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The Torn City long term investment Bank is where players can safely store money and gain interest on their funds in a Time deposit style.

There are 6 available time periods (New players are required to complete shorter periods, in order to unlock longer ones)

  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 3 months

Once the investment period is up, you can choose to leave your money sitting there safely until you are ready to withdraw it.

Interest gains

Each investment length of time shows its own annual percentage rate (APR). Each APR will independently vary, and the "best" selection is likely to change over time.

When you spend Merits on Bank Interest, the APR is increased by 5% for each merit spent.

Holding 1.5 million shares of the Torn City Investment Banking Stock further improves interest rates.

Banking Limit

There is a limit to how much you can invest in the bank at any given time; the current limit is $2 billion. This can be increased up to $3 billion by joining a 10* Oil Rig.

Cashier's Checks

Stock sales, auction sales, and failed auction bids will all be given to you in the form of cashier checks which you can withdraw from the bank within 24 hours of being credited before they are automatically credited to your account.


The bank can grant 2 merits via Honors:

  • Pocket Money: Invest any amount in the Bank
  • Green Green Grass: Invest over $1 billion in the Bank

Historical Notes

You used to be able to invest any amount in the bank, this led to people exploiting the system by pooling their money and investing it as a whole for insane returns. This was removed from the game and the $2 billion banking limit was put into place for obvious reasons.

Bookie payouts previously paid out with a Cashier's Check.

1 month is equal to 30 days 1 week is equal to 7 days

APR * invested days / 365 = interest

Patch Notes

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