Casino Tokens

Casino Tokens are received daily at New Day in Torn, you receive an initial 75 tokens per day but can receive more via alternative means. Most games require 1 token per play.

  • You can refill your Casino Tokens to 75 by spending 25 points at the Points Building.
  • You can obtain 25 tokens per job point by working at a Cruise Line Agency (1* special Bursar)
  • You can get 50 more tokens by using a Casino Pass, which can be found in the City.

Casino Games

Articles relating to Casino games
Poker Bookie Blackjack Russian Roulette
Slots Spin The Wheel Roulette Lottery
High-Low Keno Craps Rock Paper Scissors

  • Chess was also available to play against other players. More information can be seen on its own page Chess.

Casino Level Requirements

Level Unlock
2 Unlock Bookies
3 Unlock Lottery
4 Unlock Blackjack
5 Unlock Poker
6 Unlock Russian Roulette
7 Unlock Spin The Wheel

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