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An Attack is a method of using Energy to target another player, in order to put them in Hospital, gain respect or even Mug cash from them.


To attack another player it costs 25 energy, with the exception of attacks under the effect of Love Juice during the Valentines Event when it costs 15.

Once an attack has been initiated you will have 25 "turns" or five minutes to defeat your opponent. A turn can include using a Weapon or Temporary item, reloading, or attempting to escape.

Between each attacking turn during a fight, there is a one second cooldown.

After 25 turns, if neither player has won, the fight results in a Stalemate. After five minutes, if 25 turns have not been used the fight results in a "timeout" - equivalent to a loss for the attacker.

The Player Model

When attacking a player there are 14 body parts you can hit. Three of these are critical hits, dealing the most damage to an opponent.

Body Part Damage
Body Part Damage Multiplier
Head (critical) 3.5
Throat (critical) 3.5
Heart (critical) 3.5
Chest 2
Stomach 2
Groin 2
Arm (left/right) 1
Hand (left/right) 0.7
Leg (left/right) 1
Foot (left/right) 0.7


The chance to land a critical hit begins at 12% and can be increased by +3% with the Education BIO2410: Anatomy, by +0.5% for each Merit upgrade into Critical Hit Rate (for a total of +5%), and by +2-5% with the Laser Weapon Mods.

Throat damage can be increased by 10% with the Education BIO2380: Fundamentals of Neurobiology.

Possible Outcomes


There are numerous possible results from an attack, whether you manage to defeat an opponent or not:

  • Leaving

Leaving an opponent provides the attacker with the most level experience of any option, and gives the defender the least amount of hospital time (15 - 30 minutes).

Main article: Leave

  • Mugging

Mugging an opponent allows the attacker to steal a percentage of the defenders cash-on-hand (between 5 and 15%). A mug provides the attacker with reduced respect and level experience compared with leaving an opponent, and gives the defender approximately a base hospital time of 30 - 45 minutes.

Main article: Mug

  • Hospitalizing

Hospitalizing an opponent puts the defender into hospital for the most amount of time possible (base: 3 - 3.5 hours). Hospitalizing provides the least amount of level experience of any outcome; it may be done in order to retaliate against an enemy faction member, to collect bounties, or for a mission requirement.

Main article: Hospitalize

  • Arresting

It is also possible to arrest a player, sending them to jail for a cash reward, if you're a part of a Detective Agency of at least 3 stars.

Main article: Arrest

  • Looting

Several NPC accounts are available for Looting. Looting provides a number of attackers (based on the Loot Level of the NPC at the time of defeat) with special NPC items, using a lottery system.

Main article: Loot

  • Mission Outcomes

Some missions require the use of unusual options after defeating a target, such as "Kiss", "Interrogate", and "Secrete <object>".

Main article: Mission

Not winning

  • Escaping

An attacker can attempt to escape from an opponent on the turn after a turn where the defender misses. The escape is successful if the defender misses again, which means your escape chance is based on the attacker's dexterity compared with the defender's speed. Note: hitting for zero damage or using a non-damaging temporary item is the equivalent of missing, and thus if the defender does either of those the attacker may escape.[1]

  • Stalemating

After 25 turns, if neither player has defeated the other, the fight will end in a stalemate. Stalemates do not provide respect for the attacker.

  • Losing

If an attacker loses their fight, they will be sent to the hospital for 15 - 30 minutes. Any current kill-streak will be broken.

  • Timing out

A fight will end automatically after five minutes, even if neither attacker nor defender has actually lost all of their life. This will send the attacker to the hospital and break their kill-streak; it is equivalent to losing the fight. The defender will not be credited with anything.


A fight may become "interrupted" for a number of reasons. Any of these results will not count as successful nor unsuccessful attacks, stalemates or defends for either player.

  • <Player> took down your opponent

If the defender is attacking another <Player>, they may lose their fight before the attacker is able to win themselves. In this event the fight result will display <Player took down your opponent>.

  • <Defender> was defeated by <Player>

If multiple attackers are fighting a defender, only one of them can actually win. In the event they defeat the defender, for every attacker that did not land the finishing blow, the fight result will read "<Player> defeated <Defender>" and this will count as an assist in personal stats.

  • <Defender was sent to hospital>

There are many ways in which a player can be sent to hospital while being attacked, before they are defeated by the attacker. These may include opening a parcel with a Small Explosive Device inside, being hurt by Leslie from Spin the Wheel, or an Organized Crime result.

  • <Defender was surrounded by police>

As of 21/09/21, only organised crimes can cause this result.


