Player Reports

Players who are in violation of Torn City Game Rules can be reported to staff by making a Player Report.

On each player's profile page, there is a clipboard icon for reporting that player. Clicking on that icon takes you to the player report page, which has a form that allows you to make the report.

Players must be at least 24 hours old to make a report.

Reportable offenses include:

  • Multiple Accounts: If you suspect a user is using more than one account.
  • Account Sharing: More than one person using a single account.
  • Hacking: Hacking is taking control of another user's account.
  • Ban Dispute: If you have been banned for a reason and want to appeal it.
  • Warning Dispute: If you have been warned for a reason and want to appeal it.
  • Spamming: Spamming is posting multiple messages, multiple events, multiple faction applications, etc...
  • Profile Violation: This is for reporting users who have content in their profile against the game's rules.
  • Forum Violation: This is for reporting users who have violated the forum conduct rules.
  • Bug abuse: Abusing a bug for gain.
  • Discrimination: Select this if you have been subjected to undue harassment or discrimination covered in the game rules.
  • Middleman/Same IP: Users who use a middleman to transfer cash to bypass the same IP block.
  • Newspaper: Any game violation that is found posted by a user in the newspaper.
  • Staff violation: Use this category to report any violations of current Torn City staff

To appeal a ban that you have received, file a player report on yourself.

Player reports are not to be used for reporting game bugs, mail or forum violations, or to retaliate against another player. Misuse of this reporting system can result in jail time for the reporter.

Bug Reports

If you notice any bugs within the game then you are to report them on the Bugs & Issues forum. There are different levels of bugs which are changed by staff when needed, you may be required to give additional information in your initial report.

  • Urgent - This is a high priority bug for a coder.
  • Confirmed - This bug has been confirmed by a staff member and assigned to an admin/developer to be resolved.
  • Info Required - This is when the report that you've sent in requires a little more information from you before staff can process the report further.
  • Fixed - When a reported bug has been fixed
  • Closed - If a report isn't an actual bug.

When your report is marked as confirmed it is often assigned to an admin or a developer to check further logs or fix the issue that's reported.

Mail Reports

To report an in-game mail you just hit the report link on the message. If you have received an offensive message that is marked as anonymous remember to still report it as staff are able to view who has sent the message.

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