Race Track


The Race Track is accessible via the 'Red-Light' area of the City!

Requirement: Before you can race at the Race Track, you need to purchase a Racing License for 50 points from the Points Building.


You start in Class E, and as you earn racing points you will automatically advance; you cannot level-hold your racing class.

For a list of all cars and their classes, refer to this page.

Upgrading your Racing Class
Class Requirements
Class E 0 Racing Points earned
Class D 25 Racing Points earned
Class C 100 Racing Points earned
Class B 250 Racing Points earned
Class A 475 Racing Points earned

This is the total earned; if you spend, or lose them in a crash, they will still count towards ranking up.

Upgrading your Class

In order to rank up a class, you have to earn Racing Points by taking part in Official Races and finishing in the top 3.

3 Racing Points for finishing in 1st place!
2 Racing Points for finishing in 2nd place!
1 Racing Point for finishing in 3rd place!


  • Racing Points obtained through Company specials do not count towards ranking up a class; only those earned from Racing will count.

Official Races

Taking part in Official Races is completely free. These races will take 1 hour to be prepared, and will finish once all participants have crossed the finish line.

After leaving an Official Race, there is a 15 minute penalty time before you can join another Official Race.

You are automatically matched against opponents with similar car stats. Once the race has started, you cannot swap to a car that outclasses theirs heavily.

Custom Races

With custom events you can create your own race or join an existing custom event. You will not earn racing points in custom events, however, you will still earn driver skill. Unlike official races there is no waiting period to join or create a new custom race after leaving one.

To start a custom race you will need to set the following options:

  • Race name.
  • Drivers required. (Max 6)
  • Maximum drivers. (Max 100)
  • Track.
  • Number of Laps. (Max 100)
  • Cars Allowed. Restrict entries to a certain class, or a single car.
  • Upgrades Allowed. Choose to allow upgrades, or stock cars only.
  • Bet Amount (Max $10,000,000). Choose to bet on the race with the winnings going to the top 3 finishers.
  • Wait time in minutes before the race starts (Max 2880)
  • Password (optional).

When finished you can create and join your custom race.


  • You can leave a custom race you created before another racer joins and it will delete the race, however, as long as there is one or more racers the race will not be deleted. In this instance you are still able to leave the race and create another custom race.
  • If no other racers join your race it will time out one hour after the end of the set wait time.
  • If you leave a custom race or the race times out after paying a bet your bet will be refunded in the form of a cashiers check at the bank.

Track List

There are a total of 16 tracks to race in Torn. Some tracks will not be accessible until you reach a certain class.

Track List
Name Image Length
Uptown B1_s.jpg 2.25mi
Withdrawal B2_s.jpg 3.4mi
Underdog B3_s.jpg 1.73mi
Parkland B4_s.jpg 3.43mi
Docks B5_s.jpg 3.81mi
Commerce B6_s.jpg 1.09mi
Two Islands B7_s.jpg 2.71mi
Industrial B9_s.jpg 1.35mi
Vector B10_s.jpg 1.16mi
Mudpit B11_s.jpg 1.06mi
Hammerhead B12_s.jpg 1.16mi
Sewage B13_s.jpg 1.5mi
Meltdown B14_s.jpg 1.2mi
Speedway B15_s.jpg 0.9mi
Stone Park B16_s.jpg 2.08mi
Convict B17_s.jpg 1.64mi

Race Replay

After a race is finished, you can visit the race log (linked in the completion event) to watch a replay. This can be sped up by x2, x4, x8, x10, x20, x40, x80, and x100.

Naming a Car

You can give your Enlisted Cars a unique name, to make them more easily identifiable, since you can Enlist multiple of the same Car. You can do this by selecting the small pencil icon next to each Enlisted Car, typing the desired name into the edit box, and clicking on "save".


There are six honor bars that can be achieved by participating in Racing.

