City Hall

This is the public area at which all of the Torn's city statistics are displayed. You can visit here.

In game information:

- Welcome to the Statistics Building!
- This information is a snapshot of the city every 24 hours, some details may not be accurate.


  • It has a graphical representation of various statistics under 'City Statistics' heading. The time periods being 1 month/ 3 months/ 6 months/ 1 year/ 3 years/ All.
- Attacking Results
- Attacking actions
- Travelling
- Drug Usage
- Messaging
- Jail
- Hospital
- Jobs
- City finds
- Events & Messages
- Total Users
- User Activity
- Logins
- Years played
- Site load time
- Site load time (average)
- Slow queries
- Bugs & Issues
  • Under other headings, All time information is available.
  • They are updated at 00:00 TCT, not live.

User Statistics

  • Players in Torn City
  • Females (Total female accounts)
  • Males (Total male accounts)
  • Married couples in Torn City (Existing couples)

Item Statistics

  • Items found in city (Total items claimed from City map)
  • Items trashed (Total items dumped)
  • Items found in the dump
  • Items in circulation

Trading Statistics

  • Items bought in market
  • Auctions (total completed auctions)
  • Points sold (total points sold through points market)
  • Items sent
  • Trades
  • Items sold on bazaars (Total number of items sold on bazaars)
  • Bazaar sales (total money generated through item sales through bazaars)

Currency Statistics

  • Currently on hand
  • Invested in the bank
  • The average player holds
  • Points in circulation
  • Points currently in market (in points market)

Attacking Statistics

  • Attacks won
  • Attacks lost
  • Attacks stalemated
  • Escapes
  • Hits (Total number of successful hits that contacted enemy)
  • Misses
  • Critical hits
  • Rounds fired (Total number of ammo rounds fired, includes special ammunition)
  • Stealthed attacks
  • Money mugged
  • Respect gained

Job Statistics

  • Army profession
  • Grocer profession
  • Casino profession
  • Education profession
  • Medical profession
  • Law profession
  • Company employees & directors
  • Unemployed

Jail Statistics

  • Jailings (Total number of jail sentences. Includes crime fails, arrests, fail busts,etc..)
  • Jail busts
  • Failed jail busts
  • Jail bails
  • Spent on bails (Total amount of money used for bailing people out)

Hospital Statistics

Drug Statistics

  • Drugs used
  • Overdoses
  • Cannabis taken
  • Ecstasy taken
  • Ketamine taken
  • LSD taken
  • Opium taken
  • Shrooms taken
  • Speed taken
  • PCP taken
  • Xanax taken
  • Vicodin taken

Travel Statistics

  • Items bought abroad
  • Trips abroad
  • Trips to Argentina
  • Trips to Mexico
  • Trips to Dubai
  • Trips to Hawaii
  • Trips to Japan
  • Trips to United Kingdom
  • Trips to South Africa
  • Trips to Switzerland
  • Trips to China
  • Trips to Canada
  • Trips to Cayman Islands

Bounty Statistics

  • Bounties placed
  • Spent on bounties (Total amount of money spent on bounties, includes fees)

Crime Statistics

  • Criminal offences in Torn City (Total number of crimes done)
  • Jail sentences given out (Total number of jail sentences, same as the one above)

Communication Statistics

  • Messages sent
  • Friend messages
  • Faction messages
  • Colleague messages
  • Spouse messages
  • Classified advertisements
  • Personals placed

Other Statistics

  • Logins
  • Years played (Collective number of years played by all the players of Torn)
  • Merits bought (Total number of merits bought from points building)
  • Energy refills made
  • Company trains (Total number of director trains to employees)
  • Stat enhancers used

Patch History

With the RESPO update on the 23 June 2014 a graph was introduced to the city stats page, enabling users to view more statistics over different periods of times.