One of the three main options you have after winning an attack is to Mug them. Mugging allows you to steal a percentage of your opponents cash on hand, and so this can be very profitable if executed well.

Mugging Mechanics

The base percentage you are able to steal from a player is 5%. This value is then modified with a multi-dice-roll RNG up to 10%, however lower percentages closer to 5% are favoured and values close to 10% would be extremely rare.

This percentage can be increased further using merits to upgrade Masterful Looting. Masterful Looting modifies the base percentage itself by up to 50%, meaning your mug percentage would now fall between 7.5 - 15%.

7* clothing stores provide a 75% mugging reduction, so you should make sure to check your target first!

Mug Protection

When you are mugged, the amount you have leftover in your wallet is now "protected". Over the next 12 hours this protected value will decrease linearly towards zero. If you are mugged again, a mugger will only have access to an amount equal to (value in your wallet - value protected).

If you interact with protected funds, this invalidates the protection on them. In this context interacting with protected funds means removing them from your wallet in any way - including buying items, gambling, or depositing money into a vault. As an example:

- You are mugged and left holding $100m. This means you have $100m protection. If you are given more money on top of this, and mugged again, the mugger will only have access to the money on top of the $100m. - If however you bank $70m leaving $30m on hand, your protection will now be set to $30m and cannot be increased again.

Any mug will fully reset any existing mug protection you may have.


Buy-mugging is the practice of purchasing items from unsuspecting victim's bazaars and then mugging them instantly as your cash is deposited into their wallet. If this lifestyle interests you a comprehensive guide was written by the infamous Kapten_Klitoris [1873683].

You can protect yourself from buy-mugging in a number of ways, including travelling and self-hosping.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #119 : 26/11/19
  • Refactored attacking mug system (removed old classes and code).
Patch list #115 : 29/10/19
  • Changed mugging rates to flat-rate 5% - 10% (higher is rarer).
  • Changed 'Masterful looting' merit upgrade, reducing it from 10% per upgrade to 5%.
  • Changed mug protection system so interacting with protected funds removes protection.