Bone Saw

Bone Saw #1255
Bone saws are a common feature of both butcher's shops and hospital surgeries. This particular saw has a universal tooth design, giving it the power to hack through dense bone while maintaining the precision needed for finer, more delicate cuts. There are, however, several types of bone which are incompatible with this saw, including knucklebones, trombones, Ken Bones, and lazybones.
Used in the disposal of a dead body
Sell Price
Weapon Info
Weapon Type
Damage Range
54 - 58
Accuracy Range
52 - 56

Bone Saw is a Melee Slashing weapon that can found as a result from crimes.

It is required for the Disposal crime when attempting to dissolve a dead body.

The Bone Saw is considered a "Scary Weapon" for the Trick or Treat Halloween event.

The Bone Saw has a stealth rating of 6.3.


This item can be found randomly through city finds, and as a result from the following crimes:


  • "Secluded Cabin" (quantity one)
  • "Funeral Directors" (quantity one)
  • "Slaughterhouse" (quantity one)

This item can also be found as a unique result from the following crimes:


Having a Bone Saw in a player's inventory is required for the dissolving disposal method when doing dead body jobs. The Bone Saw is not lost on use.

Related Awards

Bone Saw Related Awards
Image Name Requirements
526451239.png Slasher Achieve 100 finishing hits with slashing weapons


Players can gain Weapon Experience on Bone Saws once the "CBT3870 Bachelor of Military Arts and Science" Education course has been completed. Bone Saws, along with all melee weapons, receive a 10% damage bonus from the "Drunken Master" 3* special at Pubs and Restaurants, and a 2% damage bonus from the completion of the "HIS2170 Medieval History" course.

The Bone Saw is affected by all universal buffs such as the 1% damage boost from completion of the "BIO2350 Evolution" course or the +3 accuracy from the "Seasoned Poacher" 10* Zoo special. It is also affected by the 20% damage boost from the "Sweeney's Revenge" 10* special at Hair Salons

Historical Notes

Bone Saws were first introduced with the release of Burglary during Crimes 2.0's early access on 12 September 2023, found by burglarizing some commercial and residential targets.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #