences success rates in Organised Crimes (OCs). It is not specifically tied to a particular crime or OC. Unlike with Crime there is no cap to NNBs, however each increment of 5 is harder to achieve.
  • CS is a metric measured in levels, individually for each crime, displayed with a progress bar on each crime page.

Each crime has a number of subcrimes. By default at level 1 in any given crime, some subcrimes will be available and some subcrimes will be locked. Depending on the subcrime you may be able to unlock it in different ways:

  • By obtaining a special item.
  • By leveling up in the crime.

For example, in the "Search for Cash" crime, immediately available are the Trash, Subway and Junkyard. The Beach and Cemetery are unlocked by obtaining the Metal Detector and Cemetery Key respectively, and the Fountain is unlocked by reaching level 75 in Search for Cash. It is unknown if Battle Stats or Work Stats affect success rates in the Crimes 2.0 system. [3]


There are three basic results from doing any crime:

  • Success: this will provide cash, items or a mix, in addition to some amount of CE and CS.
  • Fail: these are orange and will provide no reward, but also no loss of CE or CS.
  • Critical Fail: these are red and will result in a significant loss of CE and CS (you may notice you drop down an entire level) as well as the possibility of one of the following:

Each outcome also temporarily affects your progression from future crimes - discussed below.

Success rates for each subcrime depend on unique time-dependent factors; for example, a player will have a much higher chance of success doing "Search the Cemetery" while the groundskeeper is not on duty. These subcrime success rates can be seen in a tooltip:


Each Search for Cash crime provides money and/or items as rewards, however it is currently unknown whether this will be the case for every further crime once the system is fully released.

Unique Outcomes

Crimes now feature some outcomes that a player can obtain a single time, i.e. "uniquely". Unique outcomes may give slightly more valuable rewards, or even special items required by subsequent subcrimes (e.g. finding the Metal Detector is a unique outcome from Search the Junkyard).

When available, unique outcomes are indicated by a star on the subcrime button:


When a unique outcome is triggered, this star will turn gold for a few seconds, and there will be a small delay before you can attempt another crime.

Unique outcomes are available only when certain conditions are met:

  • Some unique outcomes are Crime Skill dependent - if you drop down a level due to a critical fail, you may lose access to a unique outcome.
  • Some unique outcomes may be time-dependent based on the same mechanics that govern success rates. For example in the Search the Beach subcrime, there is a unique outcome that is only available at high-tide.

Crime Chains and Progression

Crime Progression is a new perk for Crimes 2.0 that increases how much CE and CS you gain with each crime. All preexisting perks with respect to CE have been merged into crime progression, and they are combined additively to provide a total percentage bonus to your CE and CS gains:

  • +10% from Criminality Faction upgrades
  • +10% from Crime Progression Merit upgrades
  • +10% from Education
  • +5% from the relevant Crime Enhancer
  • +5% from completing the Law starter job
  • (up to) +15% from Company specials.
Note: The Criminality special "Crimes" providing a passive bonus to your CE, which can be upgraded from 1 to 25, is still in effect for players that have not yet migrated. On your personal perks page you will see the correct effect description, however until a full rollout of Crimes 2.0 is complete, the Criminality page will still display the old bonus. For Crimes 2.0 players, every bonus past "Crimes X" has no effect.

A Crime Chain is something that builds up slowly as you have more crime successes. Higher chains result in increased CE and CS gains from subsequent successful crimes (all crimes, no matter which crime was used to build the chain).

  • A Failure will halve your current crime chain bonus.
  • A Critical Failure will zero your current crime chain bonus.
  • A Critical Failure will also demoralize you when performing crimes in the future, resulting in reduced CE and CS gains. This effect will wear off gradually with subsequent successful offenses in any crimes.


Search For Cash

Read the main article: Search For Cash for full details on each subcrime.

Search for cash is the first type of crime released for Crimes 2.0. It is a Theft crime, with the subcrimes:

  • Search the Trash
  • Search the Subway
  • Search the Junkyard
  • Search the Beach (requires a Metal Detector)
  • Search the Cemetery (requires a Cemetery Key)
  • Search the Fountain (requires level 75 crime skill)

Enhancer: Glasses

Search For Cash has 34 unique outcomes in total.