In preparation for an attack you may equip three weapons (primary, secondary and melee), a temporary item (a variety of grenades and temporary stat boosters), as well as five pieces of Armor.


All primary and secondary weapons are guns that require Ammo to be used in a fight. This means that not only is reloading (using up a turn) necessary, but it is possible to completely run out of ammo during a fight, based on clip size and rate of fire.

Melee weapons do not require ammo, however unlike primary and secondary weapons they cannot attach Weapon Mods in order to improve the weapon.

Main article: Weapon


Wearing armor reduces the damage received from an opponent; the armor rating represents the percentage of the damage reduction. For example, a 40.00 rated piece of armor reduces damage taken by 40%, so a 1000 damage hit actually only deals 600 damage.

The following equation can be used to determine the damage received while wearing armor:

D(A) = D(I) * (1-A/100)

where D(I) is the Initial damage dealt by an opponent, A is the armor rating of the piece being worn, and D(A) is the resultant damage received with this armor equipped.

Main article: Armor

Group Attacks

When multiple players attack an opponent, that defender's stats can be effectively reduced. For every additional player (on top of the first) that makes an action against a defender within the last 30 seconds will add a level of distraction to them.

Read the main article for a full understanding of how distraction is personalized to each attacker.

Main article: Distraction


Aggression relates to a player's Strength and Speed.

Distraction affects a defenders ability to make a turn against an attacker; a defender will have a "one in number-of-attackers" chance to make a turn, every time an attacker makes a turn against them. For example, if two players attack a defender, each time they make a turn the defender will have a 50% chance to make a turn back against them.


Suppression relates to a player's Defense and Dexterity.

Distraction affects a defenders Defense and Dexterity stats directly; a defender will have their effective Defense and Dexterity halved for every level of distraction that is active. For example, if two players attack a defender with 10,000,000 defense and 5,000,000 dexterity, each time they make a turn the defender will appear to have 5,000,000 defense and 2,500,000 dexterity.

Attack Settings

Attack settings can be adjusted in your Preferences (or via direct link here).

The attacking settings include an option regarding your stealth preference. You can select between "Whenever possible" and "Off". Additionally you can select whether to re-equip temporary items from your inventory after one is used in a fight, provided you own multiple. (Note: Faction loaned Temps will be re-equipped first) Although specifically under the "attacking" subheading, temporary items will also re-equip after a defense if used.

The defending settings effectively allow a player to decide which weapons get used and how often, when they are defending an attack from another player. There are four sliding bars (for primary, secondary, melee and temporary) that can be adjusted between 0 and 100. These numbers work as ratios for how often each will be used in a defense - better explained through an example. With:

  • Primary set to 100,
  • Secondary set to 75,
  • Melee is set to 50 and
  • Temporary is set to 25

the total of these numbers equals 250 - so for each turn the defender has, they will have a 100/250 chance of using primary, a 75/250 chance of using secondary, a 50/250 chance of using melee and a 25/250 chance of using a temporary item.

If one of these slots is left empty (for example, if you unequip your primary weapon), during a fight you can consider this bar to be set at 0 in order to recalculate the odds for each weapon to be used. When the temporary item is used up, there is no longer a temporary item equipped and thus the setting here is also effectively set at 0.

Primary and secondary weapons come with an option to reload ("on" or "off"). If either of these weapons has reloads "off", when they run out of ammo their respective bar will effectively be set at 0, as above.

Finally, if you have it unlocked you can select between "Fists" and "Kick" when fighting unarmed. You will fight unarmed in the event you have no weapons equipped, or all weapon settings are effectively set at 0.

Related Awards

There are a large number of awards relating to attacking in Torn, some examples are below:

Attack Related Awards
Image Name Requirements
303172651.png Kill Streaker 1 Achieve a 10 kill streak
928605417.png Chainer 1 Participate in a 10 length chain
929548647.png Carnage Make a single hit that earns your faction 10 or more respect
890122926.png Leonidas Achieve a finishing hit with Kick
445969768.png Flatline Achieve a one hit kill

A full list of all awards relating to Attacking can be found here.

There are also a number of attacking medals available, such as for “attacks won” and “respect earned” which can be found here.

