For all non-melee weapons, ammo must be purchased before the weapon can be of any use to you in a fight. During a fight, you can reload but can only bring a finite number of clips - once they run out you will have to switch weapons. Ammo may be purchased in the ammo locker, found at the top of the "Items" page. You can also find the ammo locker at Big Al's Gun Shop [1].

You can purchase up to 99,999,999 ammunition of each type.

Ammo Size

Ammunition comes in a variety of sizes to fit different kinds of weapons.

Calibre Weapons
12 Gauge Cartridges The Sawed-Off Shotgun, Benelli M1 Tactical, Ithaca 37, Benelli M4 Super, Jackhammer, Blunderbuss, Nock Gun, and Homemade Pocket Shotgun
9mm Parabellum Rounds The MP5 Navy, TMP, MP5k, Skorpion, Mag 7, MP 40, 9mm Uzi, Taurus, Glock 17, Luger, USP, Beretta M9, Beretta 92FS, BT MP9, Qsz-92 and Dual 92G Berettas
.45 ACP Rounds Thompson, Springfield 1911-A1 and Cobra Derringer
7.62mm Rifle Rounds Sks Carbine, AK-47, Gold-Plated AK-47 and Rheinmetall MG 3
5.56mm Rifle Rounds Vektor CR-21, XM8 Rifle, Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 21s, M4A1 Colt Carbine, Heckler & Koch SL8, M16 A2 Rifle, Sig 550, Steyr AUG, Enfield SA-80, Tavor TAR-21, M249 SAW, Minigun, Swiss Army SG 550, Negev NG-5, Neutrilux 2000 and ArmaLite M-15A4 Rifle
5.7mm High Vel. Rounds P90, Dual P90s, Ruger 57 and Fiveseven
5.45mm Rifle Rounds AK74u
.25 ACP Rounds Raven MP25
.44 Special Rounds S&W Revolver, Magnum, S&W M29 and Desert Eagle
.380 ACP Rounds Lorcin 380 and Beretta Pico
Warheads Type 98 Anti-Tank
Snow Balls Snow Cannon
Flares Flare Gun
Stones Slingshot
Bolts Crossbow and Harpoon
Darts Blowgun
Liters of Fuel Flamethrower
RPGs RPG Launcher
40mm Grenade China Lake and Milkor Mgl

Special Ammo

Only basic ammunition for each size can be bought in the ammo locker - special ammo (Hollow Point, Tracer, Piercing and Incendiary) can be obtained via Mission Credits, the Big Al's Gun Shop benefit block, with job points in a Gun Store or as the result of several crimes (notably as unique outcomes for the Search For Cash crime, unique outcomes for the Graffiti crime, and stealing from Big Al's Gun Shop as part of the Shoplifting crime). Not all special ammo types are available for each size ammo, and hence weapon. For example, Incendiary Snowballs do not exist.

You can store up to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 special ammo.[1]

To equip special ammo, click on the box with the number of that ammo in - it will turn green if the special ammo is actively loaded.


Special Ammunition
Type Effect
Hollow Point +50% Damage, -50% Penetration (Enemy armor value is increased by 50%).
Piercing +50% Penetration (Enemy armor reduced to 50%)
Incendiary +40% Damage
Tracer +10.00 Accuracy


The graph and table below outlines the relative effectiveness of three types of damage-related Special Ammunition. Regular damage to a naked opponent is assumed to be 1000, and the value of an opponent's armor is varied up to the theoretical maximum, 56.40, for each ammo type.


Special Ammo Effectiveness
Armor range Order of effectiveness
0.00 HP > IN > PI > Regular
20.00 - 28.57 IN > HP > PI > Regular
28.58 - 39.99 IN > PI > HP > Regular
40.00 - 44.44 IN > PI > Regular > HP
44.45 - 56.40 PI > IN > Regular > HP

Historical Notes

  • Hollow Point ammo used to have a 25% Accuracy de-buff that was removed in a fix to the Damage bonus.
  • The Tracer ammo bonus was upgraded from +5.00 Accuracy to +10.00 Accuracy in | Patch list #135.

Patch History

Released prior to Patch list #1

Patch list #211 : 28/09/21
  • Added 40mm Grenade ammunition type for future Grenade Launchers.
Patch list #190 : 27/04/21
  • Added additional text to the result message when Equipping a gun that you have no ammo for.
Patch list #140 : 05/05/20
  • Released rebuilt ammo locker page (minor differences visually).
Patch list #135 : 31/03/20
  • Changed tracer ammunition to provide +10.00 accuracy (from +5.00).
Patch list #125 : 21/01/20
  • Added the four specific special ammunition type usage to personal stats.
  • Updated the ammunition personal stats to use data going back 6 months (as far as possible).
Patch list #119 : 26/11/19
  • Added personal stat 'Special ammunition used'.
  • Increased quantities of special ammo provided by Companies, Stocks & newly spawned mission rewards.
  • Changed all special ammunition drops to prioritise ammo type on currently equipped weapons if possible.
  • Changed special ammunition job point costs of Surplus & Inferno to 15 (from 25) and 25 (from 50).
  • Changed mission credit costs of special ammunition (reduction).
Patch list #64 : 09/10/18
  • Added number input shortcuts on Stock Market and Ammo Locker pages.
Patch list #32 : 13/02/18
  • Changed Big Al's stock special to provide prioritised ammo & larger quantities.
Patch list #22 : 28/11/17
  • Enabled mods page and ammo pool view while in jail/hospital.


  1. Chedburn, Special Ammunition Limit (13/03/20).