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Awards Information

Awards can be earned in the form of Honors, and Medals. There are also default Honors which do not need to be earned and are available to all players. Earned Honors and all Medals also provide a Merit. Certain honors have also been known to come with other rewards when linked to contests, such as the Mr & Mrs Torn event, or the Elimination competition.


There is a total of 320 honor bars that can be earned through various means. However, some are no longer obtainable and display in red for legacy purposes.



Image Name Category
388848412.png Various Country Flags
228699110.png Various Non-Country Flags
210112389.png Default Default
821964748.png Standard Standard Bar
396015524.png Philistine In memory of our dear friend Philistine
258565798.png Biccy In memory of our dear friend Biccy
350477778.png 787thWarDog In memory of our dear friend 787thWarDog



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
928605417.png Chainer 1 Participate in a 10 length chain
854310530.png Chainer 2 Participate in a 100 length chain
597531894.png Chainer 3 Participate in a 1,000 length chain
758263946.png Chainer 4 Participate in a 10,000 length chain
N/A Chainer 5 Participate in a 100,000 length chain
202622962.png Carnage Make a single hit that earns your faction 10 or more respect
352979366.png Massacre Make a single hit that earns your faction 100 or more respect
171416497.png Genocide Make a single hit that earns your faction 1,000 or more respect


Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
788312531.png 2800 Ft/S 100 Rifles finishing hits
363437922.png Act of Faith 100 Sub machine gun finishing hits
441555606.png Axe Wound 100 Clubbed weapon finishing hits
367511662.png Cartridge Packer 100 Shotgun finishing hits
444089484.png Lend A Hand 100 Machine gun finishing hits
744664817.png Pin Puller 100 Temporary weapon finishing hits
835735982.png Machinist 100 Mechanical finishing hits
526451239.png Slasher 100 Slashing weapon finishing hits
267309487.png Stumped 100 Heavy artillery finishing hits
138334568.png The Stabbist 100 Piercing weapon finishing hits
984865664.png Yours Says Replica... 100 Pistol finishing hits
245161575.png Unarmed 100 fists or kick finishing hits
638480635.png Modded Equip two high-tier mods to a weapon
615034470.png Specialist Achieve 100% EXP on 25 different weapons
235478737.png Riddled Defeat an opponent after hitting at least 10 different body parts in a single attack
433435448.png War Machine Achieve 1,000 finishing hits in every category
956179599.png Surplus Use 100 rounds of special ammunition
144692020.png Bandolier User 1,000 rounds of special ammunition
891318875.png Quartermaster Use 10,000 rounds of special ammunition
631155576.png Mod Boss Own at least 20 weapon mods
397903095.png Gone Fishing Be defeated by a Trout


Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
303172651.png Kill Streaker 1 Achieve a 10 kill streak
398400273.png Kill Streaker 2 Achieve a 100 kill streak
230393459.png Kill Streaker 3 Achieve a 500 kill streak
445969768.png Flatline Achieve a one hit kill
733830023.png Sidekick Assist in 250 attacks
778719620.png Precision Achieve 25 critical hits
153489781.png 50cal Achieve 1,000 Critical Hits
623515559.png Domino Effect Beat someone wearing this honor
519824611.png Bounty Hunter Collect 250 bounties
115202393.png Dead Or Alive Earn $10,000,000 from bounty hunting
848136489.png Spray And Pray Fire 2,500 rounds
208481636.png Two Halves Make A Hole Fire 10,000 rounds
694423307.png Blood Money Make $1,000,000 from a single mugging
813450559.png Deadlock Stalemate 100 times
775225163.png 007 Win 1,000 attacks and 1,000 defends
907689909.png Self Defense Win 50 Defends
751012417.png Night Walker Win 100 stealthed attacks
120694345.png Guardian Angel Defeat someone while they are attacking someone else
119550579.png Semper Fortis Defeat someone who has more battle stats than you in a solo attack
615242155.png Manu Forti Defeat someone who has at least double your battle stats in a solo attack
160168767.png Vae Victis Defeat someone who has five times more battlestats than you in a solo attack
764616509.png Survivalist Win an attack with only 1% life remaining
711079121.png Double Dragon Assist in a single attack
831091914.png Pressure Point Achieve 100 One Hit kills
660878966.png Fury Achieve 10,000 hits.
713628883.png Boss Fight Participate in the defeat of Lootable NPC's (currently only Duke and Leslie).
990035752.png 1337 Deal exactly 1,337 damage to an opponent in a single hit
503108099.png Friendly Fire Defeat a fellow faction member
571800831.png Church Mouse Be mugged for $1
125937483.png Phoenix Defeat someone after losing to them within 10 minutes
853474729.png Devastation Deal at least 5,000 damage in a single hit
257870729.png Obliteration Deal at least 10,000 damage in a single hit
401026803.png Annihilation Deal at least 15,000 damage in a single hit
159149768.png Bare Win 250 unarmored attacks or defends
918833578.png Vengeance Successfully perform a faction retaliation hit
240076845.png Invictus Successfully defend against someone who has at least double your battle stats
265487578.png Lead Salad Fire 100,000 rounds
886071515.png Peppered Fire 1,000,000 rounds
502452396.png Finale Defeat someone on the 25th turn of an attack
501001885.png Deadly Duo Defeat someone with your spouse
948029275.png Lovestruck Defeat a married couple
751068112.png Hands Solo Defeat someone using only your fists on May 4th
606974195.png Triple Tap Achieve three headshots in a row