Historical Notes

  • Following four polls[2][3][4][5] brought to the community in General Discussion, mugging changes were implemented on 29/10/19.[6]

A full treatment of the mugging mechanics prior to this change can be found here.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #276 : 14/02/23
  • Changed Parry and Home Run to simulate the same effects while defending as attacking
  • Buffed both Parry and Home Run bonus ranges by up to +20%
Patch list #261 : 18/10/22
  • Added current chain counter and timer to the top of the page during Attacking.
Patch list #253 : 23/08/22
  • Changed timed out completed Attacks to trigger a poll request to leave opponent at 0 seconds if still on page
Patch list #210 : 21/09/21
  • Changed incoming attacks to block a user's ability to do Crimes preventing script-based self-jailing advantages.
Patch list #191 : 11/05/21
  • Added system to enforce at least one second between Attacking turns for fairness & balancing reasons.
Patch list #189 : 20/04/21
  • Added 15 second attack grace period upon arriving at a destination after Traveling.
Patch list #181 : 23/02/21
  • Added outside attack mitigation so war participants gain no medical cooldown when alleviating hospital time.
  • Changed DOT effect log appearance order in attacking to be more intuitive.
Patch list #179 : 09/02/21
  • Added [view] links to attacks in faction news.
  • Changed critical hit rate formula to use simply flat percentages added together and nothing else.
  • Changed base critical hit rate from 14% (+9.8% actual) to 12%.
  • Changed critical hit merit upgrade from +10% (+7% actual) to +5%.
  • Changed 'Anatomy' education course from +5% (+3.5% actual) to +3%.
  • Changed laser sight mods from +3%/+4%/+5%/+6% (up to +4.2% actual) to +2%/+3%/+4%/+5%.
  • Changed steroid attack effects being replaceable with fresh timers again after last week's change.
Patch list #178 : 02/02/21
  • Changed attacking effects so they will not overwrite or refresh timers of an existing effect of the same quality.
  • Changed effect icons in an attacking to show up to 8 at once within view.
Patch list #177 : 26/01/21
  • Added attack log rows when a DOT effect is initially applied.
Patch list #176 : 19/01/21
  • Disabled Advanced Search, Recent History, and Profile dropdowns when in an attack.
Patch list #175 : 12/01/21
  • Added new personal stat to count faction retaliation hits.
Patch list #151 : 21/07/20
  • Added additional lock to attacking to avoid accidental joins when attack is already over.
Patch list #145 : 09/06/20
  • Added Recent Attacks link to the Chain Bar when active.
Patch list #144 : 02/06/20
  • Added master log to correctly show all participants and attacks connected to a single group attack.
Patch list #140 : 05/05/20
  • Changed attacks in progress appearing in Faction Attacks to show 'Undecided' instead of 'None'.
Patch list #138 : 21/04/20
  • Added carousel side-scroll for Attack Log / Group Attacking panels on touchscreen devices.
  • Added hits / damage counters next to opponent life on Attacking on touchscreen device.
  • Changed special status effects (I.e. Loot) to appear on the left side of the opponent panel in Attacking.
Patch list #133 : 17/03/20
  • Changed high drug addiction gym hospitalization to not trigger if the user is under attack.
Patch list #131 : 03/03/20
  • Changed attack log results to 'Interrupted' instead of 'Escaped' when target goes to hospital / jail during attack.
Patch list #128 : 11/02/20
  • Added auto-leave when defeating a target and then being jailed (I.e. via organised crime).
  • Changed Valentine's Day Love Juice event to also reduce reviving costs by -15 energy.
  • Improved in-game client performance for large group attacks.
Patch list #126 : 28/01/19
  • Added vertical scrolling to status effects in attacking.
  • Changed color of "Join Fight" panel to orange to visually separate it from "Start Fight".
Patch list #121 : 10/12/19
  • Added visible passive stat modifiers panel in attacking.
  • Added additional locking to prevent traveling while being attacked.
  • Changed temporary stat boosters to apply their bonuses additively instead of multiplicatively.
  • Changed 'Demoralize' weapon bonus to decrease stats from -15% (multiplicative) to -10% (additive).
  • Changed 'Frozen' weapon bonus to be additive instead of multiplicative.
  • Changed passive stat modifiers on the home page to be an exact representation (includes status effects).
Patch list #120 : 03/12/19
  • Changed Flamethrower usage text in attack log: 'fired a burst'.
Patch list #119 : 26/11/19
  • Updated attacking stats bonuses system core (to use a new module).
  • Refactored attacking mug system (removed old classes and code).
  • Refactored attacking stats system (removed old classes, replaced by new module).
Patch list #116 : 05/11/19
  • Added auto-leave action in Attacking when attacker is defeated before selecting an option.
Patch list #115 : 29/10/19
