If you find that you have found a bug then please report it in the Bugs and Issues forum. If it is a significant bug that can be game breaking then please contact an online staff member immediately, they will be able to escalate the issue to the appropriate person.

If it is an issue or some advice then you're after, please ask your question to a Helper, you can find a list of them in the city under the staff link or by clicking here.

Owner of Torn, deals with dev management.

Deals with Staff and Player Management, including other playing Admins. Deals with Donation Issues, i.e if you have any form of issue donating through PayPal, or any general questions concerning donations please mail in game at or email at

Site Development and Maintenance.


The development team are not involved in player issues, such as forum bans, federal jailings etc. (Therefore, please do not be offended if they do not respond to your mail). If you have an issue with one of these things then send in an appropriate report. A developer can be found dealing with reports in the bugs and issues forums, at which point they may contact you for more information in regards to your report.


  • Officer

Officers generally deal with advanced level's of player issues or concerns. We prefer for all your need's to come through Reports, such as player reports. They assist Admins in daily duties, though often you can find them doing just about anything that needs done in Torn as they have been trained to cover all areas of staff duties. Officers (aside from administrators) are the only staff members able to place an account in federal jail.

  • Moderator

Moderator's answer reports from players, help questions and moderate the forums. Moderators do all that a helper does in a day with some added additional reports.

  • Helper

Helper's answer help questions and assist players with general game issues. These are basic game questions that most new players have and some more detailed ones you might find yourself asking even after playing for awhile. Helpers are usually the first point of contact with any issue you have in the game, helpers main job is to moderate the forums.

  • Staff Team

By clicking this link you will find a complete list of our current staff team, it also shows you which staff member is online and active if you need immediate help with an issue. You can also locate this link in the city underneath the "City Center" location.

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