Weapon Bonus

Bonus Classes

Rarity values (25x more rare for each successive tier) are based on an old post from Chedburn, and may not be accurate as decisions are changed behind the scenes. [1]

Bonus Classes
Class Information
Yellow / 'Superior' The first class of weapon bonuses that can be found inside special caches. The unique bonuses discussed below only come in Superior class.
Orange / 'Epic' The second class of weapon bonuses. These are 25 times more rarer than Superior class bonuses.
Red / 'Legendary' The final class of weapon bonuses. They are 25 times more rare than Epic class bonuses.

Bonus List


  • Damage over time/turn (DOT) effects last for five minutes - the duration of a full fight.
  • DOT effects are not personalised to the player that dealt them. If a defender is placed under one of these effects during a group fight, any of the group attackers may have a turn that triggers some damage and this will count as their damage.
  • The DOT effects from Poisoned, Burning, Bleeding, Lacerated, Severe Burning and Contaminated are non-stackable. [2]
  • Weapon bonuses that require a hit to proc will not proc on a zero damage hit; for example Demoralized, Freeze, Wither. [3]

Unique Bonuses

Unique Bonuses
Bonus Weapon Type Proc Range Information
Demoralized Gold Plated AK-47 Enemy Debuff 20 - 23% Demoralized provides an additive 10% passive debuff to each of your opponents battle stats. Up to 5 of these may stack at once, for a 50% debuff to all stats.
Freeze Snow Cannon Enemy Debuff 20 - 25% Freeze provides an additive 50% passive debuff to your opponents speed and dexterity. Only one of these can be applied at once, although it can be applied simultaneously with other passive effects.
Blindfire Rheinmetall MG3 Damage Bonus 15 - 20% Blindfire causes you to expend the remaining ammunition in your current clip in as many actions as required, in a single turn. With each successful action, the accuracy of the MG3 is reduced by 5.00.
Poisoned Blowgun DOT 85 - 100% Poisoned causes a long DOT effect, with damage ticks starting at 95% that of the damage dealt when the proc occurs, and reducing to zero over 19 turns.
Burning Flamethrower DOT 30 - 50% Burning causes a short DOT effect, with damage ticks starting at 45% that of the damage dealt when proc occurs, and reducing to zero over 3 turns.
Laceration Bread Knife DOT 37 - 45% Laceration causes a devastating DOT effect, with damage ticks starting at 90% that of the damage dealt when proc occurs, and reducing to zero over 9 turns.
Severe Burning Molotov Cocktail DOT 100% Severe Burning causes a short DOT effect, with damage ticks starting at 45% that of the damage dealt when proc occurs, and reducing to zero over 3 turns.
Spray Dual SMGs Damage Bonus 20 - 24% Spray causes an entire clip to be emptied into an opponent in a single turn, causing twice the damage of a regular hit. This can only proc while a clip is full.
Emasculate Pink MAC-10 Happy Bonus 15 - 16% If the Pink MAC-10 is used for the finishing hit when you defeat someone, you will receive a percentage (the special bonus percentage) of your maximum happy.
Hazardous Nock Gun Damage Penalty 20 - 22% Hazardous causes you to receive a percentage of the damage you deal to someone else in the same hit.
Storage Handbag Passive N/A Storage allows you to use two temporary items in a fight. You must use up an additional turn in order to withdraw the second temporary item.
Toxin Poison Umbrella Enemy Debuff 30% - ? Apply a 25% passive debuff to an opponents stats (random between: "Wither" - Strength, "Slow" - Speed, "Cripple" - Dexterity, "Weaken" - Defense). Up to 3 of each may stack, for -75%.
Sleep (Unreleased) Tranquilizer Gun Enemy Debuff ? - ?% Sleep will cause your enemy to miss turns until they receive damage.

General Bonuses

This list is a work in progress. If you see something that falls outside of the parameters in the below table, it is not a bug, just report it to a wiki contributor please.

This table will be updated in the coming weeks and months as more bonuses are discovered. There are 53 in total.

