Opium #200
Prescribed for a range of ailments from diarrhea and psychosis through to menstrual pain and bronchitis, Opium is a reliable reliever of pain, consequence, and reality. Fortified by this timeless drug, your opponent's blows will feel naught more than tiny mouse breaths upon your body. And should you still find yourself laid up in the hospital, this medical marvel will see you right as rain in no time.
Removes all hospital time and replenishes life to 50%. Temporarily increases Defense by 30%.

Opium is a Drug item that can be purchased abroad in China, Japan and South Africa


After using Opium, the player will receive the following effects:

  • +30% boost to Defense
  • Removes all standard hospital time and replenishes life to 50% (Effected by Medical Effectiveness in Fortitude)
  • Cool down: 120-180 minutes
  • 10 addiction points

Players can not overdose on Opium

Patch History

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