Ranked War

Ranked warring is a warring mode in which Factions fight one another in a 1v1 setting in order to progress through ranked tiers, and earn rewards.


The leader, co-leader of a faction, or anyone with the "War Management" permission can enlist their faction into the ranked warring pool via the "Ranked" tab on the faction page.

In order to enlist your faction, you must have at least 10 full members (Recruits included) [1] that have been active in the last 24 hours.


  • Any recruits may still be hit during the war for your opponents to build their own score, similar to a Raid.

Provided the faction meets the member requirement, it may enlist (and indeed withdraw from) the warring pool at any time.


Once enlisted, a matchmaking algorithm will begin to look for an opponent faction based on a number of parameters:

  • Faction Rank
  • Members Stats
  • Faction Size (Factions will be matched with other factions that are within the following range...)
    • Maximum range: round({members} + 5) * 1.25
    • Minimum range: round({members} / 1.25) - 5
  • Recently Fought (There has to be at least 6 wars since the previous war together.)

All matchmaking will now happen at 12:00 pm TCT on Tuesdays. All ranked wars are now generated at that single point of time each week. Effectively all enlisted factions are put into a single pool together, after which the system will try to pair all of them.

An option has now been added to pick between weekday or weekend wars. Some factions may prefer Weekday wars (Thursday or Friday), while other factions may prefer Weekend wars (Saturday).

This has no effect on matchmaking, but if both paired factions have the same preference, then it would be picked - otherwise, the decision will be made at random.

Once the system knows whether it’s a Weekday or Weekend war, it will then select the specific day at random; Thursday or Friday for Weekday, and Saturday for Weekend. To decide the start time, it then chooses the most active period on average between the members of both paired factions on that particular day in the past.

When a war is confirmed all participants will receive an event with details on the start time and opponents. This details will also be available on the Ranked faction tab.



  • Members with extremely high stats have capped 'scores' when considered in match-making. [2]
  • Once an opponent faction has been found, there is no official forfeiting - the war must be completed.
  • Recruits are included in the matchmaking process and will be accounted for when the system decides to match two opponents.
  • Factions will be matched together by their Actual Rank (or Hidden Rank if it's higher) with other factions within a range of +1 / -1. For example, a faction ranked Gold II would be paired with another faction that's in Gold I, Gold II, or Gold III.


Factions now have two seperate ranks which affect matchmaking: a hidden rank and an actual rank.

Actual Rank

This is the rank which is shown publicly on your faction page and increases as you win wars.

There are six ranks that a faction can progress through by winning ranked wars. Each rank contains a number of sub-divisions within it, and a faction will gain or lose a division with wins and losses.

Winning a war in the final division of a rank will gain a faction two divisions - e.g. a win in the final division of Bronze will progress a faction to the second division of Silver.

Each faction begins "Unranked" in "Metal".

Rank Badge

1 Division


4 Divisions


4 Divisions


4 Divisions


4 Divisions


7 Divisions


Entry Requirements

  • To reach Diamond rank a faction must have at least 75 members.

Rank Decay

If a faction does not compete in a ranked war for a long duration, their rank will begin to decay over time. After an initial grace period of 10 weeks without enlistment, one division will be lost every two weeks until the faction is back at the bottom division of Bronze.

Warnings are provided a week before any division is lost.


  • Your faction will not decay in rank if it remains enlisted in the pool.[3]

Hidden Rank

To preserve decent matchmaking when factions first start warring, all enlisted factions have been assigned with a Hidden Rank that, if higher, overrides their Actual Rank.

Hidden Ranks are solely based on a faction's average stat-score value of the top 80% of its members. There's an algorithm that determines a faction's Hidden Rank based on their member's average statscore.

The very top factions with a stat score of over 200,000 receive the highest possible Hidden Rank of Platinum III. Factions are then bracketed below this in increments of 1.3x, meaning that factions with a stat score of between 153,846 and 200,000 get Platinum II, 118,343 to 153,846 get Platinum I, and so on and so forth.

Hidden Rank Ranges
Stat Score Hidden Rank
Over 200,000 Platinum III
153,846 - 200,000 Platinum II
118,343 - 153,846 Platinum I
91,033 - 118,343 Platinum 0
70,025 - 91,033 Gold III
53,865 - 70,025 Gold II
41,435 - 53,865 Gold I
31,873 - 41,435 Gold 0
24,517 - 31,873 Silver III
18,859 - 24,517 Silver II
14,507 - 18,859 Silver I
11,159 - 14,507 Silver 0
8,584 - 11,159 Bronze III
6,603 - 8,584 Bronze II
5,079 - 6,603 Bronze I
3,907 - 5,079 Bronze 0
Less than 3,907 Metal (Unranked)


Bonus Ranks

To help factions reach their Hidden Rank quickly, factions can gain multiple divisions at once for each win, depending on how far their Actual Rank is behind their Hidden Rank.

  • Gain +1 division for the win, then if entering a new rank, gain another +1 division. How things are currently.
  • If they're still behind their minimum rank after that, gain +1 division. Again +1 division if entering a new rank.
  • If they're still 2 divisions behind their minimum rank, gain +1 division. And +1 division if entering a new rank.

This process will launch factions through up to 4 divisions at once: +1 for the win, +1 for being behind minimum, +1 for being significantly behind minimum, +1 for entering a new rank. Furthermore, divisions won't be removed upon losses for factions who are at or behind their Hidden Rank, except in the case of the regular natural decay over time.

The War

Ranked wars are a "Tug of War" style fight, where each team attacks the members of their opponent to gain "score", with the ultimate goal of crossing a target net score first.



  • Any active chain will be forced into cooldown 5 seconds before the start of a ranked war. [4]

Gaining Score

Score is gained by attacking members of the opponent faction - it is equal to the respect earned with each hit. This means that mugging will provide 75% of the score that leaving or hospitalizing would, and chain bonus hits will generate large amounts of score.

Target Score

The net target score to achieve will be based on the rank and member counts of the factions competing. [5]

If this target is not met within 24 hours, it will decrease by 1% of the original value per hour (such that it decreases by the same value every hour). The maximum theoretical duration of a ranked war will be 123 hours. [6]


There is now no way to forfeit a ranked war.

A ranked war only ends when:

  • The target score is met by one faction


  • One of the participating factions is destroyed


Participants in a ranked war will receive bonus respect, points and Caches containing special weapons and armor. Several factors can increase the rewards that are bestowed:

  • Each faction's current rank (higher ranks provide greater rewards).
  • The number of full members across each faction (more members provide greater rewards).
  • Participation (greater participation, win or lose, will provide greater rewards). [7]

Note: Significant lack of participation can incur the penalty of an additional division loss for the losing faction.

  • An underdog win (i.e. the faction favoured to lose) will boost the rewards generated.
  • A win after a loss streak will provide greater rewards.

Released in Patch list #221

Patch list #273 : 24/01/2023
  • Changed Ranked Warring rank decay to happen every two weeks after the ten week period without enlistment
    • Was originally a decay after every 10 weeks.
Matchmaking revisions for Ranked Warring
Patch list #227 : 01/02/2022
  • Added Roster Locking during Ranked Wars to prevent members from joining, leaving or being kicked
Patch list #221 : 07/12/21
  • Released Ranked Warring
  • Released Advanced Weapons & Armor


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