Weapon Categories are:

  • RF = Rifle
  • SM = Submachine Gun
  • PS = Pistol
  • SG = Shotgun
  • PI = Piercing
  • CL = Clubbing
  • SL = Slashing
  • HA = Heavy Artillery
  • MG = Machine Gun

Weapon Bonuses
Bonus Weapons Type Information Range
Eviscerate PI, SG, SL Enemy Debuff Opponent receives extra damage (%) under this effect 15 - 21%
Achilles CL, PI, PS, RF, SG, SL, SM Buff Increased Foot damage (%) 50 - 142%
Roshambo CL, PI, PS, RF, SG, SL, SM Buff Increased Groin damage (%) 50 - 124%
Throttle CL, PI, PS, RF, SG, SL, SM Buff Increased Throat damage (%) 50 - 124%
Cupid CL, PI, PS, RF, SG, SL, SM Buff Increased Heart damage (%) 50 - 124%
Crusher CL, PI, PS, RF, SG, SL, SM Buff Increased Head damage (%) 50 - 124%
Wither CL, RF, PS, SG, SM Enemy Debuff -25% Passive Strength 20 - 60%
Weaken CL, RF, PS, SG, SM Enemy Debuff -25% Passive Defense 20 - 60%
Slow CL, RF, PS, SG, SM Enemy Debuff -25% Passive Speed 20 - 60%
Cripple CL, RF, PS, SG, SM Enemy Debuff -25% Passive Dexterity 20 - 60%
Deadeye RF, PS, PI Buff Increased Critical hit damage (%) 25 - 101%
Empower CL, RF, SL, SM Buff Increased Strength while using the weapon (%) 50 - 194%[4]
Quicken CL, RF, SL, SM Buff Increased Speed while using the weapon (%) 50 - 180%
Deadly SG Buff Chance of a "Deadly" hit (+400% damage) 2- 4%
Powerful CL, RF, SM Buff Increased Damage (%) 15 - 38%
Specialist RF, SM, PS, MG Buff Increased Damage (%), weapon is limited to a single clip 20 - 40%?
Bleed PI DOT Chance at "Bleed" DOT effect, with damage ticks starting at 40% that of the damage dealt when proc occurs, and reducing to zero over 9 turns. 20 - 24%?
Double Tap PS Buff Chance at hitting twice in a single turn 15 - 40%
Focus RF Buff Hit Chance increase (%) for every successive miss 15 - 16%?
Stun CL, HA, RF, SG Enemy Debuff Chance (%) to cause opponent to miss next turn 10 - 19%
Paralyzed HA Enemy Debuff Adds 300 seconds ‘Paralyzed’ effect (50% chance of missing turns) [5] ??
Disarm RF, PS, PI, CL, SL Enemy Debuff Disables opponents weapon for (X) turns upon hitting their hand or arm. Note: this will not work on the first turn of an attacking fight. 3 - 12
Rage CL, SL Buff Chance (%) at hitting 2-8 times in a single turn 4 - 6%
Assassinate PI, RF, PS Buff Increased damage (%) on the first turn 50 - 92%
Expose PS, RF, SG, SL Buff Increased critical hit rate (%) 7 - 15%
Puncture RF, PI, MG Buff Chance (%) of ignoring armor 22 - 51%
Fury CL, PI, SL Buff Chance (%) of hitting twice in a single turn 11 - 23%?
Execute PS Buff Instant defeat a target upon a damaging hit when opponent is below (%) life 15- 20%
Motivation SM, CL Buff Chance (%) to increase all stats by 10% (up to 5 of these may stack) 15 - 33%?
Wind-up PI, CL, SL Buff Increased damage (%) after spending a turn to wind up the weapon 126 - 146%?
Home Run CL Buff Chance (%) to deflect incoming temporary items 36 - 66%?
Proficience SM Buff Increase XP (%) gained when used for the finishing hit 20- 31%
Irradiate PI Enemy Debuff Apply 1-3 hours [6] radiation poisoning when used for the finishing hit 100%
Penetrate PI, RF, MG Enemy Debuff Ignores (%) of enemy armor mitigation 25- 41%
Warlord RF, SG, SM, MG, HA Buff Increases respect gained (%) 15 - 29%
Comeback SM Buff Increased damage (%) while under 1/4 life 51- 66%
Backstab PI Buff Chance (%) of double damage when opponent is distracted 31- 52%
Conserve RF, SM, MG Buff Increase (%) ammo conservation 25 - 34%
Revitalize RF, SM Buff Chance (%) of restoring the energy spent attacking, when used for the finishing hit 10- 14%
Plunder PI, CL, SL Buff Increase (%) to money mugged when used for finishing hit 20 - 36%
Bloodlust SL Buff Life regenerated by a (%) of damage dealt -- 10- 12% --
Sure Shot RF Buff Chance (%) at a guaranteed hit 3 - 5%
Smurf MG Buff (%) damage increase for each level under an opponent -- 1% --
Parry SL Enemy Debuff (%) Chance to block incoming melee attacks 30- 42%
Stricken HA Buff (%) Increased hospital time upon final hit 31% - 44%
Frenzy CL, SL, PI Buff (%) Increase to Damage and Accuracy on each successive hit -- 5- 11% --
Blindside SG Buff Increased damage (%) if target has full life 27- 32%
Finale HA Buff Increased damage (%) for every turn the weapon is not used -- 10% --
Suppress MG De-Buff (%) chance to Suppress opponent causing 25% chance to miss future turns -- 25- 26% --
Double-edged SL Buff Chance (%) of double damage at the cost of self injury 11% - 12%
Grace SL Buff / De-Buff Increased Hit Chance (%), Reduced Damage (half%) 22 - 27%
Berserk SL Buff / De-Buff Increased Damage (%), Reduced Hit Chance (half%) 20 - 53%