For Survivalist you must start a fight (not a defend; you need to be the attacker) with more than 1% life, and win the fight despite being reduced to below 1% life. The system only rounds to 2 digits, so you can actually end the fight with 1.009% health or lower.



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
198010293.png Woodland Camo 5 Attacks Won
110459989.png Desert Storm Camo 20 Attacks Won
124793397.png Urban Camo 50 Attacks Won
281152456.png Arctic Camo 100 Attacks Won
144330126.png Fall Camo 250 Attacks Won
311866173.png Yellow Camo 500 Attacks Won
120184469.png Digital Camo 1,000 Attacks Won
915200783.png Red Camo 2,000 Attacks Won
981248146.png Blue Camo 3,000 Attacks Won
777643835.png Orange Camo 4,000 Attacks Won
258216045.png Pink Camo 5,000 Attacks Won
985394864.png Zebra Skin 50 Hunting Skill
582546730.png Leopard Skin 75 Hunting Skill
358419107.png Tiger Skin 100 Hunting Skill



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
494694037.png Lucky Break Win the daily, weekly or monthly Lottery jackpot
689389128.png Jackpot Win the Slot Machine jackpot
446331026.png Poker King Reach a Poker score of 10 million
739646998.png Spinner Do 1,000 spins of the Roulette wheel
156400756.png Highs And Lows Achieve a win streak of 25 in High-Low
796833908.png One In Six Win 50 games of Foot Russian Roulette
814368109.png Daddy's New Shoes Win $100,000,000 in a single game of Russian Roulette
478776463.png Foot Soldier Beat 10 unique opponents in Russian Roulette
929197424.png Twenty-One Win a Natural, Six Card Charlie, Double Down and Insurance on Blackjack
893742097.png Awesome Win while spinning the Wheel of Awesome
703700900.png Mediocre Win while spinning the Wheel of Mediocrity
733603085.png Lame Win while spinning the Wheel of Lame



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
707200186.png Find A Penny Pick It Up 5,000 "Other" Crimes
324639311.png Civil Offence 5,000 Selling Illegal Products Crimes
566282329.png Candy Man 1,000 Thefts Crimes
486487597.png Smile, You're On Camera 2,500 Thefts Crimes
529618516.png Smokin' Barrels 5,000 Thefts Crimes
374334948.png Breaking And Entering 7,500 Thefts Crimes
491826814.png Stroke Bringer 10,000 Thefts Crimes
193222093.png Escobar 5,000 Drug Deals Crimes
603343376.png Bug 1,000 Computer Crimes
282251659.png We Have A Breach 5,000 Computer Crimes
767298121.png Professional 5,000 Murders Crimes
455713236.png Fire starter 5,000 Fraud Crimes
433767732.png Joy Rider 5,000 Auto Theft Crimes
940653341.png Society's Worst 10,000 Total Crimes
409748477.png Mastermind Participate in 100 Organized Crimes

Dirty Bombs

Dirty bombs

Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
175241290.png Discovery Be in a faction which starts making a dirty bomb
951557928.png RDD Use a dirty bomb
506875686.png Slow Bomb Use a dirty bomb

Both RDD and Slow Bomb awards are given for setting off a single Dirty Bomb.



