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Torn has a player to player direct trading option. You can access it through two means.

  • Side bar > Items > Trades (top right) > Insert User ID/ Name > Trade Description > Initiate
  • Player Profile > Actions > Trade > Trade Description > Initiate

Tradeable elements which are always visible on the trade page

Other elements which are available according to your status

Which are not tradeable?


  • The initiator of the trade can add or remove any elements through the '+' sign beside the respective category only until the other party accept the trade.
  • The other party can also add or remove any elements in the same way till they accept the trade.
  • After the other party accepts the trade, the trade is said to be 'locked', where no further changes are possible to the contents on both sides.
  • The trade is finalized through acceptance of the 'Initiator' only.
  • 'Accept' option always follows a 5 second re-confirmation process to give both parties a chance to review the contents before finally accepting the trade.
  • A trade can be cancelled at any stage before the Initiator finally confirms the trade. Then the contents reach to their respective owners.


  • The elements in a trade are counted towards the 'pending' networth.
  • When the trade is initiated the other party gets an event and when the trade is accepted by the other party, initiator gets an event.
  • When the trade is complete both parties get an event.
  • You can add comments to the trade (maximum 155 characters, once per a minute).
  • Added elements can be seen by other party even without accepting the trade.
  • You can put any amount of money in a trade.
  • Trades need to be double confirmed (a player safe protocol) with a 5 second timer for the re-confirmation.

Ghost trade

Players can hold their money in a trade. While being in the trade, the money is not available for mugging by others. It is usually done with a trusted friend/faction mate.


  • Trading can be done from hospital and jail, but not while flying.
  • A single trade can only transfer a total of 10,000 elements from one side to another.
  • To buy a company or faction, the buyer must join the company or faction.
  • A trade can only last for 6 hours to complete. If the trade is not completed within the time, it will 'time out'. In that case the contents put in the trade will return to their respective owners (after a 15 minute gap).
  • The money from a trade-cancel or trade-time-out reaches the owner's hand immediately and it is available for mugging.
  • Ghost trades can be cancelled and the initiator can be mugged if the other party wishes to.
  • You have to empty the vault, move out, and fire all staff of your property before setting it up for a trade.
  • Trade re-confirmation can be removed by some player scripts, which is not recommended.

Historical Notes

Prior to 6 April 2021, shares could be traded between players. This is no longer the case due to the Stocks 3.0 update (Chedburn, Stocks 3.0).

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #185 : 23/03/21
  • Added events for when a trade with someone expires.
Patch list #153 : 04/08/20
  • Added 10,000 item limit per transaction for Trades, Display Cases and Bazaars to prevent overload issues.
Patch list #152 : 28/07/20
  • Changed delete button for money in Trades to instantly remove all money instead of editing value.
Patch list #141 : 12/05/20
  • Changed NPCs to no longer accept incoming trade requests.
Patch list #129 : 18/02/20
  • Added visual trade logs / comments to completed trades and increased pruning intervals of old trades.
Patch list #128 : 11/02/20
  • Added quality rating value for unique items to Trades.
  • Changed trade 'Accept' / 'Decline' button positions on Trade to be more intuitive.
  • Changed 'Locked trade' message to reference declining a trade to unlock it.
Patch list #126 : 28/01/19
  • Changed Trades made, Points Sold & Bazaar related personal stats to private (to prevent scripted mug stalking).
Patch list #124 : 14/01/20
  • Improved messages and logs produced within the trade system to provide clearer information / quantities.
Patch list #113 : 15/10/19
  • Added trade pings by commenting in the trade to send the other user an event (with spam limits).
Patch list #111 : 17/09/19
  • Added trade descriptions to the event provided when it's accepted by the other person.
Patch list #85 : 12/03/19
  • Changed "Trade" button on profile to direct to the current trade with the user if one exists.
Patch list #84 : 05/03/19
  • Added auto-updating money amount while trading after money balance changes.
Patch list #80 : 05/02/19
  • Added 'Trade log' to appear on trade accepting screen.
  • Added colors to 'Trade log' to help identify additions and removals.
  • Changed trades to unlock when accepting process is cancelled by the first user/
Patch list #34 : 27/02/18
  • Removed properties appearing on 'add to trade' list if they are up for rent or on market.
Patch list #9 : 15/08/17
  • Added description to 'Trade initiated' event.