Once you reach level 15 you are able to travel overseas by visiting the Travel agency in the City Center. While traveling, you will have limited access to some Torn features if you own either an in-game laptop or pc. See Laptop section below. Each destination has a unique set of items that cannot be found in Torn City.

  • Please note that items abroad have limited stocks which are restocked regularly, it is also hinted that there will be some items stocked irregularly in the future [1].
  • Other players may see where you are traveling to on your profile page, unless you are in a 10* theater, in which case your traveling status and location will be hidden.
  • There is a variance of 3% on flight times, this explains small discrepancies in the flight times you might notice.
  • A flight time can be extended by someone in a Detective Agency using the 'Watchlist' job special. The delay will increase the user's personal & faction stats for travel time.
  • Players whose last action is greater than 168 hours [2] cannot be attacked while they are in another country unless required by a mission.

When travelling, the movement of Clouds can be toggled by clicking on a Cloud, and holding for approx 2 seconds.


Note: Due to the sidebar being made available while traveling, there's no need to own a Laptop or a PC to access certain features.[3].


Flight Information (Without Book)
Destination Travel Time Standard Cost
Standard Airstrip WLT benefit Business Class
Mexico: Ciudad Juárez 26min 18min 13min 8min $6,500
Cayman Islands: George Town 35min 25min 18min 11min $10,000
Canada: Toronto 41min 29min 20min 12min $9,000
Hawaii: Honolulu 2h 14min 1h 34min 1h 7min 40min $11,000
United Kingdom: London 2h 39min 1h 51min 1h 20min 48min $18,000
Argentina: Buenos Aires 2h 47min 1h 57min 1h 23min 50min $21,000
Switzerland: Zurich 2h 55min 2h 3min 1h 28min 53min $27,000
Japan: Tokyo 3h 45min 2h 38min 1h 53min 1h 8min $32,000
China: Beijing 4h 2min 2h 49min 2h 1min 1h 12min $35,000
United Arab Emirates: Dubai 4h 31min 3h 10min 2h 15min 1h 21min $32,000
South Africa: Johannesburg 4h 57min 3h 28min 2h 29min 1h 29min $40,000

Flight Information (With Book)
Destination Travel Time Standard Cost
Standard Airstrip WLT benefit Business Class
Mexico: Ciudad Juárez 19min 14min 10min 6min $6,500
Cayman Islands: George Town 26min 18min 13min 8min $10,000
Canada: Toronto 31min 22min 15min 9min $9,000
Hawaii: Honolulu 1h 40min 1h 10min 50min 30min $11,000
United Kingdom: London 1h 59min 1h 24min 1h 00min 36min $18,000
Argentina: Buenos Aires 2h 05min 1h 27min 1h 02min 37min $21,000
Switzerland: Zurich 2h 12min 1h 32min 1h 06min 39min $27,000
Japan: Tokyo 2h 49min 1h 58min 1h 24min 51min $32,000
China: Beijing 3h 1min 2h 07min 1h 31min 54min $35,000
United Arab Emirates: Dubai 3h 23min 2h 22min 1h 42min 1h 1min $32,000
South Africa: Johannesburg 3h 43min 2h 36min 1h 52min 1h 7min $40,000

Carrying Items

The default number of items that you may carry home from a destination is five per visit. There are upgrades that allow you to increase the number of items that you can carry.

  • Adding an Airstrip and pilot to your property, owning a WLT benefit block or using a business class ticket will change the base amount of items you can carry to 15.
  • Suitcases are available for purchase in Hawaii: Small ($2,000,000) - 2 additional items; Medium ($4,000,000) - 3 additional items; Large ($10,000,000) - 4 additional items. Only the biggest one will be used. Suitcases do not stack.
  • The 3* Lingerie Store Job special adds an extra 2 items
  • The 3* and 10* Cruise Line Agency Job Specials add an extra 2 and 3 items respectively. I.e. They stack.
  • The Excursion faction special adds 1 item per upgrade up to a maximum of 10.
  • Book : Smuggling For Beginners, Increases travel items by 10 for 31 days.
  • Tourism day on the 27th of September doubles carrying capacity.
  • 7* Flower Shops allow you to carry 5 additional flowers.
  • 7* Toy Shops allow you to carry 5 additional plushies.

The maximum number of items that you can carry is 44 items (on Tourism day, 88 items).

Related Awards

There are a large number of awards relating to traveling in Torn, some examples are below;


Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
241952085.png Mile High Club Travel 100 times
647632452.png Cascado Travel to Mexico 50 times
724568067.png Tourist Spend 7 days in the air
456129092.png Mule Import 100 items from abroad
661177633.png Souvenir Purchase the perfect souvenir abroad
832087778.png International Defeat 100 people while abroad

A full list of all awards relating to Travel can be found here

Historical Notes

With the travel update on 02/03/12, the names of several flight destinations were changed to different cities within the same country. This was presumably due to the new travel times they calculated to these locations [1]. The old city names and travel times may be seen in the history of this page [2].

With the same 02/03/12 update to travel, flight times with a property Airstrip were increased slightly from 2/3rds to 70% of Standard (in addition to the adjustments to Standard flight times to all destinations). Also, prior to the update the WLT benefit only gave the 50% reduction to flight time; there was no +10 item carrying bonus.

Prior to the 02/03/12 update, a Laptop had additional functions allowing you to also:

  • check the Lowest Auction Bids for each Drug.
  • check the Cheapest and Most Expensive Market Prices for each Drug.
  • check the Lowest Auction Bids for each Item.
  • check the Cheapest and Most Expensive Market Prices for each Item.

16/04/13 Flight times have changed slightly, this was due to a repositioning of the physical location of Torn City in the world in preparation of a future update.

Previously, player images could not be viewed through laptop (though could have when logged off).

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Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #193 : 25/05/21
  • Changed behavior for the Rehab slider movement for when the user doesn't have enough money.
  • Changed Lingerie Store special 'Concealment' (+2 travel capacity) from rating 5 to rating 3.
  • Added Lingerie Store special 'Sex Appeal' to provide free Business Class travel at 10 stars.
Patch list #189 : 20/04/21
  • Added 15 second attack grace period upon arriving at a destination after Traveling.
Patch list #158 : 08/09/20
  • Removed target name from travel mission descriptions to help prevent accidental travel before accepting.
Patch list #152 : 28/07/20
  • Released new travel styles / background in preparation for Dark Mode and Traveling Sidebar.
  • Updated main backgrounds for regular / jail / hospital / abroad states.
Patch list #121 : 10/12/19
  • Added additional locking to prevent traveling while being attacked
Patch list #108 : 27/08/19
  • Re-enabled publicly visible personal stats for individual travel destinations.
Patch list #106 : 13/08/19
  • Changed "Times travelled to {Country}" personal stats to be private.
Patch list #90 : 16/04/19
  • Changed references of "travelling" and "travelled" to "traveling" and "traveled".
  • Removed current page link from the links bar while traveling.
Patch list #64 : 09/10/18
  • Removed the "Talk to Kimshee" button after one action of 'Fortune teller' is completed.
Patch list #49 : 26/06/18
  • Added traveling icon.
Patch list #48 : 19/06/18
  • Changed OC travel warning to appear only if initiation would be ready before a return trip.
Patch list #47 : 12/06/18
  • Added Organised Crime warning to travel confirmation.
Patch list #38 : 27/03/18
  • Enabled 'Personal stats' while travelling.
Patch list #26 : 26/12/17
  • Added flight time variance of up to 3%.