Nerve is needed for many aspects of the game, notably doing Crimes; it regenerates at the rate of 1 nerve every 5 minutes until it fills your nerve bar. Other ways to increase your nerve gain are through using certain Drugs, drinking alcohol bottles, spending 25 points on a refill or spending Job points on nerve. Nerve has a natural limit of 60, which is increased along with your crime experience. Your nerve bar can be increased even further to a maximum of 125 including merit upgrades, company specials and faction specials, however only your natural nerve bar reflects your crime experience.

  • As stated, Nerve is needed for Crimes. Usually, the more difficult the crime is, the more nerve it takes (with exceptions).
  • More difficult crimes are not necessarily always better crimes.
  • Nerve is also used for Busting yourself out of Jail at a cost of half of your total nerve bar. If your nerve bar is an odd number it is rounded down; e.g. if you have a 35 nerve bar, it will take 17 nerve to bust out of jail. Attempting to bust yourself out of jail is not always successful. Note: You no longer gain dexterity when busting yourself out of jail. You can also reduce the cost of nerve of busting yourself out of Jail by having completed education LAW2990
  • Your natural nerve bar reflects your crime experience and allows you to attempt harder crimes.
  • Organised crimes in Factions can require high crime experience and therefore a high natural nerve bar, however, these crimes do not use up your own nerve while planning or initiating.
  • Nerve is also used to bust people out of jail. Busting success chance takes level and total amount of busts you've made into account, along with any educations or active job specials which affect busting. Busting skill by up to 50% with the use of Bust skill upgrades on the Criminality branch of faction specials.

The maximum nerve one can have at any moment is 32,767[1].

Crime Experience

Your Crime Experience (commonly referred to as CE) is a hidden stat which affects the general success rate of crimes or Organized Crimes. Some crimes require very little CE, such as stealing jackets, whereas others will need a lot to be successful. Attempting a crime without enough CE will greatly increase your chances of failure which could result in being jailed or hospitalized, or maybe simply impossible to succeed.

  • Crime Experience is raised simply by completing crimes. Generally, the more difficult the crime, the more CE is required to succeed, and the more CE will be rewarded upon success.
  • The calculus for Crime Experience loss due to being jailed from a crime failure has changed by the announcement on 20-OCT-2020 to cap the maximum loss to a more palatable amount. The idea here is to open things up, reducing the risk of jail at a high (CE) level so people no longer feel forced into the limited 'safe crimes'
  • Now, upon going to jail, the maximum Crime Experience you can lose is a static value of around 20x what you would have gained upon success. If this loss is more than 1% of your total crime experience, then 1% will be removed instead.

Ways to increase your Nerve bar

  • The main way to increase your nerve bar is through doing Crimes; this both increases your crime experience and at certain milestones of CE also increases your nerve bar size by increments of 5 up to 60 total. These points are often referred to as your "natural nerve bar".
  • Spending Merits on your nerve bar allows you to increase your maximum nerve bar by up to 10 extra points.
  • Joining a Faction with the Nerve Faction upgrades in the Criminality branch. Nerve increases your nerve bar by 1 per Nerve upgrade (up to a maximum of 40).
  • Many Job and Company specials can provide bonuses to your nerve:
    • The Law Job special at the first rank gives "+3 to current nerve" for 5 job points.
    • The 1* Amusement Park special "Dauntless", which gives +2 to current nerve for 1 job point. The 5* special "Unflinching" gives user +10 maximum nerve, while 10* "Thrill Seeker" special gives user +10% crime skill and experience gain(which is temporarily unavailable).
    • The 5* Candle Shop special "Calming Therapy" gives user +2 to current nerve for 1 job point.
    • The 1* Firework Stand special "Audaciousness", gives user +2 to current nerve for 1 job point.
    • The 10* Game Shop special "Overpowered", gives user 1 nerve, 5 energy, 50 happiness for 1 job point (there is a limit of 100 job point use for this special per day, as there is energy to be gained).
    • The 3* Gents Strip Club special and Ladies Strip Club special "Free Drinks", gives user +2 to current nerve for 1 job point.
    • The 1* Meat Warehouse special "Blood Thirst", gives user +2 to current nerve. 5* special "Carnage" gives user +10 maximum nerve.
    • The 5* Pub special "Liquid Courage", Refills users nerve bar for 25 job points. 10* "Buzzed" gives user +15 maximum nerve.
  • Additional information: The maximum nerve bar you can get is 125 (60 Natural Nerve Bar + 10 Merit upgrades + 40 Faction special + 15 from 10* Pub Special).
  • Nerve bar strength and crime experience are also increased by busting others out of jail. It is unclear exactly how busting higher levels or longer jail times affects that.
  • For 25 points you can refill your nerve bar in Points Building. You can access this by clicking [Use] next to Points on the sidebar. As with the energy refill, you can only refill your nerve bar once a day.
  • Alcohol bottles can be bought from shops or other players to replenish your nerve bar, these count towards your booster cooldown.
  • Your nerve bar will update upon visiting the crimes page.

Increasing Crime Success Rate

  • Simply increasing your base Crime Experience will raise your success rate.
  • Upgrades along the Criminality Branch of faction upgrades increases your effective crime XP by 1% per upgrade to a maximum of 25%
  • Some Education courses offer an increase in crime success rate, including the Psychology Bachelor (10% increase).
  • Attaining the level of Federal Judge in the [Law] starter job provides a passive gain of 10% in crime success. You retain this when you move to a new job.
  • The Crime Experience merit upgrades increase your crime success ability by 3% per upgrade, up to 30% at 10/10 upgrades.
  • Own the Crime Enhancer for a particular crime.

See also: Crime


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