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
499675289.png Spaced Out Overdose on Cannabis
750345257.png Who's Frank? Use 50 Cannabis
349822848.png I Think I See Dead People Use 50 Shrooms
196995484.png Party Animal Use 50 Ecstasy
632867236.png Acid Dream Use 50 LSD
147355307.png Painkiller Use 50 Vicodin
174332641.png Horse Tranquilizer Use 50 Ketamine
115402063.png The Fields Of Opium Use 50 Opium
628080473.png Crank It Up Use 50 Speed
750549181.png Angel Dust Use 50 PCP
602282262.png Free Energy Use 50 Xanax



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
969012100.png Eco Friendly Trash 5,000 items
308563777.png Optimist Find 1,000 items in dump
273202925.png Lavish Dump an item with a current market value of at least $1,000,000



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
822324233.png Biology Bachelor Complete all Biology courses
400541661.png Business Bachelor Complete all Business Management courses
920148790.png Combat Bachelor Complete all Combat Training courses
189007328.png ICT Bachelor Complete all Computer Science courses
106391733.png General Bachelor Complete all General Studies courses
160303661.png Fitness Bachelor Complete all Health & Fitness courses
145755443.png History Bachelor Complete all History courses
147044720.png Law Bachelor Complete all Law courses
720247983.png Mathematics Bachelor Complete all Maths courses
577782139.png Psychology Bachelor Complete all Psychology courses
356727252.png Defense Bachelor Complete all Self Defence courses
478147325.png Sports Bachelor Complete all Sports Science courses
730040877.png Tough Attain 100,000 manual labour
120872843.png Talented Attain 100,000 intelligence
301786663.png Tireless Attain 100,000 endurance
355071632.png Smart Alec Complete 10 Education courses
494666789.png Clever Dick Complete 25 Education courses
693932389.png Wise Guy Complete 50 Education courses
215268269.png Worker Bee Achieve 10,000 in any working stat

Gyms & Stats


Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
439667520.png Bronze Belt Activate all Lightweight gyms
511356030.png Silver Belt Activate all Middleweight gyms
877994898.png Gold Belt Activate all Heavyweight gyms


Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
863707160.png Abaddon Gain 1,000,000 Strength
362146978.png Behemoth Gain 1,000,000 Defense
611520665.png Draco Gain 1,000,000 Dexterity
907398851.png Supersonic Gain 1,000,000 Speed
867197599.png Powerhouse Gain 10,000,000 Strength
457583274.png Turbocharged Gain 10,000,000 Speed
162644761.png Freerunner Gain 10,000,000 Dexterity
168691956.png Reinforced Gain 10,000,000 Defense
164338289.png Mighty Roar Gain 100,000,000 Strength
926799069.png Lightspeed Gain 100,000,000 Speed
795066538.png Bulletproof Gain 100,000,000 Defense
371761723.png Alpinist Gain 100,000,000 Dexterity
470601805.png Well Built Gain 1,000,000,000 Strength
253616541.png Arrowshot Gain 1,000,000,000 Speed
228161802.png Funambulist Gain 1,000,000,000 Dexterity
914416584.png Shielded Gain 1,000,000,000 Defense
835636011.png Lean Attain 100 total stats
304884624.png Fit Attain 1,000 total stats
348857600.png Healthy Attain 10,000 total stats
907581608.png Toned Attain 100,000 total stats
978318797.png Athletic Attain 1,000,000 total stats
374066101.png Conditioned Attain 10,000,000 total stats
102732935.png Pumped Attain 100,000,000 total stats
168540409.png Jacked Attain 1,000,000,000 total stats
662053219.png Ripped Attain 10,000,000,000 total stats
174689730.png Shredded Attain 100,000,000,000 total stats

Money & Trading


Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
533285823.png Pocket Money Make an investment in the city bank
927018892.png Green Green Grass Make an investment in the city bank of over $1,000,000,000.

Stock Market

Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
234842928.png Moneybags Have great success in the stock market.
890959235.png Stock Analyst Actively buy and sell shares in the stock market
543547927.png Dividend Receive 100 stock payouts

Loan Shark

Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
602403620.png Loan Shark Achieve a high credit score with Duke the Loan Shark.


Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
121155579.png Bargain Hunter Win 10 auctions
275270401.png Middleman Have 100 different customers buy from your bazaar
517070365.png Wholesaler Sell 1,000 points in Points Market


Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
415521967.png Pious Donate a total of $100,000 to the church
120811903.png Saintly Donate a total of $1,000,000 to the church
240827340.png Forgiven Be truly forgiven for all of your sins
899062871.png Devout Donate a total of $100,000,000 to the church
768442023.png Sacrificial Donate $1,000,000,000 to the church

Jail & Hospital


Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
442561096.png Repeat Offender Go to jail 250 times
922672544.png Bar Breaker Bust 1,000 players out of jail
359869168.png Aiding And Abetting Bust 2,500 players out of jail
689889266.png Don't Drop It Bust 10,000 players out of jail
937648106.png Freedom Isn't Free Bail 500 players out of jail


Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
233036142.png Booboo Go to hospital 250 times
559177183.png Magical Veins Use 5,000 medical items
493291412.png Florence Nightingale Revive 500 players
856740501.png Second Chance Revive 1,000 players
534029106.png Vampire Random chance upon using a blood bag
474813486.png Clotted Suffer from an acute haemolytic transfusion reaction, or be immune to it.
832724939.png Transfusion Fill 250 blood bags
670385087.png Anaemic Fill 1,000 blood bags
389182165.png Miracle Worker Revive 10 people in 10 minutes
546992857.png Resurrection Revive someone you've just defeated
408571758.png Crucifixion Defeat someone you've just revived



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
350797134.png The Socialist Reach level 5 in Torn Lite
978797305.png Another Brick In The Wall Reach level 10
587092963.png Half Way There Reach level 50
257829928.png The Beautiful City Reach level 75
398815295.png To The Limit Reach level 100
211521466.png The Whole Nine Yards Reach level 100



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
965199742.png Couch Potato Reach 1,000 hours of Time Played on Torn
431464057.png Fascination Stay married for 250 days
636752583.png Chasm Stay married for 750 days
507297243.png Stairway To Heaven Stay married for 1,500 days
240827340.png Forgiven Be truly forgiven for all of your sins



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
124108189.png Alcoholic Drink 500 bottles of alcohol
590698912.png Sodaholic Drink 500 cans of energy drinks
614179864.png Diabetic Eat 500 bags of candy
429058435.png Bibliophile Read 10 books
268017015.png Worth It Use a stat enhancer
124870896.png Stinker Successfully prank someone with Stink Bombs
877813810.png Wipeout Successfully prank someone with Toilet Paper
254193787.png Foul Play Successfully prank someone with Dog Poop
315115646.png I'm Watching You Find 50 items in the city
725072235.png Collector Maintain an impressive display case of collectible items



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
400884239.png Energize Use 250 Energy Refills
572050307.png You've Got Some Nerve Use 250 Nerve Refills
486362984.png Seeker Reach 250 awards (honors and medals)
539384064.png Silicon Valley Program 100 viruses
384148528.png The Affronted Irritate all job interviewers
579593508.png Energetic Achieve the maximum of 1,000 energy
462192588.png Ecstatic Achieve the maximum of 99,999 happiness
959806366.png Christmas in Torn Login on Christmas Day
513488839.png Trick or Treat Login on Halloween
332983521.png Torniversary Login on November 15th
210452243.png Buffed Achieve 50 personal perks
411243367.png Web of Perks Achieve 100 personal perks
195436798.png OP Achieve 150 personal perks
312084767.png 10-stack Increase a merit upgrade to its maximum
428803145.png Decorated Achieve 100 total awards
670053246.png Honored Achieve 500 total awards
834531746.png Time Traveller Survive a Torn City restore
317742122.png Fresh Start Reset your merits
782638013.png Tornication Login on Valentine's Day
994774255.png Resolution Login on New Year's Day
706832937.png Leaderboard Achieve top 250 in one of the personal Hall of Fame leaderboards
172807476.png RNG Who knows?
410458383.png Historian Read a chronicle



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
647299034.png Journalist Have an article published
363324386.png Velutinous Have a comic published



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
442995373.png Luxury Real Estate Own a Private Island with a Airstrip
780858042.png The High Life Own a Private Island with a Yacht
562883592.png Landlord Lease one of your properties to someone.



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
668653618.png Protege Complete the mission introduction: Duke
309095716.png Mercenary Complete 1,000 mission contracts
147013735.png Task Master Earn 10,000 mission credits



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
819611004.png Driving Elite Reach Class A
739693375.png Redline 250 wins in the same car
422587009.png Motorhead Achieve a driver skill of 10
182849928.png Wrecked Crash during a race
559214781.png Checkered Past Win 100 races
832763049.png On Track Earn 2,500 Racing Points

Recruit Citizens


Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
438803717.png Two's Company Refer 1 player who reaches level 10
294488415.png Three's A Crowd Refer 2 players who reach level 10
534607883.png Social Butterfly Refer 3 players who reach level 10
536984897.png Pyramid Scheme Have one of your referrals refer 5 other players

