Spin The Wheel

Spin the Wheel is one of the 11 Casino games. This is a luck-based game owned by the NPC Leslie [15], with three different wheels and prize pools to play:

  • Lame - $1,000 entry
  • Mediocrity - $50,000 entry
  • Awesome - $1,000,000 entry

How to Play

To play, simply click on 'SPIN' to start the wheel, and when you are ready click on 'STOP' to reveal the result. After waiting with bated breath for a certain amount of time, your prize is revealed and awarded.

Some special notes:

  • This game doesn't require Casino Tokens, only the entry fee noted.
  • Each wheel may only be spun once per day (resets at New Day).
  • Each wheel has the chance of giving you an honor bar (Prize is labeled as "Honor Bar").
  • Prizes are credited as soon as the wheel stops completely or the next time you visit the Spin the Wheel page. This means you can't escape Leslie's punch to the throat! Expect to be hospitalised the next time you load the Spin the Wheel Page.
    • The wheel may display the wrong result, due to client-side issues. Check for the correct result on the 'Last spins' page!

Historical Notes

  • Previously, the moment you push 'STOP' is the moment you are rewarded, even though the client-side animation still plays. This has been changed to add more realism to the spin, attempting to correctly reward you after you have seen the animation play.

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