819611004.png - Reach Class A

739693375.png - 250 wins in the same car

422587009.png - Achieve a driver skill of 10

182849928.png - Crash during a race

559214781.png - Win 100 races

832763049.png - Earn 2,500 Racing Points

Racing Skill

  • You can gain racing skill by simply racing. (Official/Custom)
  • You can get Passive 10% boost to your racing skill by buying up the benefit block (1,000,000) of Torn city Motors.
  • Track length, race end position has more effect on racing skill gains.
  • Car type, race time has no effect on racing skill gains.
  • Official races will give more racing skill compared to custom races of similar length. It is compensation for the waiting before the race.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • You cannot travel while currently in a race.
  • You can only take part in one race at a time.
  • Being hospitalized during a race does not influence the outcome.
  • Cars can be bought from The Docks in the City, or from other players in the Item Market or Bazaars. Cars can also be obtained by performing the Grand Theft Auto crimes.
  • You cannot enlist a car in a class higher than for which you are qualified. You can still use cars that are below your current class.
  • You cannot remove upgrades after they have been purchased and fitted. Upgrades can only be removed by purchasing a replacement upgrade (i.e. Adjustable Spoiler/Fixed Spoiler).
  • Removing a car from enlistment will remove all upgrades from it and return the stock vehicle to your inventory.
  • Wrecking your car also has the chance to remove fitted upgrades.

Ultimate Racing Tournament

Twice a year, the Ultimate Racing Tournament (URT) is held to test a player's racing skill and luck against everyone else, with the winner receiving a Bugatti Veyron.

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Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #184 : 16/03/21
  • Added value of enlisted cars within the racing system to networth statistics.
Patch list #182 : 02/03/21
  • Changed racing and hunting to always show two decimal places for consistency (excluding personal stats).
Patch list #181 : 23/02/21
  • Changed custom racing bets to pay out as bank checks rather than direct to wallet.
Patch list #175 : 12/01/21
  • Added gold flare to races created by official URT stewards.
Patch list #152 : 28/07/20
  • Changed opacity of race status panel that appears over the map to make the text clearer.
Patch list #149 : 07/07/20
  • Added race start time column to the custom races list on Racing.
Patch list #144 : 02/06/20
  • Removed car selection confirmation when join official race.
Patch list #133 : 17/03/20
  • Changed racing car list order to the sum of all combined stats descending.
  • Changed official racing car selection to show track name at the top.
  • Changed official races to select the car at the top of the list automatically by default in the background.
Patch list #118 : 19/11/19
  • Added new racing category with 4 stats into personal stats.
Patch list #116 : 05/11/19
  • Changed custom race creation queries for better security.
Patch list #109 : 03/09/2019
  • Changed racing time formatting in events, statistics and in-race lists.
Patch list #101 : 09/07/19
  • Changed racing car removal confirmation font color to red in an attempt to stop people deleting their own cars.
Patch list #93 : 14/05/19
  • Added the ability to remove cars from the racing system that have had racing points spent on them.
Patch list #89 : 09/04/19
  • Added 'new personal best lap' notification to racing result events.
Patch list #88 : 02/04/19
  • Rebuilt class banners in the "Torn City Raceway" page.
Patch list #82 : 19/02/19
  • Changed "Start a custom race" button to appear at the top of the page.
Patch list #78 : 22/01/19
  • Added spectator mode for custom races.
  • Increased maximum wait time for custom races.
Patch list #55 : 07/08/18
  • Changed password fields in RR and racing to simple text.
Patch list #49 : 26/06/18
  • Added race replay on racing log page.
Patch list #47 : 12/06/18
  • Added racing log page (linked from event).
  • Changed enlisted cars order in racing to Class descending.
Patch list #41 : 17/04/18
  • Added list of racing upgrades lost in events received after crashing.
Patch list #19 : 10/11/17
  • Changed racing cars 'top speed' formula for car comparability.
Patch list #17 : 24/10/17
  • Updated race statistics to show only unique users in global records.