Competitions & Token Shop


Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
576433461.png Allure Make an entry for Mr/Miss Torn
566217580.png Good Friday Trade in all Easter Eggs for the Golden Easter Egg in the Easter Egg competition
844457156.png KIA Collect 50 dog tags in the Dog Tags competition
161974875.png Departure Collect 250 dog tags in the Dog Tags competition
241772067.png Jack Of All Trades (Temporarily Unavailable) Complete first 4 levels of Endurance Challenge
258134316.png Proven Capacity (Temporarily Unavailable) Complete 5th level of Endurance Challenge
157258832.png Globally Effective (Temporarily Unavailable) Complete 6th level of Endurance Challenge
180853191.png Master Of One (Temporarily Unavailable) Complete bonus task of Endurance Challenge
153743487.png Mission Accomplished Finish the Elimination competition with your team 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
783491253.png Purple Heart Make 50 attacks against enemy team members in the Elimination competition.
790762265.png Supremacy Finish the Elimination competition within the top 5% of attacking players in your team.
374051880.png Domination Finish the Elimination competition with your team in 1st place.
154833045.png Champion Win a community event
561381817.png Brainz (Temporarily Unavailable) Infect 50 civilians as a zombie in the "Torn of the Dead" event
412574893.png Resistance (Temporarily Unavailable) Kill 50 zombies as a civilian in the "Torn of the Dead" event
936063655.png Survivor (Temporarily Unavailable) Survive the entire month of "Torn of the Dead" as a civilian
419540552.png Phantastic Upgrade your Halloween Basket to Frightful Trick or Treat

Token Shop

Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
363100539.png Globule Purchased for 3 tokens from the Token Shop
192941769.png Retro Purchased for 4 tokens from the Token Shop
486913102.png Acute Purchased for 4 tokens from the Token Shop
215124214.png Serenity Purchased for 5 tokens from the Token Shop
498954762.png Futurity Purchased for 6 tokens from the Token Shop
733807792.png Constellations Purchased for 7 tokens from the Token Shop
449722729.png Parallel Purchased for 8 tokens from the Token Shop
431217843.png Labyrinth Purchased for 9 tokens from the Token Shop
232432811.png Glimmer Purchased for 10 tokens from the Token Shop
195063590.png Supernova Purchased for 12 tokens from the Token Shop
708894968.png Pepperoni Purchased for 13 tokens from the Token Shop
485677656.png Electric Dream Purchased for 15 tokens from the Token Shop
841650925.png Backdrop Unlock a backdrop from the Token Shop
406130587.png Hairy Unlock a hairstyle from the Token Shop



Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
241952085.png Mile High Club Travel 100 times
317282935.png There And Back Travel 1,000 times
647632452.png Cascado Travel to Mexico 50 times
510088358.png Toronto Travel to Canada 50 times
779401199.png Shark Bait Travel to Cayman Islands 50 times
545258345.png Hula Travel to Hawaii 50 times
887351771.png British Pride Travel to England 50 times
450089156.png Like The Celebs Travel to Switzerland 50 times
697523940.png Maradona Travel to Argentina 50 times
759640199.png The Rising Sun Travel to Japan 50 times
956584838.png Year Of The Dragon Travel to China 50 times
445049088.png Land Of Promise Travel to Dubai 50 times
371218685.png Cape Town Travel to South Africa 50 times
724568067.png Tourist Spend 7 days in the air
891235999.png Frequent Flyer Spend 31 days in the air
980280221.png Globetrotter Spend 365 days in the air
456129092.png Mule Import 100 items from abroad
500114722.png Smuggler Import 1,000 items from abroad
267993904.png Trafficker Import 10,000 items from abroad
661177633.png Souvenir Purchase the perfect souvenir abroad
832087778.png International Defeat 100 people while abroad


There are 240 possible medals.


FNjjAhV.png Attacks Won Name & Requirements
Anti Social
Win 50 attacks
Happy Slapper
Win 250 attacks
Scar Maker
Win 500 attacks
Going Postal
Win 2,500 attacks
Somebody Call 911
Win 10,000 attacks
FFq8xjv.png Bounties Name & Requirements
Hired Gun
Collect 25 bounties
Bone Collector
Collect 100 bounties
The Fett
Collect 500 bounties
Vyby5NN.png Critical Hits Name & Requirements
Boom Headshot
Deal 500 critical hits
Pwned in the face
Deal 2,500 critical hits
Lee Harvey Oswald
Deal 10,000 critical hits
sTa7fsR.png Defends Won Name & Requirements
Win 50 defends
Brick wall
Win 250 defends
Win 500 defends
Solid as a Rock
Win 2,500 defends
Win 10,000 defends
1Y7NGgn.png Enemies Escape Name & Requirements
Ego Smashing
50 enemies Escape from you
250 enemies Escape from you
Run Forrest Run
1,000 enemies Escape from you
K0WtUUy.png Kill Streak Name & Requirements
Win 25 consecutive fights
Win 50 consecutive fights
Win 100 consecutive fights
Win 250 consecutive fights
Win 500 consecutive fights
pxF2Dxf.png Respect Earned Name & Requirements
Earn 100 respect
Earn 500 respect
Earn 1,000 respect
Earn 2,500 respect
Earn 5,000 respect
Earn 10,000 respect
Earn 25,000 respect
Earn 50,000 respect
Earn 75,000 respect
Boss Of All Bosses
Earn 100,000 respect
oWyFpmV.png Escape Name & Requirements
Close escape
Escape from 50 enemies
Blind Judgement
Escape from 250 enemies
Escape from 1,000 enemies


