Bits 'n' Bobs

Hey I’m Bob! That's right! Ahahh, get it? Thought it was a great name for the store eh? Hahaha... Well... eh... Anyway I sell and buy all kind ‘a crap, take a look around. Our $10 bottle of high quality beer is probably our most popular item. You're sure to find some kind of useless item that you don't already have.

Name Type Cost
Bottle of Champagne Alcohol $4,500
Bunch of Black Roses Flower $500
Pack of Cuban Cigars Other $400
Dozen Roses Flower $300
Bottle of Beer Alcohol $10
Single Red Rose Flower $175
Lead Pipe Melee $150
Soap on a Rope Other $50
Kitten Plushie Plushie $50
Teddy Bear Plushie Plushie $30
Sheep Plushie Plushie $25
Box of Tissues Other $20
Brick Temporary $5
Bunch of Flowers Flower $5
Fruitcake Other $30

Bits 'n' Bobs will regularly run out of of one or more items. These will eventually be restocked.

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