Big Al's Bunker

Big Al's Bunker is a shop where players can trade in weapons obtained from Caches from Ranked Warring. It can be accessed via Big Al's Gun Shop after being unlocked by paying 2,500 Points at the Points Building. Big Al's Bunker was released on 27 September 2022. [1]

The bunker offers weapons and armor Caches for sale in exchange for Bunker Bucks, which can only be obtained by trading in weapons or armor obtained from opening caches.


The bunker sells every type of weapon and armor Cache. Purchases at the bunker can only be made in Bunker Bucks.

Cache Pricing
Image Item Name Cost
large.png Small Arms Cache 20 Bucks
large.png Melee Cache 30 Bucks
large.png Medium Arms Cache 50 Bucks
large.png Armor Cache 60 Bucks
large.png Heavy Arms Cache 70 Bucks


Unwanted advanced weapons and armor can be traded in at the bunker for Bunker Bucks to buy more Caches. Other special weapons, such as yellow NPC Loot, dual primary weapons, or United Arab Emirates luxury weapons can be traded in for Bunker Bucks as well, although they would be worth significantly more if sold to a player.

Pieces of armor from the Riot, Assault, Dune, Delta, Marauder, EOD, Sentinel, and Vanguard sets, or a Hazmat Suit can also be exchanged.

A now deleted Bunker Buck Value sheet by Torn admin Cloudjumper listed the unreleased Tranquilizer Gun as a trade in option, so it is possible that the Tranquilizer Gun will be an option to trade for Bunker Bucks upon its release.

Exchange Pricing

Advanced Weapons and Armor Exchange Pricing [2]
Item Type Yellow Value Orange Value Orange Value

(Two Effects)

Red Value Red Value

(Two Effects)

Pistol 4 12 18 36 54
SMG 4 12 18 36 54
Club 6 18 27 54 81
Piercing 6 18 27 54 81
Slashing 6 18 27 54 81
Shotgun 10 30 45 90 135
Rifle 10 30 45 90 135
Armor 12 26 N/A 108 N/A
Machine Gun 14 42 63 126 189
Heavy Artillery 14 42 63 126 189
Unique Item Exchange Pricing [3]
Image Item Name Value
large.png Bread Knife 6 Bucks
large.png Poison Umbrella 6 Bucks
large.png Sledgehammer 6 Bucks
large.png Nock Gun 10 Bucks
large.png Rheinmetall MG 3 14 Bucks
large.png Snow Cannon 14 Bucks
large.png Hazmat Suit 50 Bucks
large.png Handbag 100 Bucks
large.png Pink Mac-10 150 Bucks
large.png Dual TMPs 200 Bucks
large.png Dual Bushmasters 200 Bucks
large.png Dual MP5s 200 Bucks
large.png Dual P90s 200 Bucks
large.png Dual Uzis 200 Bucks
large.png Gold Plated AK-47 200 Bucks

Patch History

Released in Patch list #

Patch list #258 : 27/09/2022
  • Released Big Al's Bunker


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