  • Execute does not work against NPC accounts
  • Warlord is not applied to bonus hits on a chain.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #58

Patch list #220 : 30/11/21
  • Changed DOT effects to be able to defeat opponents (no longer only reducing them to 1 life)
Patch list #181 : 23/02/21
  • Changed DOT effect log appearance order in attacking to be more intuitive.
Patch list #178 : 02/02/21
  • Changed attacking effects so they will not overwrite or refresh timers of an existing effect of the same quality.
Patch list #177 : 26/01/21
  • Added attack log rows when a DOT effect is initially applied.
Patch list #139 : 28/04/20
  • Increased damage of Molotov Cocktail and now gives an initial burst hit.
  • Increased Poison proc on Blowgun to 85% - 100%, increased Poison ticks, but reduced Blowgun damage.
  • Decreased Flamethrower burning damage.
Patch list #121 : 10/12/19
  • Changed 'Demoralize' weapon bonus to decrease stats from -15% (multiplicative) to -10% (additive).
  • Changed 'Frozen' weapon bonus to be additive instead of multiplicative.
Patch list #109 : 03/09/2019
  • Changed 'Blindfire' bonus accuracy reduction to -5.00 per turn instead of -20%.
  • Changed certain attack bonus effects to be applied only on damage made instead of plain hit.
Patch list #103 : 23/07/19
  • Changed 'Blindfire' item bonus accuracy reduction to affect the basic item accuracy instead of final hit chance.
Patch list #72 : 04/12/18
  • Added freeze weapon bonus to Snow cannons.
  • Added emasculate weapon bonus to Pink Mac-10s
Patch list #71 : 27/11/18
  • Added Spray weapon bonus to all dual SMGs.
Patch list #65 : 16/10/18
  • Added Poison weapon bonus for all Blowguns.
  • Changed damage over time (DOT Damage) so that it can no longer end an attack.
Patch list #64 : 09/10/18
  • Changed DOT effects in attacking to not end an attack (will reduce life down to 1).
Patch list #63 : 02/10/18
  • Added Burn weapon bonus for all Flamethrower.
Patch list #61 : 18/09/18
  • Changed demoralization effect to only apply to a single group (attackers or defenders).
Patch list #58 : 28/08/18
  • Added Demoralize weapon bonus for all Gold AK-47s.


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