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Torn's Forums is a location of both public and private discussion under several categories:

  • Announcements
  • My Forums
  • Main Forums (Torn Related)
  • Non Related Forums (Non-Torn Related)

Torn's forums can be found here.

Rules and Guidelines

To protect users, there are social guidelines that must be adhered to avoid an excessively toxic environment. Please see the current rules under Social Violations.


  • Players can post text, tables, hosted images and videos (using BBCodes).
  • Forum posts are editable (only the time of last edit will be seen at the end of the post) by author and staff.
  • Players can accumulate Karma through upvotes for their threads or posts. Downvotes can give negative karma. A players karma can not go below zero.



This is the category where Admins post updates to the game, downtime notifications, and applications for staff and the player committee. This allows players to stay informed about the recent happenings in Torn.

Players can not post in this section.

My Forums

These are player specific forums which may change time to time depending on the status of the player. When the status of the player changes, he/she she can no longer access the corresponding forums.

The posts made by players while accessing the forums will stay even after they leave. They can be viewed by new players who get access later on.

  • My Faction (Contains threads related to the faction the player currently part of.)
  • My Company (Similar to 'My Faction' forums, but related to current company.)
  • Donator Forum (Exclusive for players with donator/subscriber status.)
  • VIP Corner (Exclusive for those with more than equal to one thousand net karma points.)
  • Christmas Town (Exclusive for players who made a Christmas town map.)
  • Wiki (Exclusive for wiki contributors and editors.)
  • Reporter Panel (Exclusive for people who have reporter status for Torn City Times Newspaper.)
  • Elimination Team forum during the Elimination competition in September.

Main Forums

These forums are accessible to all torn players at all times. The ability to post in them may be revoked by staff accordingly.

Main Forums
General Discussion (Discussion regarding torn related issues.) Questions & Answers (Where players can ask their doubts and other players, staff or admins can answer) Tutorials & Guides (Contains player written guides and tutorials regarding various game play mechanics)
Trading Post (A channel for traders and customers to interact with each other) Fun & Games (A place for player run games for fun) Community Events (Place for

admin run events for players. In this forum, players can not initiate a thread)

Achievements (An area for player bragging for the self proclaimed achievements) Faction Discussion Faction Recruitment
Company Discussion Company Recruitment Attacking (Services related to attacks; Lose selling, Mercenary services, etc..)
Stock Market Properties (Related to properties sharing or trading) Gambling
Poker Racing Missions
Graphics Tools & User scripts Discord
API Development Bugs & Issues (Bug or issue reporting area for players) Suggestions (Players can suggest any game related changes. Admins will respond once the suggestion gains more than 250 upvotes)
Graveyard (A place for removed threads from other forums under various circumstances) BBCode Testing Forum

Non Related

These forums are intended for discussion which is not related to Torn. But players should abide to the forum rules here, too. This section is available to all players all the time.

Non Related Forums
All non-related Politics & Law General Non-related
Gaming TV & Movies Music
Sports Technology Roleplay
Art & Literature Hobbies & Interests Food & Cooking
Health & Fitness Travel & Culture Science
Paranormal Animals & Nature Motoring

Forum Search

The search engine is powered by Sphinx, looking for keywords that are a maximum of 5 words apart at most. A few commands can be used to enhance your search:

  • Hyphen/Minus (-) - Find posts that do not contain the following word.
    • list safe -crime Doesn't contain "crime"
  • Equal Sign (=) - Find posts where the following word is exactly this (no plural forms).
    • list safe =crime Contains exactly "crime"
  • Circumflex Accent (^) - Find posts that begin with the following word
    • list ^beginning crimes Begins with "beginning"
  • Dollar Sign ($) - Find posts that end with the preceding word
    • list ending$ crimes Ends with "ending"
  • Double Less-Than Sign (<<) - Find posts with the preceding word preceding the following word
    • one << four << two The word "one" must come before "four", and "four" must come before "two"
  • (by:) - Find posts created by the specified user
    • by:Chedburn Searchs for posts created by Chedburn

More details on the above punctuations can be found at the sphinx documentation depending on what the developer has enabled.

Helpful Links

Player Reports
If you feel you have been banned without cause and wish to dispute the ban you can file a player report on yourself by choosing the "Ban Dispute" option in player reports.
You can file the report from your own profile or by clicking here
New to the game? Can't find the answer to something you are looking for? We have a section in the forums just for those questions! Check out the Questions section and see if someone else has asked the same question, you can view answers given by a staff member or another player. If you don't see what you're looking for please make a new thread and ask your question.
Click here to view the Questions section of the forums. You may also find the New Players section helpful, you can view that by clicking here.


A players karma is a measurement of the likes and dislikes their forums posts have received. The lowest possible karma a player can have is zero, regardless of the number of dislikes their posts have received. Upon reaching a total of 1000 karma, players are given access to a special forum called "VIP Corner"

A player will not receive/lose karma in the following scenarios:

  • The post is under thirty characters long
  • The thread is locked or in the graveyard
  • The thread is in your faction’s forum, company forum or elimination contest forum
  • The thread is in Trading Post forum
  • The person liking/disliking the post is a new player, or has not posted in the forum in a long time
  • The person liking/disliking the post has been mass-rating a single user’s posts

Do be aware that once you rate a post, you only have a short period of time to change your rating before it becomes permanent.

See Also

Historical Notes

  • During the RESPO update the ‘Old Forums’ were archived, threads created before this update can still be viewed here.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #165 : 27/10/20
  • Changed forum posting cooldown from 30 seconds to 60 seconds for non-donators.
Patch list #153 : 04/08/20
  • Added ability to add a quote when editing post.
  • Increased forum search results amount to 1,000 pages.
Patch list #151 : 21/07/20
  • Added Forum Search history dropdown panel (saves most recent 5 searches).
Patch list #149 : 07/07/20
  • Improved forum search tool and added new operators.
Patch list #126 : 28/01/19
  • Changed "Pin post" to be available on Faction Forums for users with FO permissions.
Patch list #119 : 26/11/19
  • Disabled down-rating threads & posts for new players.
Patch list #115 : 29/10/19
  • Changed forum search to allow "by: 1" or "by: playername" : I.e. "by: Chedburn testing".
Patch list #105 : 06/08/19
  • Removed Politics and Law threads appearing in Popular Threads panel.
Patch list #100 : 02/07/19
  • Added ability to quote another post when editing.
Patch list #93 : 14/05/19
  • Added ability for staff and owners to remove forum polls when editing a thread.
Patch list #87 : 26/03/19
  • Changed links in forum posts to open in new tabs.
Patch list #84 : 05/03/19
  • Added new text editor to the forums and converted all existing posts for compatibility.
Patch list #71 : 27/11/18
  • Added tooltips for long thread titles when viewing the thread.
Patch list #52 : 17/07/18
  • Merged Bulletin Board with Announcements.
Patch list #43 : 08/05/18
  • Changed Graveyard forum to allow replies to threads.
Patch list #39 : 03/04/18
  • Added BBCode testing forum.
Patch list #36 : 13/03/18
  • Added Tools & Userscripts forum.
Patch list #19 : 10/11/17
  • Changed karma mechanics to be a purer representation of likes vs dislikes.
Patch list #16 : 17/10/17
  • Removed graveyarded threads from popular list.
Patch list #8 : 08/08/17
  • Added Wiki forum for editors & contributors.