Samurai Sword

Not to be confused with Dual Samurai Swords

Samurai Sword #11
A ninja-grade, full-tang samurai sword, created for us by a master artisan. The sword balances perfectly, takes and holds a razor edge, and can divide an eyelash or a full skull in one swipe.
Buy Price
Sell Price
Weapon Info
Weapon Type
Damage Range
58 - 63
Accuracy Range
52 - 57

Samurai Sword is a Melee Slashing weapon that can be purchased in Mexico. It can be sold to (but not purchased at) Big Al's Gun Shop.

The Samurai Sword was one of the items available at the official launch of Torn on 15 November 2004, having been introduced during the Torn City Beta.

The Samurai Sword has a stealth rating of 4.9.


The Samurai Sword can obtained as a purchase from Mexico. It can also be found through city finds, given as a mystery gift from the Wheel of Mediocrity, and purchased from the Mission reward shop for ~13-19 Mission reward credits.

Samurai Swords can be bought from other players through the Item Market, Bazaars, or Trades, but as Melee weapons do not stack they must be purchased one by one, making it time consuming to buy in bulk.

A high quality Samurai Sword with a Weapon Effect can be obtained by opening a Melee Cache.

Historical Notes

Before the introduction of Travel, the Samurai Sword was available for purchase at Big Al's Gun Shop. It was the best Melee Weapon available for nearly a year after the game's release, being dethroned by the Yasukuni Sword in 2005.

Image History

Samurai Sword Image History
Years Used Image
July 2012 [1] to present 6NWLPXu.jpg

Patch History

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  1. Chedburn, Patch: Fixes and Updates 19/07/12 (19/07/12)