Bulletproof Vest

Bulletproof Vest #34
Body armor that can absorb a certain amount of heavy-weapons fire, although it will not turn you into Iron Man.
Buy Price
Sell Price
Armor Info
Armor Coverage
Armor Range
34 - 39

Bulletproof Vest is a Defensive item that can that can be purchased from and sold to Big Al's Gun Shop.

The Bulletproof Vest was one of the items available at the launch of Torn on 15 November 2004, having been introduced during the Torn City Beta. It can be equipped in the body slot.

The Bulletproof Vest has the highest groin coverage stat out of any body armor. It is equipped in the body armor slot.


The Bulletproof Vest is most commonly obtained as a purchase from Big Al's. It can also be found through city finds.

Bulletproof Vests can be bought from other players through the Item Market, Bazaars, or Trades, but as Defensive items do not stack they must be purchased one by one, making it time consuming to buy in bulk.

Coverage Stats

Bulletproof Vest Coverage Stats
Body Part Coverage %
Heart 100%
Stomach 100%
Chest 95.45%
Groin 89.16%
Arm 35.87%
Leg 0.78%
Hand 0%
Throat 0%

No armor that is equipped in the body slot offers foot or head protection.

Historical Notes

Bulletproof Vest Image History
Years Used Image
2006* [1] to September 2009 PWEo5KO.png
September 2009 [2] to July 2012 ZX7WMaV.png
July 2012 [3] to December 2017 MvPcWsl.jpg
December 2017 [4] to present IbEZLCW.png

* Items did not have images prior to 2006.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #


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