Stoner 96

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Stoner 96 #1157
The Stoner 96 light machine gun was the final project of renowned American gun designer Eugene Stoner before his death in 1997. Created as a refinement of the Stoner 86 model, the 96 design enjoys lower recoil than its predecessor due to its use of a stock buffer and its ability to fire with an open bolt. These modification mean that the 96 Stoner is shorter than the 86 at the expense of a reduced fire rate.
Weapon Info
Weapon Type
Machine gun
5.56mm Rifle Round
Damage Range
~71 - ~76
Accuracy Range
~49 - ~54

Stoner 96 is a Primary Machine gun weapon that was released in December 2021 and can be obtained from a Heavy Arms Cache.

The Stoner 96 has a base fire rate between 9 to 14 rounds per turn and can fire 100 rounds without reloading. It has a stealth rating of 2.2.

All Stoner 96s will be Yellow quality or greater.

Patch History

Released in Patch list #