Welcome to our pawn shop! We buy points and donator packs for just under the market price, great if you're looking for a quick sale! Our computer here calculates the average price of points on the market each night. We then make changes and deductions to get our final point value. In other words... You'll get more for your points and donator packs by selling them on the market, but here we'll buy them instantly from you saving you time and item market fees!

The Pawn Shop offers to buy your points at $50,000 each.

You can also sell Donator Packs at $? each. (hint: selling to other players would be more profitable, however, the Pawn Shop buys instantly without risk.)

Donator Packs can be sold for much higher than the Pawn Shop through your bazaar, Trade, or even the Items Market. Points can also sell at $50,000 on the Points Market, if given enough time.

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