  • Changed mugging rates to flat-rate 5% - 10% (higher is rarer).
  • Changed 'Masterful looting' merit upgrade, reducing it from 10% per upgrade to 5%.
  • Changed mug protection system so interacting with protected funds removes protection.
Patch list #108 : 27/08/19
  • Changed attack event "someone else was faster" text to "tried to attack you".
Patch list #103 : 23/07/19
  • Changed error message if an attack no longer exists (leave/mug/hosp selected in another tab).
Patch list #100 : 02/07/19
  • Added attack setting for 'Unarmed combat' to select whether to use Fists or Kick.
Patch list #93 : 14/05/19
  • Added ability to view your model (and opponent's weapons) during attacks on touchscreen devices.
Patch list #86 : 19/03/19
  • Added auto-leave for all finished fights after 30 seconds (even after closing page).
Patch list #84 : 05/03/19
  • Changed attacking timer upon defeat to 30 seconds.
  • Changed timeout after defeat to automatically 'leave' (as long as attacker remains on the page for now).
  • Changed attacking effect icons to work with SVG for better quality.
Patch list #66 : 23/10/18
  • Rebalanced weapon accuracy algorithm in attacking.
Patch list #65 : 16/10/18
  • Changed damage over time (DOT Damage) so that it can no longer end an attack.
Patch list #64 : 09/10/18
  • Changed DOT effects in attacking to not end an attack (will reduce life down to 1).
Patch list #59 : 04/09/18
  • Removed group attack events sent to attackers.
Patch list #57 : 21/08/18
  • Changed 'Assists' personal stat to increase even if a turn is not made.
Patch list #46 : 05/06/18
  • Changed buttons within attacking on desktop to right side (over opponent).
Patch list #42 : 24/04/18
  • Changed attack assist statistics to increase for attackers even if they lost during a successful group attack.
Patch list #41 : 17/04/18
  • Changed 'assists' personal stats to require at least one aggressive action.
Patch list #35 : 06/03/18
  • Added WAI support for attack.
Patch list #34 : 27/02/18
  • Added 'current attack turn' on attacking pages including desktop / tablet / mobile.
Patch list #33 : 20/02/18
  • Removed 5 minute timer from faction retaliation hits.
Patch list #32 : 13/02/18
  • Added individual attack chain bonus icons to hitlist.
  • Changed incremental chain bonuses to no longer stack with other bonuses.
  • Increased base respect gains to compensate for incremental bonus stacking change.
  • Changed attack log names during join screen to show 'someone' if stealthed.
Patch list #31 : 06/02/18
  • Added masks to armour and clothing during attacking to prevent clipping.
  • Changed Russian Roulette to skip hospitalization when being attacked.
Patch list #30 : 30/01/18
  • Reduced damage in attacking by 25%.
  • Removed factions peace treaty block on profile attack buttons.
Patch list #29 : 23/01/18
  • Removed faction peace treaty 'attack block' from attacking.
  • Disabled retaliation respect bonus temporarily (will be enabled again today or tomorrow).
Patch list #28 : 16/01/18
  • Added default maximum 'fair fight bonus' for attacks between those with very high stats.
  • Reduced requirements of maximum 'fair fight bonus'.
  • Changed 'retaliation bonus' to trigger only on the first retaliation after initial hit.
Attacking 2.1 released : 19/12/17
  • All templates moved to reactJS based system
  • All plain html responses changed to pure json for better speed
  • Polling system re-worked to lower the total requests amount
  • Backend main functions calls re-organized for better performance
  • New male & female models during attacking
  • Targeting system changed to work with new models
  • Visible clothing & armor on models
  • Clothing can now be equipped on top or underneath armor
  • Armor only has an effect if the hit visibly hits the armor on the model
  • Damage modifiers for different body parts changed for better balance
  • Chances to hit some body parts changed for better balance
  • Effects system rebuilt for Special / Legendary weapon / armor compatibility
  • New effects layout with animated backgrounds
  • New animated lifebar including visualised armor mitigation
  • Visible opponent model on mobile & tablet views
  • Vertical stealth bar showing stealth level / chance during attack
Patch list #25 : 19/12/17
  • Released Attacking 2.1 update.
Patch list #22 : 28/11/17
  • Increased base respect gains to original x2 modifier.
Patch list #21 : 21/11/17
  • Changed base attacking respect gain increase from x2 to x1.66 to align with modifier fixes.
Patch list #20 : 14/11/17
  • Increased base attacking respect gain by x2 (initial increase).
Patch list #19 : 10/11/17
  • Released attacking respect gain for faction members
  • Released Chaining 2.0 (chaining upgrades now available)
Patch list #11 : 29/08/17
  • Changed group attack "busy with" pool to exclude participants who escaped or lost.
Patch list #5 : 18/07/17
  • Changed attacking events text (minor).
Run away / Escape changes : 11/07/17
