You can access the committee by going to the city, TC Community and then selecting Player's Committee. The committee serves as a bridge between the developers, staff and players of the community in order to pass on community member's suggestions and opinions on in game matters to the developers.

The committee members have access to the development server in order to test, prior to release features that the developers have created, therefore enabling them to give feedback to the development team to improve the updates!

Applying for the Committee

As it stands now people cannot apply to the committee, should you be qualified to join this instance you will receive an invite by Chedburn.

Committee Votes

After an idea has been talked about on the Committee forums it is then put to an official poll where Committee members have the ability to vote Yes or No and give reasoning for their answer.


As the Committee has access to information not available to most of the community people believe that the members can abuse this information in order for personal gain for themselves or their friends. This had happened once before (in regards to the points market cap) the accounts in question ended up in federal jail with the wealth gained removed.

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