tLpETsd.png Donator Name & Requirements
Be a donator for 30 days
Be a donator for 100 days
Be a donator for 250 days
Be a donator for 500 days
Be a donator for 1,000 days
G1ZCTby.png Faction Member
Name & Requirements
Apprentice Faction Member
Same faction for 100 days
Committed Faction Member
Same faction for 200 days
Loyal Faction Member
Same faction for 300 days
Dedicated Faction Member
Same faction for 400 days
Faithful Faction Member
Same faction for 500 days
Allegiant Faction Member
Same faction for 600 days
Devoted Faction Member
Same faction for 700 days
Dutiful Faction Member
Same faction for 800 days
Flawless Faction Member
Same faction for 900 days
Honorable Faction Member
Same faction for 1,000 days
sNN590U.png Marriage Name & Requirements
Silver Anniversary
Same spouse for 50 consecutive days
Ruby Anniversary
Same spouse for 100 consecutive days
Sapphire Anniversary
Same spouse for 150 consecutive days
Emerald Anniversary
Same spouse for 200 consecutive days
Gold Anniversary
Same spouse for 250 consecutive days
Diamond Anniversary
Same spouse for 300 consecutive days
Platinum Anniversary
Same spouse for 350 consecutive days
Double Silver Anniversary
Same spouse for 400 consecutive days
Double Ruby Anniversary
Same spouse for 450 consecutive days
Double Sapphire Anniversary
Same spouse for 500 consecutive days
Double Emerald Anniversary
Same spouse for 550 consecutive days
Double Gold Anniversary
Same spouse for 600 consecutive days
Double Diamond Anniversary
Same spouse for 650 consecutive days
Double Platinum Anniversary
Same spouse for 700 consecutive days
Triple Silver Anniversary
Same spouse for 750 consecutive days
Triple Ruby Anniversary
Same spouse for 800 consecutive days
Triple Sapphire Anniversary
Same spouse for 850 consecutive days
Triple Emerald Anniversary
Same spouse for 900 consecutive days
Triple Gold Anniversary
Same spouse for 1,000 consecutive days
Triple Diamond Anniversary
Same spouse for 1,500 consecutive days
Triple Platinum Anniversary
Same spouse for 2,000 consecutive days


7gfkfAZ.png Age Name & Requirements
One Year of Service
Live in Torn for One Year
Two Years of Service
Live in Torn for Two Years
Three Years of Service
Live in Torn for Three Years
Four Years of Service
Live in Torn for Four Years
Five Years of Service
Live in Torn for Five Years
Six Years of Service
Live in Torn for Six Years
Seven Years of Service
Live in Torn for Seven Years
Eight Years of Service
Live in Torn for Eight Years
Nine Years of Service
Live in Torn for Nine Years
Ten Years of Service
Live in Torn for Ten Years


Auto Theft

cgqjGqg.png Auto Thefts Name & Requirements
Gone in 300 Seconds
Commit 200 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Gone in 240 Seconds
Commit 400 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Gone in 180 Seconds
Commit 600 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Gone in 120 Seconds
Commit 800 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Gone in 60 Seconds
Commit 1,000 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Gone in 45 Seconds
Commit 1,200 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Gone in 30 Seconds
Commit 1,500 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Gone in 15 Seconds
Commit 2,000 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Commit 2,500 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Commit 3,000 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Super Booster
Commit 3,500 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Master Carjacker
Commit 4,000 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Slim Jim
Commit 4,500 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Novice Joy Rider
Commit 5,000 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Novice Slim Jim
Commit 5,500 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Professional Joy Rider
Commit 6,000 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Professional Booster
Commit 6,500 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Professional Slim Jim
Commit 7,000 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Master Joy Rider
Commit 8,000 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Master Booster
Commit 9,000 Grand Theft Auto crimes
Master Slim Jim
Commit 10,000 Grand Theft Auto crimes

