Xanax #206
Xanax in Torn City is very different to your typical pharmacy-bought Alprazolam, with its sedative effects giving way to an explosion of relentless energy. Researchers speculate that this phenomenon is rooted in the drug's ability to boost adenosine triphosphate production within neural cells, supercharging the brain into an overclocked state capable of firing neurons like a machine-gun. However it works, Torn Xanax is the grease that oils the gears of war, elevating a soldier to a state of aggressive frenzy that would make a Nazi Stormtrooper look like a slowpoke sissy.
Increases energy by 250 and happiness by 75. Includes side effects.

Xanax is a Drug item that can be purchased abroad in Argentina, Canada, Japan, South Africa and the United Kingdom. It can also be received upon opening a Drug Pack.


After using Xanax, the player will receive the following effects:

  • + 250 Energy
  • + 75 Happy
  • - 35% to all Fighting stats
  • Cool down: 360-480 minutes
  • 35 Addiction Points

If the player overdoses on Xanax, they will receive the following effects instead:

  • - 100% Energy, Nerve and Happy
  • Hospital: 5000 minutes
  • Increased cool down (24-25 hours) & increased addiction points

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