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In Jail

City Jail is where you go when you get caught by violating city law and enter into conflict with police.

The following actions will send you to Jail:

  • Failing a Crime (getting a red result) this will result in jail time and a loss of Crime Experience.
  • Failing a Bust
  • Failing an Organised Crime (getting a jail result) this will result in jail time and a smaller loss of Crime Experience.
  • Getting arrested by another player.

There is a massive difference in jail time, it can range from ten minutes to over several hours.

Whilst in the City Jail you have restricted access to the game until you escape or are busted out.

You can do your gym training at Crims. You cannot train dexterity, but you can train the other three stats. Note that the strength and speed gains are better at Crims than the first four lightweight gyms, and the defense gains at Crims are better than ALL of the lightweight gyms and the first middleweight gym (Knuckle Heads).


Busting is an attempt to free an imprisoned person from the Jail by someone outside. The following things impact your chance to successfully bust a player from jail:

  • Perks from faction (In the Criminality tree, bust success can be increased to up to 50%)
  • Perks from Education (Law)
  • Perks from job (law firm company helps in this regard and also shows your bust chance, as well as allowing for more busts in a shorter time)
  • Your total number of already completed busts (the more you've done the easier it is)
  • Level (Being a higher level increases your bust chance & busting lower levels is easier - refreshing and waiting for low-level targets helps massively)
  • Time (Your bust chance reduces the more people you bust in a short space of time, so space it out - the law firm % chance calculations can massively help gauge this)

Every bust attempt costs 5 nerve, which can reduced by up to 3 with the relevant faction upgrades in the Criminality tree.

There are three possible outcomes to a busting attempt:

  • You succeed in busting them. The person receives the event "(Your name) busted you out of jail."
  • You fail in busting them, but do not go to jail yourself (you still pay the cost in nerve for the attempt). The person will receive the event "(Your name) failed to bust you out of jail."
  • You fail in busting them and you are also "caught" and sent to jail too. The person receives the event "(Your name) was caught trying to bust you out of jail." A failed bust will result in jail time of one to three hours.

The easiest inmates to break out are the ones that meet any of the following conditions, with the easiest busts having much lower level than yours and under three hours of jail time remaining:

  • Their level is lower than yours
  • They have a short amount of jail time left
  • They were sentenced for a failed bust or self-bust

There needs to be a ten-minute break between each bust chain. Let's assume that your maximum busts in a row are three (can be increased with cannabis) usually, on the fourth you are sent to jail. It is advised that you wait at least ten minutes before attempting to bust someone again.

  • You can figure out your maximum bust chain by busting a few people in a row and seeing when you get sent to jail.

Note: Busting is an especially difficult activity for new, low-level players. The education classes in Law can help if you are interested in starting busting early in the game.

Self bust

Attempting a self bust will cost half of your max nerve bar (rounded up).

  • Completing the LAW2990 education reduces the self bail nerve requirement from one half to one third.

Failure when self busting will add to your Jail time.


In addition to busting someone, there is also the option to buy someone out of jail costing an amount in dollars equal to (100 * remaining Jail time in minutes * inmate level).

However this cost can be reduced by up to 57.25% through education and 50% through the Law Firm 1* Company Special.

You are able to buy yourself out of prison by the completion of Common law

Helpful things

You can improve your break out ability by:

  • Participating in law education courses, which can grant perks such as:
    • reduced chance of being caught when trying to escape from Jail
    • reduced amount of Nerve required to escape from Jail.
    • the ability to buy yourself out of Jail.
    • give a total 15% bonus to your skill in Busting and the same discount when buying people out of Jail.
    • Bachelor of Law makes busting 50% easier and buying out 50% cheaper.
  • Joining a 5* or better law firm. The 5* special 'Closing Argument' allows for a longer bust chain, and the 10* special 'Educated Decisions' allows you to see the success chance of your busts.
  • Using a Lawyer Business Card will instantly get you out of jail, though this item is consumed on use. It is available via LAG's stock benefit.

Related Awards

You can receive 7 medals for successful busts and there are 5 honors available for Jail related activities;

Jail related awards

Honor Bar Image Name Requirements
442561096.png Repeat Offender Go to jail 250 times
922672544.png Bar Breaker Bust 1,000 players out of jail
359869168.png Aiding And Abetting Bust 2,500 players out of jail
689889266.png Don't Drop It Bust 10,000 players out of jail
937648106.png Freedom Isn't Free Bail 500 players out of jail

Side notes

  • Self busting used to give a free boost to your dexterity (0.1% of current stat). This was later changed to 0.05%, before being removed.
  • Self busting used to only be possible if your jail time was lower than 200 minutes. This was since removed because of a bug report.
  • Definitive information on busting and crime experience can be found in this announcement from May, 2014.
  • In the past, your dexterity contributed to your bust success chance, but this is no longer the case.

See Also

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #185 : 23/03/21
  • Changed hospital time to override & replace jail time (can no longer be in both at once).
  • Changed faction money & points depositing to not be possible while in hospital or jail.
Patch list #171 : 08/12/20
  • Added link to 'Jail' after using alcohol.
Jail crime experience loss
  • Now, upon going to jail, the maximum crime experience you can lose is a static value of around 20x what you would have gained upon success. If this loss is more than 1% of your total crime experience, then 1% will be removed instead.
Patch list #164 : 20/10/20
  • Changed crime exp loss upon jail to be far less significant.
Patch list #152 : 28/07/20
  • Updated main backgrounds for regular / jail / hospital / abroad states.
Patch list #131 : 03/03/20
  • Changed attack log results to 'Interrupted' instead of 'Escaped' when target goes to hospital / jail during attack.
Patch list #128 : 11/02/20
  • Added auto-leave when defeating a target and then being jailed (I.e. via organised crime).
Patch list #61 : 18/09/18
  • Changed stock market to allow access while in Hospital / Jail.
Patch list #44 : 15/05/18

Disabled blood withdrawal and some various boosters while in jail.

Patch list #20 : 14/11/17
  • Changed jail/hospital page access permissions while hosped/jailed at the same time.