Loan Shark


You can take a out a loan from Duke, up to 20% of the money you have made from crimes. You can also increase this by improving your Credit rating with Duke, which you do by paying back your fees on time. He charges you 2.5% interest per week on your outstanding balance. The maximum loan possible to have is $2,500,000,000.

"Duke has asked me to make it clear, that not paying your loans back is very a bad idea!"

He is also one of the agents featured in missions, and may assign you contracts to complete.

  • After about 8 weeks of unpaid fees, Duke will start to attack and bounty you.
  • Dukes attacks will be mugs. He also knows when you have large sums of cash on hand.
  • Any amount mugged from you will not be deducted from your loan total.


“Well if it ain't Duke's favorite customer. Yous are real reliable, so Duke ain't got no trouble offerin' you up to $xx. Duke's special rate is 2.5% interest every week. Treat yourself to a real nice dinner pal, just don't forget to pay me in four weeks, or else Duke has you for breakfast. Yous keep payin' your fees on time and yous can borrow from the Duke as long as yous want. But if you decide you ain't wanna pay no more, our relationship is gonna get real personal.”

Historical Notes

  • Patch list #46 - fix maximum loan cap to be consistent with users who had loan credit applied with the TV Company 10* special (Press Pass).
  • Patch list #33 - changed maximum Duke loans to not be affected by selling items to the shops
  • Tim was removed as the resident city Loan Shark on 11/02/15.

Tim (Old Loan Shark)

Hi I'm Tim, how may I help you? You can take out a loan of up to $100,000 but I will charge you 1% of that loan every day until you pay it back even if you have to go into debt, me and my lads will continue to take cash off of you.

Here you can borrow money from Tim the Loan Shark. The initial limit is $100,000, but this can upgraded using Points. Each upgrade costs 100 Points and increases the maximum loan amount by a further $100,000. This upgrade can be purchased multiple times. Note that an honor bar is available for this.

The 1% payment is automatically taken directly from your cash in hand every day. The automated payment is purely interest and does not bring down your total loan balance at all. This means your cash may go into a negative total when the interest is removed.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #92 : 07/05/19
  • Replaced Duke's speech on the Loan Shark pages.
Patch list #34 : 27/02/18
  • Added duke loan increases (aka old networth) via item gain crime results (market values).
Patch list #33 : 20/02/18
  • Changed maximum Duke loans to not be affected by selling items to the shops.
Patch list #8 : 08/08/17
  • Added ability to withdraw money for a loan by pressing 'Enter' key.