Computer Crimes

These include "Plant a computer virus" and "Hacking" crimes.

cF5BXbY.png Computer crimes Name & Requirements
Ub3rn00b Hacker
Commit 500 Computer crimes
N00b Hacker
Commit 1,000 Computer crimes
1337n00b Hacker
Commit 1,500 Computer crimes
Ph34r3dn00b Hacker
Commit 2,000 Computer crimes
Ph34r3d Hacker
Commit 2,500 Computer crimes
Ph34r3d1337 Hacker
Commit 3,000 Computer crimes
Ub3rph34r3d Hacker
Commit 3,500 Computer crimes
Ub3r Hacker
Commit 4,000 Computer crimes
1337 Hacker
Commit 4,500 Computer crimes
Ub3r1337 Hacker
Commit 5,000 Computer crimes
Key Puncher
Commit 5,500 Computer crimes
Script Kid
Commit 6,000 Computer crimes
Geek Speak
Commit 7,000 Computer crimes
Commit 8,000 Computer crimes
Cyber Punk
Commit 9,000 Computer crimes
Commit 10,000 Computer crimes

Drug Deals

These include "Transport drugs" crimes.

MeIKHfw.png Drug Deals Name & Requirements
Drug Pusher
Commit 250 Drug crimes
Drug Runner
Commit 500 Drug crimes
Drug Dealer
Commit 1,000 Drug crimes
Drug Lord
Commit 2,000 Drug crimes
Candy Man
Commit 4,000 Drug crimes
Commit 6,000 Drug crimes
King Pin
Commit 8,000 Drug crimes
Commit 10,000 Drug crimes


These include "Arson", "Pawn shop", "Counterfeiting" and "Bombings" crimes.

gTV2evf.png Frauds Name & Requirements
Commit 300 Fraud crimes
Commit 600 Fraud crimes
Commit 900 Fraud crimes
Commit 1,200 Fraud crimes
Commit 1,500 Fraud crimes
Commit 2,000 Fraud crimes
Commit 2,500 Fraud crimes
Commit 3,000 Fraud crimes
Commit 3,500 Fraud crimes
Commit 4,000 Fraud crimes
Commit 5,000 Fraud crimes
Commit 6,000 Fraud crimes
Commit 7,000 Fraud crimes
Commit 8,000 Fraud crimes
Commit 9,000 Fraud crimes
Commit 10,000 Fraud crimes


These include "Assassination" crimes.

30W5L9G.png Murder Name & Requirements
Beginner Assassins
Commit 1,000 Murders
Novice Assassin
Commit 2,000 Murders
Competent Assassin
Commit 3,000 Murders
Elite Assassin
Commit 4,000 Murders
Deadly Assassin
Commit 5,000 Murders
Lethal Assassin
Commit 6,000 Murders
Fatal Assassin
Commit 7,000 Murders
Trigger man
Commit 8,000 Murders
Hit Man
Commit 9,000 Murders
Commit 10,000 Murders


These include "Shoplifting", "Pickpocketing", "Larceny", "Armed Robbery" and "Kidnapping" crimes.

BUezihu.png Thefts Name & Requirements
Sneak Thief
Commit 1,000 Theft crimes
Commit 2,500 Theft crimes
Safe Cracker
Commit 5,000 Theft crimes
Commit 7,500 Theft crimes
Cat Burglar
Commit 10,000 Theft crimes
Commit 12,500 Theft crimes
Commit 15,000 Theft crimes
Commit 17,500 Theft crimes
Commit 20,000 Theft crimes
Commit 22,500 Theft crimes
Commit 25,000 Theft crimes


HA2dv75.png Level Name & Requirements
Level Five
Reach level Five
Level Ten
Reach level Ten
Level Fifteen
Reach level Fifteen
Level Twenty
Reach level Twenty
Level Twenty Five
Reach level Twenty Five
Level Thirty
Reach level Thirty
Level Thirty Five
Reach level Thirty Five
Level Forty
Reach level Forty
Level Forty Five
Reach level Forty Five
Level Fifty
Reach level Fifty
Level Fifty Five
Reach level Fifty Five
Level Sixty
Reach level Sixty
Level Sixty Five
Reach level Sixty Five
Level Seventy
Reach level Seventy
Level Seventy Five
Reach level Seventy Five
Level Eighty
Reach level Eighty
Level Eighty Five
Reach level Eighty Five
Level Ninety
Reach level Ninety
Level Ninety Five
Reach level Ninety Five
Level One Hundred
Reach level One Hundred