Note: It is possible to have a critical fail when attempting search for cash in which you will lose your Glasses enhancer


Read the main article:: Bootlegging for full details on each subcrime.

Bootlegging is the second type of crime released for Crimes 2.0. It is a Counterfeiting crime, with the subcrimes:

  • Copy DVDs (requires a Personal Computer, Laptop or Gold Laptop)
  • Sell counterfeit DVDs (requires in stock DVDs)
  • Set up online store (requires level 50, completion of the "CMT2230 Web Design and Development" Education course and a computer)

Bootlegging requires players to use Blank DVDs. Blank DVDs can be added to the crime interface from a player's inventory. Once DVDs are made into copied DVDs, they can be sold via the "Sell counterfeit DVDs" crime.

Enhancer: High-Speed Drive

Bootlegging has 4 unique outcomes in total.

Note: It is possible to have a critical fail when copying DVDs in which a player will lose their High-Speed Drive enhancer or PC.


Read the main article:: Graffiti for full details on each subcrime.

Graffiti is the third crime released for Crimes 2.0. It is a Vandalism crime, with the subcrimes:

  • East Side
  • West Side
  • North Side
  • Residental District
  • Red-Light District
  • Financial District
  • City Centre

Graffiti requires players to use spray cans. Spray cans can be added to the crime interface from a player's inventory. The cans are eventually used up and must be replaced.

Graffiti has five reputation stars for each subcrime. Players will only gain progress towards reputation stars (and the occasional spray can) when first attempting the crime, but cash payouts and unique results are given as a player gets a higher reputation.

A player's reputation in an area is independent from reputation in other areas. Reputation will decrease slowly over time as authorities cover a player's graffiti.

Enhancer: Paint Mask

Graffiti has 41 unique outcomes in total.


Read the main article: Shoplifting for full details on each subcrime.

Shoplifting is the fourth crime released for Crimes 2.0. It is a Theft crime, containing eight shops available for shoplifting:

  • Sally's Sweet Shop
  • Bits 'n' Bobs
  • TC Clothing
  • Super Store
  • Pharmacy
  • Cyber Force
  • Jewelry Store
  • Big Al's Gun Shop

Shoplifting does not require any special item currently to conduct the crime, but a Torn City Times will add extra outcomes.

Every attempt at shoplifting will increase a player's notoriety in that particular shop. Notoriety gains will depend on the types of successes or failures.

Each shop features one or two security statuses that may occasionally become disabled. Security statutes being on/off will affect possible outcomes and notoriety gains. It is intended that a player can still succeed with a reasonable success rate, even with high notoriety.

Enhancer: Mountain Bike

Shoplifting has 55 unique outcomes in total.

Note: It is possible to have a critical fail when shoplifting in which a player will lose their mountain bike.


Read the main article: Pickpocketing for full details on each subcrime.

Pickpocketing is the fifth crime released for Crimes 2.0. It is a Theft crime.

This crime involves players targeting unsuspecting pedestrians for pickpocketing. No additional item necessary.

There are 22 mark types, each with a unique outcome. All of the different marks are immediately available to everyone at skill level 1, however some marks are much more difficult than others.

Enhancer: Cut-Throat Razor

Pickpocketing has 22 unique outcomes in total.

Card Skimming

Read the main article: Card Skimming for full details on each subcrime.

Card Skimming is the sixth crime released for Crimes 2.0. It is a Fraud crime.

Card Skimming requires players to use a Card Skimmer and a Spy Camera

This crime involves the use of skimmers to acquire credit card details, an a Spy Camera to observe the pin code entered. Once a skimmer has been installed, it will slowly collect details from those who use the ATM. At a time of your choosing, you may then recover your skimmer from the ATM to collect and sell the details contained within. Both items are returned upon the successful recovery of the Skimmer.

The longer you leave Card Skimmer and Spy Camera, the chance increases that a player will lose either or both item.

A player can only have a maximum of 20 concurrent active skimmers.

Enhancer: Duct Tape

Card Skimming has 0 unique outcome at the time of the release.


Read the main article: Burglary for full details on each subcrime.

