What is Looting?

Groups of players can team up to attack Non-Playing Characters (NPCs) in order to be rewarded with loot - special items, such as clothing or weaponry, only obtainable via this method.

Lootable NPCs have a "loot level" associated with them, ranging from level 1 - 5. The loot level at the time the NPC is defeated corresponds to the number of players that will receive loot. Additionally, higher loot levels provide greater chances for the more rare loot items.

When an NPC has been defeated, the loot level is reset to 1. This level increases after 30, 90, 210 and 450 minutes (from the time of defeat). The level is displayed on the status bar (e.g. Okay, Loot Level III).

Loot is awarded based on a lottery style system. The more effort a player puts in to defeating an NPC, the greater chance they will have to receive loot; however in order to be awarded a loot lottery ticket a player must be successful in at least one damaging hit.

NPC loot lottery tickets will expire upon NPC defeat or regen to full life (previously it was 10 mins)

Lootable NPCs

There are current seven lootable NPCs, two of which are seasonal - meaning they can only be attacked during particular months of the year.

All year round
Profile Weapons Clothing Other items
DUKE [4]

5,500,000 HP

  • None
Leslie [15]

4,000,000 HP

  • None
Jimmy [19]

2,000,000 HP

Fernando [20]

2,500,000 HP

Tiny [21]

4,500,000 HP

  • None
Scrooge [10]

9,500,000 HP
Available in December

  • None
Easter Bunny [17]

8,500,000 HP
Available in April


  • Prior to patch #196 Any user with a battle stat above 100,000,000,000 would have that stat capped during an NPC fight - implemented as a measure to maintain "balance".[1] This was nicknamed the ‘BodyBagger’ nerf to stop him from having too much impact in NPC fights.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #91

Patch list #284 : 11/04/23
  • Changed Easter Bunny loot drops to include untradable Easter Eggs
Patch list #248 : 19/07/22
  • Increased the life of lootable NPCs to account for some of the extra damage being made by weapon bonuses
Patch list #215 : 19/07/22
  • Changed NPC loot lottery tickets so they're no longer provided on non-damaging hits
  • Changed NPC loot lottery tickets to expire upon NPC defeat or regen to full life (previously it was 10 mins)
Patch list #196 : 15/06/2021
  • Released a new lootable NPC : Tiny [21].
  • Removed artificial 100b stat cap when fighting NPCs.
Patch list #192 : 18/05/2021
  • All NPC max health values have been increased:
    • Adjusted Jimmy's life from 1m to 1.5m.
    • Adjusted Fernando's life from 1.5m to 2m.
    • Adjusted Leslie's life from 2m to 3m.
    • Adjusted Duke's life from 3.5m to 4m.
    • Adjusted Easter Bunny's life from 6m to 7m.
    • Adjusted Scrooge's life from 5m to 9m.
Patch list #186 : 30/03/21
  • Added Easter Bunny [17] NPC for April.
Patch list #184 : 16/03/21
  • Released a new lootable NPC : Fernando [20].
Patch list #170 : 01/12/20
  • Changed Jimmy's maximum life from 2,500,000 to 1,000,000.
Patch list #141 : 12/05/20
  • Released Jimmy NPC.
  • Added Concussion Grenades.
Patch list #128 : 11/04/20
  • Changed Duke's life from 1.5m to 3.5m and Leslie's life from 800k to 2m.
Patch list #101 : 09/07/19
  • Added loot status to NPC profiles when they're not in the hospital.
  • Changed rarest NPC loot to be unavailable at lower loot levels.
  • Changed loot level to start increasing on NPCs immediately after they come out of hospital.
  • Changed loot level to increase substantially quicker: 30, 90, 210, 450 (minutes).
  • Changed hospital time of NPCs upon defeat to 100 - 120 minutes (reduction).
Patch list #95 : 28/05/19
  • Released Leslie as a lootable NPC with 7 unique items.
  • Removed hospital time reduction after defeating old NPCs.
NPC Looting : 23/04/19
  • A new looting system has been implemented and enabled for Duke. Other NPCs will soon follow, including some brand new ones.
    • Seven brand new items can be looted from Duke, ranging from common to very rare.
    • There is no longer any incentive to be the person making the final hit.
    • Loot is rewarded at random to those who participated in defeating the NPC. Those who put in more effort or did more damage will be more likely to receive the loot. **You don't need to be in the attack at the time of defeat to receive loot.
    • NPCs will be looted immediately upon defeat, no other options (I.e. Mug / Hospitalize) will be available.
    • The NPCs 'Loot level' will increase over time from 1 to 5 and will reset upon defeat. A higher loot level will result in a higher chance of rare loot and more attackers receiving loot.
Patch list #91 : 23/04/19
  • Released new NPC looting system.
NPC Looting : 15/12/16
  • A new NPC looting system is now available for Scrooge [10].
  • He is attackable during the month of December and will drop a piece of his equipment if the person who makes the final hit uses the "LOOT" option.
  • His Snow Cannon is available, although this is a low chance.