WQwuIqF.png Busting Name & Requirements
Novice Buster
Bust 250 people from the Torn City jail
Intermediate Buster
Bust 500 people from the Torn City jail
Advanced Buster
Bust 1,000 people from the Torn City jail
Professional Buster
Bust 2,000 people from the Torn City jail
Expert Buster
Bust 4,000 people from the Torn City jail
Master Buster
Bust 6,000 people from the Torn City jail
Guru Buster
Bust 8,000 people from the Torn City jail
p6uj5Pq.png City finds Name & Requirements
10 items found
Finders Keepers
50 items found
Eagle Eye
100 items found
7wMfaxb.png Medical Items Used Name & Requirements
Pin Cushion
Use 500 medical items
Painkiller Abuse
Use 5,000 medical items
Attention Seeker
Use 25,000 medical items
fULTvJP.png Travel Name & Requirements
Frequent Flyer
Travel abroad 25 times
Travel abroad 100 times
Mile High Club
Travel abroad 500 times


jzNPT6M.png Networth


Name & Requirements
$100,000 for 3 days
$250,000 for 3 days
$500,000 for 3 days
$1,000,000 for 3 days
$2,500,000 for 7 days
$10,000,000 for 7 days
$25,000,000 for 14 days
$100,000,000 for 14 days
$250,000,000 for 28 days
$1,000,000,000 for 28 days
$2,500,000,000 for 56 days
$10,000,000,000 for 56 days
$25,000,000,000 for 112 days
$100,000,000,000 for 112 days


ZvtNGKq.png Rank Name & Requirements
Reach the rank of "Beginner"
Reach the rank of "Inexperienced"
Reach the rank of "Rookie"
Reach the rank of "Novice"
Below Average
Reach the rank of "Below Average"
Reach the rank of "Average"
Reach the rank of "Reasonable"
Above Average
Reach the rank of "Above Average"
Reach the rank of "Competent"
Highly Competent
Reach the rank of "Highly Competent"
Reach the rank of "Veteran"
Reach the rank of "Distinguished"
Highly Distinguished
Reach the rank of "Highly distinguished"
Reach the rank of "Professional"
Reach the rank of "Star"
Reach the rank of "Master"
Reach the rank of "Outstanding"
Reach the rank of "Celebrity"
Reach the rank of "Supreme"
Reach the rank of "Idolised"
Reach the rank of "Champion"
Reach the rank of "Heroic"
Reach the rank of "Legendary"
Reach the rank of "Elite"
Reach the rank of "Invincible"

Historical Notes

  • Patch list #159 : 15/09/2020
    • Replaced 'Im a Real Doctor' with 'Intern' for using 100 job points
    • Replaced 'Keen' with 'Stuck in a Rut' for using 1,000 job points
    • Added 'Overtime' for using 10,000 job points
  • As of 28/08/2018 Networth days no longer need to be consecutive, the system just registers and remembers each day you end up over that networth value.
  • As of 23/06/2016 Faction Commitment days no longer have to be consecutive, the system will remember how long you have been in a faction even if you take a leave from it and then come back.
  • The Socialist honor used to award a Goodie Bag and the Book temporary weapon, however this was removed on 10/08/2017.
  • The medals for Donator Days previously were awarded for Voting for Torn on various gaming sites. However, the voting process was suspended for a time, and the medals frozen. Ultimately they were replaced with the Donator Days with the update of Nov. 10, 2011 [1]. Those who had Voting Medals retained them, and their Donator Days are added on top of their prior voting total.
  • The Luxury Real Estate honor originally was given for ownership of a Private Island. As of the Patch: Fixes and Updates 19/02/12, it is now given for customizing a Private Island with an Airstrip.
  • The Attention Seeker medal originally was for using 50,000 medical items. When [2] was added on 03/09/2012 the requirement for this award was reduced to using 25,000 medical items.
  • Some ranks names had been changed on 15/02/13: Idol to Idolised, Hero to Heroic and Legend to Legendary.
  • With the change to the newspaper with the RESPO update players can no longer submit articles to be accepted to be awarded the Journalist honor. This is now restricted only to assigned reporters. Note: recently this change has been reverted, and all players can submit to the newspaper once again.
  • The lottery honor has been changed with the RESPO update, previously called 'Instant Billionaire' is now called 'Lucky Break' due to the addition of a new daily (as well as monthly) lottery draw, the much lower payout on the daily draw meant the previous name no longer made a lot of sense.

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