Burglary is the seventh crime released for Crimes 2.0. It is a Theft crime.

This crime involves players scouting for ideal locations to burgle, with 34 unique locations available. Players can then optionally case discovered locations to increase their success chance before burglarizing the property. If a player fails a casing or burglary, the property may become too dangerous to attempt again for a short time.

Each property has a "recommended" item that is not required to have, but will increase the rewards pool if a player possesses the corresponding item when attempting to burglarize a property.

Scouted properties will disappear from a player's list if they have not been interacted with for some time and you can have maximum 100 scouted properties available at once.

Enhancer: Flashlight

Burglary has 34 unique outcomes, one for each unique burglary target.


Read the main article: Hustling for full details on each subcrime.

Hustling is the eighth crime released for Crimes 2.0. It is a Fraud crime.

This crime involves you first gather an audience, demonstrate the confidence trick to them, then persuade them to place bets. From here, you can then intentionally lose money to further capture their attention, thus increasing the chance and size of their bets, before you start cashing in on them. When you start winning, the audience members will start getting suspicious, which may prevent them from betting further, or even leaving altogether.

Enhancer: Megaphone

Hustling has 0 unique outcome at the time of the release.


Read the main article: Disposal for full details on each subcrime.

Disposal is the ninth crime released for Crimes 2.0. It is an Illicit Services crime.

This crime has 12 job categories, each of which has between 3 and 5 disposal methods available. Every method uses a different amount of nerve and may require the use of certain items, some of which will be consumed upon their use. To ensure your success, you must determine the correct method based on your intuition and prior experience.

Players are only offered a limited number of jobs per day, and upon completion (irrespective of the outcome) of the daily jobs, no further activities will be available until the next day.

Enhancer: Latex Gloves

Disposal has 11 unique outcome at the time of the release.

An honor bar is available upon achieving level 100 in Disposal. Another is available for dissolving a dead body in acid.


Read the main article: Cracking for full details on each subcrime.

Cracking is the tenth crime released for Crimes 2.0. It is a Cybercrime.

Each target has a randomly determined password character length, and passwords can be cracked character by character by brute forcing them using computer resources. Players also have the option to guess obscured password characters that don't have layers of encryption. Up to three incorrect guesses are allowed per password before being locked out of further attempts. Additional targets with increasingly advanced passwords and levels of encryption will become available as skill level increases.

Players can initially only use their Computer or Laptop. At level 25, the first of three rig chassis becomes available. Chassis can be equipped with CPU and cooling components to enhance a rig's MIPS. This increases its brute-forcing strength, allowing more characters to be revealed each cycle.

Enhancer: Office Chair

Cracking has 1 unique outcome at the time of the release.

An honor bar is available upon achieving level 100 in Cracking. Another is available for successfully guessing 250 password characters.


Read the main article: Forgery for full details on the crime.

Forgery is the 11th crime released for Crimes 2.0. It is a Counterfeiting crime.

Forgery allows players to create new items out of raw materials. The following 12 items can be created:

Enhancer: Magnifying Glass

Forgery does not have any unique outcomes at the time of the crime's release.

An honor bar is available upon achieving level 100 in Forgery. Another is available for having ten projects in a state of cooldown at the same time.

Note: It is possible to have a critical fail when forging in which a player will lose their printer.

Future Crimes

Coming soon...

Award Migration

This infographic displays how awards from the old crime system are migrated into the Crimes 2.0 regime.


Patch History

Released in Patch list #294

Patch list #325 : 13/02/24
  • Changed crime skill bar animation to stop fading out to avoid players thinking it's related to crime chaining
Patch list #323 : 23/01/24
  • Added new player tutorial missions involving Crimes 2.0 which is now enabled by default for all new players
  • Changed wording in the Crimes Migration Wizard now that the initial release of the first 10 crimes is complete
Patch list #294 : 20/06/23
  • Released the Crimes 2.0 migration system
  • Released the Search for Cash crime for those who have migrated to Crimes 2.0
  • Changed crime bonuses (job, comp, edu, enhancer, merits) to provide crime exp & skill gains for migrated users
  • Fixed log categories 'Crime success', 'Crime failure' and 'Crime critical failure' not appearing on dropdown list


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