Super Store

Can I help you Sir? This is the TC Super Store. We sell electronics from consoles to DVD players. We also buy back any unused electronic goods if you don't want them. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

Name Cost
Personal Computer $1,350
RS232 Cable $30
Spy Camera $130
Blank DVDs $80

Super Store buys following items:

Image Item Name Price
large.png CD Player $20
large.png Cell Phone $125
large.png Clippers $220
large.png Game Console $200
large.png Hard Drive $65
large.png Headphones $250
large.png Laptop $400
large.png Microwave $150
large.png MP3 Player $25
large.png RS232 Cable $15
large.png Spy Camera $80
large.png Television $250
large.png Blank DVDs $45

Historical Notes

  • Blank DVDs 50, 100 and 250 were merged into one Blank DVDs in patch #330.
    • Blank DVDs most likely removed from Super Store during the merging.
  • Blank DVDs were back on super store in April 2024.

See Also

Patch History

Released in Patch list #294

Patch List #330 : 19/03/24
  • Changed all three quantity variants of blank DVDs into a single "Blank DVDs" item containing 250 individuals
Crimes 2.0 : Card Skimming : 29/08/23
  • Spy Cameras are available from the Super Store, while Card Skimmers are commonly found throughout the Search for Cash crime, in Mexico while traveling, the city dump, and via NPC bazaars.
Crimes 2.0 : Bootlegging : 04/07/23
  • Copying counterfeit DVDs requires packs of Blank DVDs. These are available to purchase at the Super Store.