Outer Tactical Vest

Outer Tactical Vest #50
Despite the Combat Vest offering improved protection, its predecessor the Outer Tactical Vest is far from obsolete. The increased survivability and enhanced maneuverability provided makes it a more than worthwhile addition to your combat wardrobe.
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Armor Info
Armor Coverage
Armor Range
36 - 41

Outer Tactical Vest is a Defensive item that can be purchased in Mexico. It can be sold to (but not purchased at) Big Al's Gun Shop.

The Outer Tactical Vest was one of the items available at the launch of Torn on 15 November 2004, having been introduced during the Torn City Beta. It can be equipped in the body slot.

The Outer Tactical Vest is equipped in the body slot.


The Outer Tactical Vest can obtained as a purchase from Mexico. It can also be found through city finds, given as a mystery gift from the Wheel of Awesome, and purchased from the Mission reward shop for ~156-240 Mission reward credits.

Outer Tactical Vests can be bought from other players through the Item Market, Bazaars, or Trades, but as Defensive items do not stack they must be purchased one by one, making it time consuming to buy in bulk.

Coverage Stats

Outer Tactical Vest Coverage Stats
Body Part Coverage %
Heart 100%
Stomach 100%
Chest 100%
Groin 35.95%
Arm 23.91%
Leg 0.93%
Throat 0%
Hand 0%

No armor that is equipped in the body slot offers foot or head protection.

Historical Notes

The Outer Tactical Vest was originally known as the "Bodyguard," with an item image of a man wearing a suit with sunglasses. The description for the Bodyguard said that the bodyguard charged a $1,000,000 one time fee and was "trained to protect their clients with their life," to explain the price, [1] but it was still equipped in the armor slot. It was changed to the Outer Tactical Vest 11 June 2008, [2] and had its image updated to a tactical vest.

The Bodyguard was used in place of the Outer Tactical Vest in Torn Lite.

The Outer Tactical Vest was the best armor in the game until release of the Liquid Body Armor in 2008. Before the introduction of Travel, it was available for purchase at Big Al's Gun Shop.

Image History

Outer Tactical Vest Image History
Years Used Image
15 November 2004 to 11 June 2008 4bugOn1.jpg
11 June 2008 to July 2012 ckm6Js5.jpg
July 2012 [3] to December 2017 NVsdJAI.jpg
December 2017 to present BRuHDjq.png

Patch History

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