Merits are a type of currency awarded for achieving goals within Torn, which generally give Medals along with honors. Merits can be earned in many ways (e.g. achieving a certain level, stat point, number of attacks, etc.) and can also be bought at the points building for 250 points (roughly $13M). There is a limit on the amount of merits that can be bought; one merit can be bought for every 2 levels you upgrade, leading to a maximum of 50 merits that can be bought at level 100.

Merits can be reset for a cost of points. The first reset costs 500 points, increasing 250 points at a time (second reset costs 750 points, and so on) up to a cap of 5000 points per reset. Gaining Honors, and Medals rewards you with a merit.

Free Merit Reset

Free merit resets work in a similar fashion as the special (free) refills. These resets can be used whenever you want, but must be used before being able to purchase one with points. Using a free merit reset will not increase the points cost as it would for purchasing one, and will remain the same as it was--these do stack.

Free merit resets can only be obtained upon completion of the Book "High School For Adults." However on special occasion a free merit reset may be awarded by game admins due to extenuating circumstances.


Merits are used to gain bonuses, all of which are incremental (price increases by 1 merit after every upgrade) and you can upgrade them up to 10 times, at a cost of 55 merits in total.

Fighting Stats

You can spend merits to give you a passive bonus with Fighting Stats (3% per upgrade). A passive bonus is constantly modifying your Fighting Stats, as they increase by a fixed percentage rate.

Note: At 10/10 upgrades stats act as if they are boosted by 30%.

Sharpness: Passive bonus to Speed

Brawn: Passive bonus to Strength

Protection: Passive bonus to Defense

Evasion: Passive bonus to Dexterity

Weapons Upgrades

These upgrades will increase your accuracy and damage done with the weapon type of your choice:

Note: Each upgrade adds 3% damage and 0.2 accuracy. 

Heavy Artillery Mastery

Machine Gun Mastery

Rifle Mastery

SMG Mastery

Shotgun Mastery

Pistol Mastery

Club Mastery

Piercing Mastery

Slashing Mastery

Mechanical Mastery

Temporary Mastery

Note: Temporary Mastery will not increase the effect of a non-damaging stat modifier, such as a flash grenade or pepper spray. It will, however, still increase the potency of using a damaging temporary weapon, such as a grenade or a HEG.

Miscellaneous Upgrades

Hospitalizing: Increases time when hospitalizing people by +10 minutes.

Stealth: Increases ability to do stealth attacks (unclear how much this determines the ability to "Stealth" someone.)

Masterful Looting: Increases money gained from mugging by 5%.

Bank Interest: Increases bank interest by 5%.

Awareness: Increases ability to find items (note: even with 10/10 awareness, it is still possible to never find anything, it is down to luck, and this just increases your luck.)

Education Length: Decreases education course length by 2%.

Crime Points: Increases crime success ability by +3%.

Life Points: Constantly modifies life by +5%. (As your life goes up as you level, spending your merits on this at level 1 and levelling up to 50 with them is the same as spending them on this at level 50 for the first time.)

Critical Hit Rate: Increases critical hit rate by 1% (Default critical hit rate is approximately 5% without upgrades.)

Nerve Bar: Increases maximum nerve bar by 1 point.

Historical Notes

  • You used to be able to upgrade daily Casino token gain by +10 per level. This was removed on 02/03/12 when token refills were implemented.
  • Merits used to be able to be spent on gaining stats, health, Yasukuni Swords, Rusty Swords, and Firewalk Virus.

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