  • The 'run away' feature has been changed and is now known as 'escaping'.
  • Attempting to escape and failing no longer instantly results in 'being shot in the back'. Instead you remain in the attack.
  • The attempted escape appears as a 'turn' which can be responded to by the attacker. Instead of 'failing to escape' being a final attacking result, it becomes a turn. The attacker can then attempt to escape again later, or keep fighting.
  • The 'Escape' button is disabled if the defender causes damage on the turn. If the defender misses or doesn't cause damage, the escape button is enabled.
  • 'Getaway car' special (Car Dealership) makes the escape button always available.
  • 'Escape' faction tree upgrades increase dexterity on escape attempt turns.
  • 'Running away from trouble' book guarantees 100% success on escape attempts.
Patch list #4 : 11/07/17
  • Released new 'Escape' system.
  • Timeouts now result in a loss rather than a 'run away' attempt
Group attacking changes : 04/07/17
  • The mechanics of group attacking have been adjusted to make the feature more competitive and intuitive.
Patch list #3 : 04/07/17
  • Released group attacking changes.
Patch list #2 : 27/06/17
  • Attacking final hit locking scheme changed.
Actions while being attacked : 03/01/17
  • Users can no longer attempt to bust or travel while being attacked.
Weapon Mods : 16/08/16
  • The 'Weapon Mods' project is now complete.
  • Mods are held in your mod inventory and can be attached to your equipped weapons.
  • There are 12 categories of mods, of which most have several stages (currently 30 in total). Higher stage mods only become available once all prior stages are owned.
Temporary booster: Tyrosine : 09/08/16
  • A new booster focusing on Dexterity has been added called 'Tyrosine'. It is now available in the pharmacy for those who have completed the Biology bachelor.
Attacking stealth changes : 23/06/16
  • Stealth no longer dependent entirely on how much more dexterity you have over your opponent.
  • 8 factors: Weapon stealth level, Dexterity difference, Face masks, Stealth merits, Amount of turns, Temporary weapons, Company bonus, Education bonus.
Unique weapons and armor : 08/12/15
  • All weapons and armor have actual accuracy, damage and defensive values as well as empty slots for attachments and bonuses.
  • Every individual weapon and armor has slightly different statistics.
Addiction, Plushies and Attacking : 02/12/14
  • Changes made to Attacking formulas (Strength vs. Defense, Speed vs. Dexterity).
Defending Preferences : 25/11/14
  • Option to use temporary weapons / items while defending.
  • Set the usage rate of each weapon you have while defending.
  • Choose to turn on or off Primary and Secondary weapon reloads while defending.
  • Option to automatically re-equip temporary items after attacks.
Attacking 2.0 : 28/10/14
  • Attacking 2.0 engine released.
  • Damage is now logarithmic.
  • Life is now set to a range of 100 - 5,000 based on level. 7,500 is possible at level 100 with merits. Overdosing on Xanax now does not decrease maximum life.
  • Defence will reduce damage by 50% if it matches your opponents strength. It will reduce damage by further 10% increments for every doubling of the other users strength.
  • Armour now gives a static percent reduction of enemy damage.
  • Weapons now act as a simple multiplier on damage. For example, Fists are 1 and ArmaLite Rifle is 6.6.
  • Attacking now costs 25 energy even without Vicodin. Vicodin now boosts all stats passively by 25% during attacking and defending.
  • Ammo is now purchased per round instead of per clip. Clips are automatically created at the beginning of a fight depending on the rounds available, you will never need to load them manually - just ensure you have enough rounds purchased
  • Group attacking is now a viable tactic. All attackers can make use of a temporary debuff weapon used by just one of them, debuffs will also stack. On top of this, if multiple users are attacking one target, the targets stats will receive a passive reduction and they will sometimes miss turns due to being busy with other attackers.
  • We now have a far more advanced recap log with filter settings and colour coding for each user involved in the attack.
  • The log shown below the fight while attacking someone is now live, so youre able to watch actions happening which involve this user.
  • Life now goes up by 5% every 5 minutes at base (100 mins). Medical facilities with doctors will increase this to 6% every 5 minutes (85 mins).
  • Mugging has also received some big changes. Mugging the same person over and over again is no longer worthwhile, however initial successful mugs will yield more money. It is now unnecessary to have revives turned off in order to avoid repeat mug attempts. Mugging will also place the user in hospital for slightly longer, to differentiate it from the leave on street option.


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