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Education is available from either the sidebar or the West Side of the City and is extremely beneficial as it can enhance nearly every aspect of your game.

To enroll in an Education course you need to have the required amount of money, which varies for each course. Some Education courses require you to complete a certain prerequisite course before enrolling.

Starting an education course will cost a player some money. If a player owns the IST Benefit Block, their education fees will be waived.

While enrolled in an education course, a player can be kicked out of the course for drug usage. If this happens, a player will need start the course again from the very beginning.

Advantages of Education

How to shorten Education time

Currently, there are six ways to shorten Education time:

  • Through the 1* Fitness Center special "Healthy Mind". Each job point used will reduce education time by 30 minutes.
  • Through the 7* Hair Salon special "Cutting corners". Each job point used will reduce education time by 30 minutes.
  • Using "Book of Carols" lowers current education time by 6 hours. This item spawns in Christmas Town.
  • Spending Merits on decreasing education time. The merit upgrade removes 2% of the education time per upgrade, up to a maximum of 20% shorter education time with 10 upgrades.
  • Promoting to the top rank of the starter job Education (Principal) you will gain a passive 10% decrease in education time. You will keep this passive even if you leave the starter job.
  • Having a West Side University (WSU) Stock Block of 1,000,000 shares will reduce education time by 10%.

Using job points in Fitness Center or Hair Salon will reduce your current education time by 30 minutes per. Book of Carols will reduce your current education time by 6 hours. Promoting to Principal, investing Merits in 'Education Length', or acquiring the WSU benefit block will reduce the length of any subsequent courses — having no effect on a course that has already been started.

Note: Percentage reductions to education time are calculated separately (I.e full education merits, WSU, and principal perk would not be a 40% reduction, but would work out to be 35%.) If you would like to calculate how long your education will last you can use the following formula:

x = 0.10 from WSU
y = 0.20 from merits
z = 0.10 from job
l = Education length

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #196 : 15/06/21
  • Fixed Sports Medicine education course not providing 10% to temporary booster passive stat increases
Patch list #188 : 13/04/21
  • Renamed Recoil Pad's "control" and Education's "ammo management" bonuses to "ammo conservation".
Patch list #185 : 23/03/21
  • Changed "Master of Self Defense" course name to "Bachelor of Self Defense".
Patch list #179 : 09/02/21
  • Changed 'Anatomy' education course from +5% (+3.5% actual) to +3%.
Patch list #174 : 29/12/20
  • Added new modifier Addiction Mitigation which reduces all effects of addiction.
Patch list #172 : 15/12/20
  • Added an event which is received when an education course is completed (only educations after today).
Patch list #132 : 10/03/20
  • Changed 'rate of fire' educations / weapon mod to be additive and use stochastic rounding.
  • Reduced Bachelor of Mathematics education to provide 20% ammo management instead of 30%.
Patch list #103 : 23/07/19
  • Changed Self Defence bachelor bonus to affect the final damage of fists instead of internal damage modifier.