LSD #199
Wanna get mad stupid? Drop a tab of acid and let fate control your body as your mind takes a trip to dreamland. While your consciousness is pre-occupied with the effects of this potent psychedelic, your physical form will be hit by a maelstrom of effects, rendering you strong yet slow, braced and bumbling. And once the surge of pleasure and enthusiasm has washed away, you may find yourself standing over what's left of your opponent's pulped human face.
Increases energy by 50, nerve by 5, and happiness by 200-500. Includes side effects.

LSD is a Drug item that can be purchased abroad in Argentina, China, South Africa and Switzerland


After using LSD, the player will receive the following effects:

  • + 30% to Strength
  • + 50% to Defense
  • - 30% to Speed & Dexterity
  • + 50 Energy
  • + 200-500 Happy
  • + 5 Nerve
  • Cool down: 400-450 minutes
  • 21 addiction points

If the player overdoses on LSD, they will receive the following effects instead:

  • - 100% Energy & Nerve
  • - 50% Happy
  • - 30% to Speed & Dexterity

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