Post Office

Hello Sir/Ma'am! How can I assist you today? Here you can buy an empty parcel, fill it with items, and ship it off somewhere! We also supply varied types of wrapping paper which you can use on the parcels once they've been packaged! We will also buy back any unwanted wrapping paper or boxes that you aren't using.

In the Post Office you can send Parcels, and Presents to other TORN players.

If you wish to send a Parcel, or a Present, you must:

  1. First purchase an Empty Box from the Post Office.
  2. Put things in your Parcel from the Items page.
  3. Once sealed, you must choose to send it as a Parcel or Present.
    • To send it as a Present you must buy Wrapping Paper from the Post Office and wrap the Parcel.
  4. Go to the Post Office and choose which ID you want to send the Parcel/Present to.

The Post Office also stocks the following items:

Name Cost
Birthday Wrapping Paper $30
Christmas Wrapping Paper $30
Generic Wrapping paper $20
Empty Box $5

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