Casino Tokens

Casino Tokens are received daily at New Day in Torn, you receive an initial 75 tokens per day but can receive more via alternative means. Most games require 1 token per play.

  • You can refill your Casino Tokens to 75 by spending 25 points at the Points Building.
  • You can obtain 25 tokens per job point by working at a Cruise Line Agency (1* special Bursar), and at the Casino City Job
  • You can get 50 more tokens by using a Casino Pass, which can be found in the City.
  • A successful Counterfeiting casino tokens crime can earn up to 30 tokens (an unsuccessful one: time in jail).

Casino Games

Articles relating to Casino games
Poker Bookie Blackjack Russian Roulette
Slots Spin The Wheel Roulette Lottery
High-Low Keno Craps Rock Paper Scissors

  • Chess was also available to play against other players. More information can be seen on its own page Chess.

Casino Level Requirements

Level Unlock
2 Unlock Bookies
3 Unlock Lottery
4 Unlock Blackjack
5 Unlock Poker
6 Unlock Russian Roulette
7 Unlock Spin The Wheel

Related Awards

There are a number of honor bars available relating to games within the casino;


Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
494694037.png Lucky Break Win the daily, weekly or monthly Lottery jackpot
689389128.png Jackpot Win the Slot Machine jackpot
446331026.png Poker King Reach a Poker score of 10 million
739646998.png Spinner Do 1,000 spins of the Roulette wheel
156400756.png Highs And Lows Achieve a win streak of 25 in High-Low
796833908.png One In Six Win 50 games of Foot Russian Roulette
216607095.png Daddy's New Shoes Win $100,000,000 in a single game of Russian Roulette
478776463.png Foot Soldier Beat 10 unique opponents in Russian Roulette
929197424.png Twenty-One Win a Natural, Six Card Charlie, Double Down and Insurance on Blackjack
893742097.png Awesome Win while spinning the Wheel of Awesome
703700900.png Mediocre Win while spinning the Wheel of Mediocrity
733603085.png Lame Win while spinning the Wheel of Lame

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #192 : 18/05/21
  • Changed Blackjack to use eight decks instead of one.
Patch list #186 : 30/03/21
  • Changed Craps casino game to only deduct casino tokens.
Patch list #148 : 30/06/20
  • Changed player names appearing in Russian Roulette to link to profiles (enabling mini-profiles).
Patch list #145 : 09/06/20
  • Changed High Low to disable 'Higher' button when dealer has Ace, and 'Lower' when dealer has Two.
Patch list #124 : 14/01/20
  • Changed Russian Roulette lobby to update every 2 seconds and removed the refresh button.
Patch list #120 : 03/12/19
  • Changed Russian Roulette last games log ordering to use last action timestamp instead of time created.
Patch list #115 : 29/10/19
  • Changed slots money counter animation speed when spinning rate is faster.
Patch list #113 : 15/10/19
  • Changed Slots animation to increase in speed after several consecutive spins in a row.
  • Changed Slots chance of jackpot to increase with higher bets, I.e. x2 for $100, up to x64 for $10,000,000.
Patch list #110 : 10/09/19
  • Changed the 10 last jackpot winners panel to display 100 on the Slots Statistics page.
Patch list #91 : 23/04/19
  • Changed "Lucky Shot(s) Casino" title on the Slots page.
Patch list #80 : 05/02/19
  • Changed Blackjack 'Five Card Charlie' to 'Six Card Charlie'.
Patch list #77 : 15/01/19
  • Increased Russian Roulette timeout timer back to 3 minutes.
Patch list #75 : 26/12/18
  • Added casino ban system to staff tools.
Patch list #67 : 30/10/18
  • Added event for players who timed out in Russian Roulette (when their opponent used 'Take action').
  • Changed Russian Roulette timeout time required to use 'Take action' option.
Patch list #55 : 07/08/18
  • Changed password fields in RR and racing to simple text.
Patch list #52 : 17/07/18
  • Changed Russian Roulette games in progress to be hidden from lobby view.
Patch list #38 : 27/03/18
  • Removed re-splitting on Blackjack after first split.
  • Changed second Blackjack split playthrough to have fresh overturned dealer cards.
  • Changed blackjack doubledown to be available on both hands of the split.
Patch list #31 : 06/02/18
  • Changed Russian Roulette to skip hospitalization when being attacked.
Patch list #30 : 30/01/18
  • Changed Blackjack to shuffle deck after every game.
Patch list #26 : 26/12/17
  • Added additional protection from script abusers in slots.
Patch list #15 : 10/10/17
  • Spin the wheel changed to issue result only when the wheel has stopped.
Patch list #12 : 05/09/17
  • Changed casino cards deck shuffle mechanics (frequency increased).